Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Twisted Linguistics

I've been collecting Words Gone Wild and storing them in a sealed, lead-lined container. I thought I'd let a few out today and see if you guys can figure out what they mean. If you can define them, they live. If not, they're toast. Of course, a few minutes out on the sidewalk at high noon and they will be toast. Literally.

Happy forensic linguistics, and Happy Hump Day!

victim's avocate


Marion said...

Love it! I watch the "real" housewives shows sometimes, and it cracks me up when these illiterate bimbos accidentally invent words. It happens often. LOL! Happy Hump Day!!

G-Man said...

Lucille Balls Husband packing up things for moving.

Assalted... opposite of Apeppered!

puerileuwaite said...

desicrated - My least favorite method of airplane transport. The upside is that a Lucille Ball look-a-like pretends we're married.

assalted - Be careful when you tell someone that you want to try "Margarita Sex".

secruity - I always know when the service has caught a burglar because there he is nailed to a cross in my front yard.

dissention - I force you to stay after school and multiply if I find you disagreeable.

nooneelse - It's for those ladies who prefer another option to the tradional nooner. I'm hoping you are not one of those ladies.

victim's avocate - I make tainted guacamole, which I then serve (cold, revenge-style) to the victimizer. In fact I call it the Victimizer Appetizer.

assissted - A past-tense euphemism for the type of help that a pair of SS Men would typically give to people.

versitile - A scam that Black Bart once allegedly pulled, where he solicited prepaid ceramic Bible verse tile orders door-to-door. A redhead dressed as a nun was reportedly his accomplice.

puerileuwaite said...

Bonus Word:

tradional - The type of wedding that Runaround Sue would prefer if she ever decided to settle down and take a vow of chastity.

Serena said...

LOL, Marion. I don't watch the Real Bimbos, but I've been exposed to enough about them to say, "A pox on friggin' bimbos!" And they probably do have some kind of pox. Hope you had a Happy Hump Day!:)

LOL, GM -- Desi in a crate. Good job! I assalted my dinner tonight, so I guess I, too, helped save a Word Gone Wild.:)

Woo-hoo, Pugsley -- you saved the miserable lives of that whole motley slew of Words Gone Wild! I'd have toasted 'em for blasfomy if you hadn't saved the day. Lord help me, I seem to resemble a few of them, don't I? I have to protest my innocence in the Black Bart caper, though; if I dared put on a habit, I'm sure my hair would burst into flame. I adore your bonus word -- which also ain't happening.;)

quid said...

I loved the look of, and the alternate pronunciation of

"nooneelse".... (noon eels?). I was gonna take a swing at the meaning, but read puerileuwaite's, and I couldn't top that!


Serena said...

Yeah, Quid, some days it's hard to top Pugsley. Kinda changes the whole complexion of "nooners," huh?:-)