Thursday, May 14, 2009

Fun With Twisted Linguistics

There Be Blasfomy Here

My head's in a strange place lately, which may serve in some small measure to explain why and where I took the Words Gone Wild today. They turn up in the strangest places. Perhaps it would relieve some of my head strangeness if I simply avoided those places but, alas, I cannot. How else would I capture blasfomys? Here's the list, from which I'm writing a little paragraph. Your instructions are to write your own little paragraph using said blasfomys. There are no boundaries, so let your imagination run wild. Enjoy!

sugar cote
the right to bare arms
had went into hidding

I want to talk to you today about a problem I be having with behavor. Sometimes, odd happenings intrude upon my conscousness, much like a contrecoup injury, and distract me to the point of madness. I suppose I could just hide in the corner and eat couscous, but I don't like it. I'm not going to sugar cote it. You know the definition of casterate. It's when a director screams at the cast and crew on a movie set. Well, you can't by any known statute do that to the stupid, hygenics, never mind eugenics, be damned, so it simply turns you all disgryuntled all over. This is an inditment of stupidity -- let's call a ditz a ditz. We all have the right to wear tank tops, the right to bare arms, but when you see someone with wrinkled, flabby arms wearing one, you just have to wonder, "What would promtor to wear that?!" Stupid! And similarly, stupid people have the right to appear in public whether we like it or not. Some people think blatent stupidity is hillarious. Those people are usually either hillbillies or comedians who are able to work up whole acts based on stupid people. We as a people of laws are not permitted to toss the stupid into very conservative containers made of tin, also known as Repubicans, so I say let's legislate their asses into jaol if they don't have sense enough to had went into hidding. Ja? Ja! Gryunt loudly if you agree and perhaps a Gryphon will swoop in and carry them off.

Have a wonderful Thursday, my lovelies.


G-Man said...

Better your head in a strange place than your tongue....
That may sound odd, but you can always close your eyes and keep your mouth shut ...

Sorry about the Phunque Shere...

Vacation is a mere hours away...


Skunkfeathers said...

Doh! Eyez got me woik cut owt fer me h'yar, shore 'nuff! Back widda 'graph in a bit ;)

puerileuwaite said...

It was a dark time for the even darker Sith Lords. The Repubican Party had been reduced to a motley, Jurassic collection of Repubicants.

As a blatent promter of evil for profit, "Dick" Cheney knew he had to step to the forefront and refocus his party's conscousness in order to regain its former sinister glory.

Somehow the hoi polloi otherwise known as the American people had managed to casterate those who would seek to profit at their expense.

This insolent behavor had to - as Barney Fife would say - be "nipped in the bud".

Unchecked, this disturbing peasant revolt threatened Cheney and his henchmen with the ultimate indignation of inditment and jaol.

He now rued the Repubican position on protecting the right to bare arms, having realized that the disgryuntled were also afforded this privilege.

Though he had went into hidding approximately 8-years prior, he understood that his pet program of ethnic hygenics had been terribly neglected during his prolonged absence. And as such, minorities not only continued to exist, but were brazenly empowered.

This was no time to sugar cote the crisis which confronted him. The days of kicking back in his bunker reading hillarious literature about the dangers of syphilis were now but a distant memory.

Serena said...

Funny you should say that, Galen. My tongue almost got me into trouble today. I called SG a twit, not knowing there was someone around to hear. Duh! But it's all over now 'til Monday and that makes me happy. Le Phunque is lifted.:)

I'm looking forward to your 'graph, Skunk. I know it'll make me laugh, which I NEED.:-)

Pugsley, YOU made me laugh. I love your disturbing story of dark Sith Lords (hopefully with pet Gryphons), Dick Cheney, and the syphillitic Repubicans who had went into hidding. Made me LMAO.:-)

Skunkfeathers said...

Behavor, a local distillery of the neighborhoid heahbouts, and I was leaving it when a pal of mine beckoned me back; "Repub, i can!", and back in I was, with a conscousness of being casterrated verbally by the bar wench, in her faux Deutche accent, for not going home when I'd said to. "Jaol, mine fraulein undt schotzykeepen", I babbled over anuddah brew, an inditment of my substandard hygenics of the moment, disgryuntled as I was and appeared. When in walked Skank Girl, crotch crickets all sugar coted and chirping like a cheap brass bed under a five kid wrestling match. "Whoa", said one barmonger, which promtor to bury her face further in the beer foam, to avoid having the barlighting fail to mask the approach of this creature from the blacklighting nightmares of Spielberg, Lucas and Putz. With the right to bare arms, and blatently done, it was hillarious, as Skank Girl's crotch crickets broke into a barbercrotch quartet, and we all went into hidding out the door, fast as we could crawl.

Serena said...

Oh, yes, indeed, Skunk -- that was worth waiting for. Giggling is good. You know, I'm never going to be able to look at Skank Girl again without thinking of a barbercrotch cricket quartet bursting into song.:-)