Monday, August 31, 2009

Adventures in Lunacy

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How was your weekend? I hope it was fabulous, with great weather and some good times.

I'm in for a bit of (mis)adventure today, but I won't have the story for you until tomorrow. And I imagine it'll be a humdinger. Suffice it to say that last Thursday afternoon, my boss rented my office out from under me and I have no idea where I'm going to end up today. I suppose it'll be musical offices at the very least. Personally, I don't think being stroked-out is a good enough excuse for this latest venture into lunacy. And I also personally think my quest to get the hell out of there is taking way too long.

I think, lest I stroke out myself, that it would behoove me to start looking at all the craziness going on around me from a whole different perspective. From now on, I'm going to view it as an adventure, a challenge, and laugh about it -- as loudly and gleefully as I can get away with without getting myself hauled off to a locked ward. My work environment is completely insane, my family issues are pretty nuts, and my (hopefully) soon to be ex-husband has thrown a monkeywrench into the divorce works. That, I might tend to see as war rather than adventure, but the rest of it is going to be evaluated for its entertainment value from now on. Someday, I might very well write a book about this nonsense. So much for writer's block. Of course, I'll have to call it fiction because nobody in their right mind would believe it was true.

Anyway, y'all have a great Monday ... and try to avoid lunatics.


G-Man said...

Life IS an adventure!!!
I'm so very pleased that you have taken on this new attitude.
We;ll see about that attitude come Friday...
There's a Full Moon Looming My Dear!!!

Skunkfeathers said...

A full moon that'll highlight a bunch of half-asses ;) Hang in there, Sherry!

Serena said...

Well, Galen, the attitude lasted until about 2 minutes after I walked in the door this morning. I hope you didn't have big bucks riding on it.:-)

Oh, yeah, Skunk -- a full moon. Just what I need. I'm not sure whether to hang in there or start hanging idiots from the light fixtures.:)

puerileuwaite said...

Maybe you need a "Hit Pug". Do you want them whacked in a specific order, or might you prefer the "surprise-me grab-bag"?

Marion said...

SJ, dearie, just hitch up yore britches and repeat after me: "I AM AN F'ING PRINCESS!"

And you have such a maahvelous attitude appropriate, so appropriate. I'm pulling for you, girl! Blessings!!

Serena said...

Yes, Puggy! That's exactly what I need, and I don't care about the order. All I care about is that you get the job done with haste and don't charge me a front paw and a hind leg.:)

I AM an effing princess, Dragonfly, albeit I feel like I've been detiaraed, dethroned, and deposed. And maybe dewormed. What AM I going to do with those damned crazy peasants who are such thorns in my side?:-)