Monday, January 12, 2009


I felt like playing this song today because I spent the weekend hip-deep in dysfunctional drama and, today, I by-God need rescuing. Lord help me, sometimes crap just gets old, you know what I mean? Who do I see about trading in certain family members, clients, colleagues, and various and sundry other pesky persons? And while I'm at it, I'd like to see some action regarding abolishing Mondays. I think I'd be much happier if I didn't have to deal with Mondays in addition to everything else on my plate. Who'll step up to the rescue and start fiddling around with the calendar to see what can be done about this? If you want to give me two Tuesdays or one Tuesday and two Wednesdays, that would be acceptable -- as long as you get rid of Mondays. I'd actually prefer it if you could get me a full week of Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, but I suppose that would be asking for way too much. Just see what you can do, okay? I'll be way less cranky with Mondays out of the way and, believe me, you'll appreciate it.

And now, please tell me one good thing about Mondays in your book. Just one. Come on, I double-dog dare you.


G-Man said...

You have got to be kidding!
Monday Night Raw???? You don't watch wrestling?
Actually the fun starts at 8:00 with The Antiques Road Show!!
Of course some of us are a little more "Antique" than others...:P

I think you need a Screwdriver and a good foot-rub.

(and I'm just the Buckaroo to do it)

Bilbo said...

One good thing about Monday? Well, I don't think even Jimmy Buffet could have made a hit out of "Come Thursday." And could the Mamas and the Papas have gotten away with siging "Tuesday, Tuesday?" Or The Bangles with "Manic Wednesday?"

Kanrei said...

Good things about Mondays....

1. They give us something to blog about on uninspired Mondays

2. They help us relate to Garfield

3. Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother comes on

4. They end at midnight every week

dons_mind said...

there's only ONE!

no matter what you name it, the day after the week-end is gonna suk! (sigh)..

Anonymous said...

has a point:
would the carpenters singing
"rainy days and fridays" be as sweet?

and motown -- WOW!

they really ARE an answer to everything :)

¤ ¤ ¤


Serena said...

So that's it, Galen? The key to Monday is ... wrestling? I am a complete dolt. I'll tell you, though, I'd much rather have the foot rub.:-)

Point well taken, Bilbo. I would, however, like to challenge The Bangles to write "Manic Wednesday" just for me.:-)

Right you are, Kan. Except possibly #3, which tend to irritate me.:-)

That's the whole problem, Don! Now, what are we going to do about ridding ourselves of the day following the weekend?:-)

I concede, /t. "Rainy Days and Fridays" would be just ... wrong. I think I'm going to take this Monday dilemma to Motown. Surely, someone could come up with a cure for Mondays.:-)

Anonymous said...

Hey there, just passing through to see how you are! Looks like this blog is keeping you out of trouble. Hope you're doing well!


Mona said...

beats me!

Serena said...

Hey, Faith. I'm rarely out of trouble, but I'm glad you stopped by.:)

Me, too, Mona.:)

Skunkfeathers said... myself (see what I just did there from your next post?). It was a long week at work, I am scambling to answer all my scammers in a manure to fit their particular deservings, and when I read this post I speed-read that you wanted to eliminate all Monkeys....

*banging head on computer desk but avoiding keyboard, otherwise it'd look like -p9othypio 0y t[0YWT[98Y[ 't 0 Y98[8YR5T8Y2T[IHGLOwik p0ftroHQR IFAPirhfIH *

SOS fits h'yar, shore 'nuff ;)

Serena said...

Never, Skunk! I LIKE monkeys. In fact, I'm trying to round up my very own troop of flying monkeys. Sorry you had such a long week.:)