Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Sick Injured Puppy

I've been nursing my poor little dog back to health. Last Friday while on our morning walk, she somehow hurt her paw and began limping. I'm still not sure what she did to it, but by Friday evening she was walking very slowly. And limping pretty badly. Ever since, I've been carrying her up and down the stairs and out to a grassy area for her doggie business. She only weighs 22 pounds, but I'm here to tell you that lugging 22 pounds up and down stairs three times a day is hard.

Saturday, she pretty much laid around all day. Sunday, she had a bit more energy. Getting aspirin down a pup's throat is no biggie. Disguise it in something they like to eat and they'll scarf the whole thing down without a second thought. Applying Neosporin to a sore paw is a whole other story, though. It wasn't pretty. Finally, in lieu of the Neosporin, I resorted to a spray-on pain reliever I keep for my occasional boo-boos. She didn't care for that, either, but she dealt with it. She's old, but she hasn't whined, moaned, or groaned once. She's been a real trouper throughout her ordeal.

After a weekend of pampering and doctoring her as best I could, she was much better by the time I got home from work yesterday -- perhaps because I wasn't around to follow and she rested all day. She was still limping a bit (and I still carried her up and down the stairs), but she was doing her normal doggie pirouettes, jumping, and was even up for a little running last evening. Needless to say, I was absolutely delighted. My feisty little pup's getting her groove back.


G-Man said...

The Cute little Contessa is such a sweetie.
Just like her 'Mommie'...:P

Serena said...

Puppy says thank you, GM.:)

quid said...

Oh, no! Well, sounds like she is on the mend.


Serena said...

Thankfully, she is indeed on the mend, Quid.:)