Monday, August 24, 2009

Maybe It's Not Really Monday?

I wish! Unfortunately, it is. Oh, don't get me wrong. I'm glad I woke up this morning, but I'd be happier if I didn't have to spend seven hours in a battle of wits with Skank Girl. And it will be a battle of wits from here on out. Or some kind of battle. Perhaps "wits" is the wrong word, since she's so severely underarmed. I can neither control nor change her, but I can ... play with her. I'll be the cat and she'll be the mouse. It'll be fun! For me, anyway.

I chose this song to listen to today because it embodies my goal for myself at the end of the day -- alive!

Enjoy your Monday!


G-Man said...

You'd better be alive!!!!!

...And really Shere, you need a little higher expectations out of life...:P

Skunkfeathers said...

What "battle of wits" with SG?

You are Encyclopaedia Britannica, and she is Tree Stumps for Dummies.

What battle?


Serena said...

Not to worry, Galen -- I have a pulse.:-) Really, if one has no expectations, it's hard to be disappointed -- and anything you do get is lagniappe.;)

I loathe tooting my own horn, Skunk, but I do have to agree with you. And not just because her legs do look like tree stumps.:)

NYD said...

LOL@ Tree stumps for dummies!

Revenge is simple. I have found this to be quite efficaceous. When she's away from her desk switch her mouse from righty to lefty- this will make her truly batty.
Or if you have a laser mouse, put a piece of clear cellophane tape over the hole. The sight of her frustration will be much more tastier than a pint of Ben & Jerry's

Serena said...

I love that idea, NYD!<3 I rarely have any excuse to be at her desk when she's not, but I'm definitely going to mess with her mouse next chance I get. Since I control the server, I can mess with her files, too. I had her running in circles a bit today, and it's just going to get better and better. Geez, I am turning evil. And it ain't bad!;)

Anonymous said...

are amused

and although i know it's only monday... i like to think of it as:


¤ ¤ ¤


Serena said...

We are pleased that you are amused, Sir /t. You know, it's not going to be long before Hump Day starts arriving on Sunday.:-)