Thursday, May 19, 2011

Twisted Linguistics

We haven't toyed with any blasfomys (idiotic typos and non-words culled from the Worldwide Web) in a while. So, today we are. Personally, I'm going to pervert them into a story. You may do whatever your heart (or your twisted psyche) desires with them.

This is the raw material:

miss inturpreted

And this is their story:

Miss Inturpreted entered a convincent in search of a little peace and tranquility -- the contemplative life. She thought it might be one of the greatesr moves of her life, considering her misspent youth. One of the requirements for novices was a few regular sessions with the visiting phychologist. Never one to shirk her duty, our little Miss showed up religiously. But -- Miss was prone to misreading signals. And then after her sixth or seventh session, she came stomping out of the office muttering about that ridiclous hippocrit, the stupid ├╝ber portly phychhead. The full story never came out until a dialgue in the delivery room nine months later, some kind of delirious ranting about a chronical broken conden. Rediculess!

Pax vobiscum. And


Skunkfeathers said...

convincent: Vince is so gullible
conden: whoever convinced Denver to put that ugly blue stallion statue outside of DIA...
phychologist: person who tells syntax why it acts the way it do at $500/hr
hippocrit: telling a rhino it's fat
greatesr: highly regarded acronym
miss inturpreted: spinster that's easy to read
dialgue: but the line was busy...
ridiclous: all of my definitions
chronical: diary of a cuckoo clock
rediculess: almost all of my definitions...

G-Man said...

I'm really busy and bogged down with BIG problems today Sherry.
Hopefully I'll retuirn later.
Isn't Hump Day on Wednesday?

Serena said...

LOL, Skunk. I love your rediculess definitions! Made me laugh, which is the only reason to even do this stuff.:-)

Oh, good heavens, GM! Yesterday was such a zoo that I forgot it was Wednesday. I don't know why I thought today was, but I guess I'm now a day ahead, huh? I'm a maroon.:-)