Friday, May 29, 2009

Serena's Friday Play Date

All in all, it's been a pretty good week. The Goobers' partying got nipped in the bud and they've been quiet as church mice. I wasn't overwhelmed at work (well, until yesterday, anyway) -- and I have a baby lawyer to play with now. It's been rainy off and on all week, with periods of ungodly humidity, but the good news is that the temperatures have remained on the cool side. And ... I'm now into my 3-day weekend. TGIF!

Relax for a few minutes and play with the quizzes; then, head on out and enjoy your weekend.

How Friendly Are You

How Friendly Are You

You are :

Pretty Friendly

For the most part people like you a lot. You are out going and people tend to get along with you no problem. Good for you.

How Friendly Are You Find out at

Your Evil Name Is Rhiannon Usha


You Are Highly Authentic

You're as real as they come... and quite modest too.

You are very self-assured, and you have a healthy amount of self-esteem.

You feel confident that you can take on the world.

You are have a great sense of humor, especially when it comes to laughing at yourself.


Roxan said...

I be pretty friendly. Except for the neighbor kids who think I'm scary. LOL

My evil name is Rhiannon Pandora. We're twins! LOL

I'm highly intelligent. hahahahaha that's funny.

You are a perceptive, observant, and reflective person.
It's easy for you to get lost in your mind. You think amazing thoughts.

You are curious about the world. You are inventive and quite visionary.
You can get really engrossed in things. You tend toward the obsessive side.

snowelf said...

TGIF Serena! :) The weather is gorgeous here and I am so ready to get out of work and go out and play!


Serena said...

Tee-hee! Twins again, Roxan. Great minds at work, no doubt.:)

Enjoy playing in your gorgeous weather, Snow. TGIF!:)

Skunkfeathers said...

I don't play well with others; just ask email scammers ;)

My evil name is Skunkfeathers; just ask email scammers ;)

Enjoy your three-day weekend, as I go into my regular (plus) workweek ahead...charge!

Serena said...

I don't really play that well with others, either, Skunk. I don't know where these quizzes come up with their results. LOL. Have a good work week, and TGIF.:)

G-Man said...

Sherry ....

You are one of the very coolest people in the whole world...
And you are one of the very Hottest Chicks on the planet...
How enigmatic!!
Thank You so much for your friendship...

Serena said...

Why, thank you very much, G-Person. I've gotten some very nice b-day goodies. Yes, indeedy.:)

Mona said...

Happy Birthday to You Serena!!!

Wish you many happy returns of the day , and may your year be full of Joy and Fun!

Serena said...

Thank you very much, Mona!

NYD said...

I don't need a test to know your friendly.

Serena said...

I try, NYD. Most days it works.:)