Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Soggy, Partially Cranky

Have A Hump Day! Greetings

It's been raining -- without let-up -- since Monday. We needed some rain. I know. But there's such a thing as too much of a good thing. It's supposed to -- maybe -- stop sometime this afternoon. I hope so. I've just about had it with damp clothes, frizzy hair, standing water and grabby brakes, and wet, smelly dog. I am so ready to see a teensy ray of sunshine.

Meanwhile, y'all have a great Hump Day!


Lee said...

Expiring from heat...extremely and completely cranky!

I'll swap you all this sunshine we're having here, Serena for some of that rain! We need the rain badly to cool things down and put out all the bush fires!

Serena said...

Heat gets to me, too, Lee. Not in a good way. I'd love to send you some of our buckets of rain -- which turned into barrels of snow this afternoon. Let me check on how to mail that.:-)