Friday, August 28, 2009

Serena's Friday Play Date

I'm not going to bore you with the details, but after the week I've had I feel like the morning after the Night of the Living Dead. Just call me Zombie Girl.

But never mind that. Let's play a couple of silly games and call it a week. TGIF!Y

Your Goth Name is


Get your Goth Name at

Serena's best excuse is ... - What's your best excuse?"The government is after me"

Your Name Comes From the Moon

You are a moody person, and you are constantly seeking balance in your life.

You feel connected to all beings. You are very sympathetic and understanding.

You are very influenced by who is around you. Too much negativity is certain to overwhelm you.

You are happiest when you are alone with nature, especially when you're around water.


Marion said...

Ooooh, my Goth name is "Lore" and my name comes from Neptune...whatever that means! Sorry you had a bad week, SJ, but TGIF!! Hey, don't you know that zombies are *in* right now? The hottest selling graphic novels at are about flesh-eating zombies. LOL! Have a great weekend, girlie!!

Roxan said...

Goth name Seraphim

Best excuse-
"It was already burnt"

The name and planet one was way way off so I'm going with my astrological planet, Uranus. It spins on its side. How cool is that? Oh yeah!
I said "Uranus". LOL

g-man said...

I checked this blog at 10 AM and there was NOTHING!
10:13 is a strange time to post Serena Joy!!
I think it's time for the Zombie Apocolypse...And I'm ready!!!

dons_mind said...

ZOMBIES! wow...we had a major discussion about zombies at work today...believe it or not, there are folks out there who don't believe in zombies!!!!! i was shattered! i had to break out the studies from the university at ottawa and the farm reporter to show them the formulas and the battle plans..!!!

Serena said...

Oh, wow, Dragonfly, what a fabulous Goth name. And it suits you, too, because you know so much lore about so many things. Hey, if Zombies are in, then I should be in my element. LOL. Have a wonderful weekend!:)

You drew a pretty cool Goth name, too, Roxan. And your excuse would better suit me, since we all know how brilliant I am in the kitchen.;) You said Uranus, but you weren't talkin' to me. Were you?:-)

But Galen, 10:13 is a perfect time for Zombies, and in the midst of a Zombie Apocalypse, yet. You SAY you're ready, but we'll see. The ZA is not for the faint-hearted.:-)

Good for you, Don! Of course, there are Zombies! I should know. LOL. Thank goodness you had the proof to educate the co-workers.:-)

Skunkfeathers said...

Gyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! You put Skank Girl on your entry????

Nightmare City!!!

Oh dang...forgot to email you the SG crotch cricket...fix that right now ;)

Serena said...

Nah, Skunk, no SG. In fact, I'm not giving SG a passing thought any more. She ain't worth fretting over. Actually, it's the Boss Lady who's turned me into Walking Zombie Girl. She rented my office out from under me yesterday. Seriously!

Skunkfeathers said...

Beeee-yotch! Sounds like she had more than a stroke...she had a cerebral blackhole suck...

Serena said...

Right on, Skunk. In other words, she's fucking nuts. Of the 3 offices upstairs, she suddenly rented 2 of them out, one of which was mine. Apparently (and I say apparently because nobody bothers to really tell me anything), I'm getting moved to Baby Lawyer's office and it's anybody's guess what she plans to do with Baby Lawyer. I'm so damn desperate I've put up a Job Wanted ad on Craigslist. That is true rock bottom.:)