Friday, February 01, 2013

The Friday Thingonmyblog

The weather's been completely schizophrenic lately -- unseasonal warmth, heavy rain, snow flurries, and strong wind, all in the same week. It's clear and dry today, but the wind's been howling for three days now. Yesterday, it seriously nearly blew me off a sidewalk.

It's been a busy week at work and I'm ready for the weekend. I'm sure you are, too. Try your hand at the quiz and then go enjoy your weekend. TGIF!
You Are the Puppy Bowl
Football? Nah! It's not your style to watch or even care about the game on Super Bowl Sunday.
But some puppies playing football? That's a big game you can get behind.

You're really not one for competitive or violent sports. And football just sort of puts you to sleep.
With the Puppy Bowl, you'll get nonstop cute puppy action, and no one ever gets hurt!


Marion said...

Hey, SJ! The weather here has been nuts, too. I'm already over winter.

I'm the Half-time Show (Right on!)

You aren't much into football, but you love the celebration and spectacle of the Super Bowl. You're happy to hang with your friends and have a good time. It's less about the game than the experience.

You love how entertaining the whole game is, and most of all, you love the halftime show. It's like having a free concert from your home, and you never know what sort of wild thing might happen!

G-Man said...

The Lovely Sherry and her Bi-Monthly Post/Weather Report..:-)

Stay warm and dry Beautiful...G

Serena said...

Shoot, I wish I could get over winter, Marion. We went from 75 degrees to, 2 days later, a deep freeze with 14 degrees at night. Ugh! I want to see your half-time show, girlie!:)

Not much chance of staying warm the last few days, Mr. G-man. The groundhog says spring is coming, though. Crossing my fingers!:)

G-Man said...

Happy Valentines Day Sherry..xo

Serena said...

Back atcha, Mr. G-man.:)

Skunkfeathers said...

Weather? Eh...winds blew Cupid to Ghana, where scammers tried to get him interested in being a next of kin to a dead Lithuanian named Abner...

Serena said...

Sounds to me like Cupid needs rescuing, Skunk. Maybe Seymour would like a road trip.:)