Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fun With Twisted Linguistics

According to anecdotal information, this was an actual infomercial until it got pulled from the air for being disgusting. And so it is -- disgusting -- but it's also hilarious. I'd have watched it on television (had I known it existed) for the sheer hilarity of it. Take a look, and then we'll move on to Part II of today's exercise in blasfomy.

Were you appalled, or did you laugh out loud? You did, didn't you? I'll bet some of you even laughed so hard you wet your pants. Just a little bit? In which case, a handy purse-sized Aspray might not be a bad thing to have.

What I'd like for you to do now is use the following Words Gone Wild to write a review of what you just saw. And you can stop the groaning. It'll be fun. You know it! Here are your "words."

the Teliban

Go, now, and have a Terrific Thursday!


g-man said...

Ya know that Skanky Girl that works in that Stroked out Lawyers office?
I hear she has a PITTAFUL of Stink, and she could use some of that Aspray.
I hear that her PESUE stinks as well....YUCK!

Do they make Industrial Strength Aspray?

Bonjour Ma Shere...:-)

Serena said...

Bonjour, Mr. Galen. From your review, I'm guessing Aspray works pretty well. Maybe I'll put it on my Christmas shopping list.:)

Skunkfeathers said...

A can for every Congressperson won't cleanse the current stench ;)

disenvow: making fun of vows
intellengence: metrosexuals from a prissy boy's finishing school
heroeics: the economics of greek sandwiches
stroy: Barry's hellthcare plan
the Teliban: deodorant for terrorists (smells like camels)
inbedded: what do you get when you cross a SC governor and a South American ho?
pusue: a bag Skank Girl gave her crotch crickets to carry their stuff in
shovering: take Barry's ring we're supposed to kiss, and shove it ;)
opprotunity: American Idol goes opera?
faught: faught with Carol *ducking boos and throwd anythings*

demonostrating: a boring demono

pittaful: filling zit divots with bondo

discrace: Hail Mary, poke fun at...

endowned: Viagra wore off...

contrys: once more to the parole hearing, me lads...

Serena said...

Kudos on a fantastic job, Skunk! Your "endowned" is up for the best definition of the year.:-)