Friday, January 18, 2013

The Friday Thingonmyblog

We had rain all week long, Monday through yesterday afternoon. Then, it turned to snow. Luckily, I made it home before it got too bad and traffic came to a virtual standstill. It was pretty, though, as you can see by the view from my patio.

Try the snow quiz, then have a great weekend. TGIF!

You Are a Snow Kitten
You like snow in small doses. You find snow to be comforting, and you love to snuggle up under a blanket of snow.
You're not a big fan of the hassles of snow. You're happy to see it come, but you're also happy to see it go.

Go ahead and venture out in the snow from time to time! Throw a snowball or make a snow angel.
You have an inner snow bunny inside you, and it's time to let that bunny play.


VE said...

Snow? Yeah...I'm already done with winter and we don't even really get snow here. I'm ready to retire and move South to a beach.

Serena said...

There's much to be said for Southern beaches, VE -- except for the "hurricane" word, of course.:)

Lee said...

I received your mail, Serena...we've had a few showers yesterday and today...not a lot (I know postage can be expensive over long distance), but any and all helps! :)

Serena said...

Oh, good, Lee, I'm glad you got it!:-)

Skunkfeathers said...

After our last cold spell, we're in an extended spring like mode of 50s-60s. What winter? ;-)

Serena said...

It's just a weird winter, Skunk. We had 70s right before Friday's snow last week, then an Arctic blast before this past Friday's snow. Now it's warming up again, thank goodness. Your 50s-60s sounds just perfect.:)

Lee said... really didn't have to send such a large parcel! ;)

You have no idea the weather we've experienced here since last I commented. I've written about it (and my lack of attendance to blogging for the past few days) in my blog. lol

It's been wild!!!

Serena said...

I've seen the news reports, Lee; wasn't sure whether your area was being affected. I'll definitely read your account of it, though it may be tomorrow; my blog attendance has been way off, too. Hope you're okay!