Tuesday, January 13, 2009


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Perusing the newspaper, a couple of items caught my eye.

First, on a subject near and dear to my heart -- and probably yours, too: saving money. There was an article incorporating the usual cost-cutting tips, e.g., buying store brands, cutting out Starbucks, shopping the Goodwill, borrowing free DVDs from the library, etc. But these two money-saving measures I had not heard of before: (1) unplugging your home computer when not in use will save you more than $20 a month on your electric bill, and (2) unplugging the chargers for cell phones, music players, and other devices except when in use can save you as much as $10 each per month. I had no idea! As you might imagine, I, the consummate penny-pincher, have now unplugged. Oh, and by the way, I read an online article last week that said lowering the backlight setting on (flat-screen) TV sets would also cut down on electricity use, and I did that as well.

Then, there was something on one of my favorite subjects -- grammar. Apparently, one of the local favorites when it comes to horrible grammar is the misuse of your and you're. As you guys already know, you're good to go with your grammar. Another example of grammar that ticks people off is apostrophe abuse. Since the apostrophe indicates a plural (or a contraction, e.g., whose = who does it belong to? and who's = who is), it makes the grammar purists see red -- and rightfully so -- to see "There were car's on the road," or "The road's were scraped by the snow plow's." And finally, one of the grammar snafus that makes me crazy -- the misuse butchery of myself. It sends me into paroxysms of groaning and snorting when I hear someone say, "Darlene and myself wish you a Merry Christmas." That's the same as saying, "Darlene wishes you a Merry Christmas and myself wishes you a Merry Christmas." Clearly, that sounds ... just wrong. As wrong as "Santa brought my sister and I Barbie dolls." What that actually says is, "Santa brought Sissy a Barbie doll and Santa brought I a Barbie doll." Between you and me, that doesn't sound right, does it?

Lastly, there was a brief update on the strange case of Adam Herrman. Adam Herrman was an 11-year-old boy who disappeared from his Towanda, Kansas, home in 1999. His adoptive parents never reported him missing and, therefore, his disappearance only came to light last week by way of an anonymous tip to police. The parents claim that Adam was a chronic runaway and that they quit bothering to report his disappearances, figuring that he finally reunited with his birth family. But geez, apparently they never bothered to actually attempt to verify that. This case is disturbingly reminiscent of the Caylee Anthony case in Florida, in my opinion. I don't think there was anyone with reasoning abilities who believed the mother's story that 2-year-old Caylee had been kidnapped by a (nonexistent) babysitter but never bothered calling the police, and I believe that only the most naïve didn't believe from Day One that that child was dead at the hands of her pathologically lying mother. In the case of Adam Herrman, the parents are in the hot seat, and with very good reason. There's quite a big difference in failing to report the disappearance of a 17-year-old who's run away before and an 11-year-old. An 11-year-old is a child, incapable of obtaining any kind of employment and taking care of himself away from home. When an 11-year-old fails to come home, you call the police. Period. The fact that they did not puts them under a huge umbrella of suspicion, which is exactly where they belong.

TWISTED LINGUISTICS picked up these suspicious looking blasfomys for you to interrogate and try to figure out. Good luck!

grisly bear


puerileuwaite said...

You gave me a brilliant new product idea: various sizes and colors of umbrellas with the word "suspicion" silk-screened on them. I'll cut you in for 10% of net profits. Don't tell anybody.

Mona said...

I hate the your & the you're screw up too! & also the way some people always use 'then' in place of 'than'. & there are many in India who will use 'have' with Third Person Singular! That is 'She have', 'he have'. It is so irritating!

I am shocked about those parents not reporting to the police.

divorse : a Diva's sore arse

enclude: first including & then rejecting

eample : a lot of electronic data

grisly bear : a sly grizzly bear

hybernation : sleeping in the cyber cafe

croneys :

sincopation : a stuffed up sinus cavity

Bilbo said...

divorse - referring to a choice offered between "div" and "se."

enclude - to make sure that the letter "n" is made part of whatever it is you're doing.

eample - Mona beat me to this one...I don't think I can beat her offering.

grisly bear - the main character of Stephen King's updated version of "Goldilocks."

hybernation - the national homeland of the Hybers.

croneys - criminal accomplices who are all old hags.

sincopation - a musical variation so difficult to dance to that it ought to be outlawed.

Kanrei said...

divorse- when horses serparate

enclude- envelope included

eample- a sample ear

sincopation- synchronized sinning

Serena said...

My lips are sealed, Pugsley. Just ... show me the money.:)

Oh, yes, Mona, the "then" and "than" misuse is mondo annoying. There are lots of folks in the US, also, who do that third person singular thing. You did an excellent job with your blasfomys today.:)

I love your "grisly bear," Bilbo. You did great on all the words, but that one made me grin.:)

You did a terrific job fighting blasfomys, too, Kan. And with your definition of "sincopation," you invented my very favorite word of the day. I'm not only grinning but showing teeth.:-)

G-Man said...

Are you kidding me?
I leave 3 computers on all the time!
Wow Sherry, you may have saved me 60 bucks next month..Thanks!
I owe you big time...:-)

Serena said...

No kidding, Galen. That's what the piece said. I had 3 computers and a phone charger plugged in all the time, too. No more! It'll be interesting to see whether it makes any difference on my electric bill.