Friday, December 12, 2008

Mooned Out

I'm doing music again today and, when you hear the song, you'll understand why. I can't think of any song more appropriate on this suck-ass day. What is it with the moon this month? I unloaded on a hapless cashier yesterday. It wasn't her fault that there was no price on the item I wanted, or that nobody in the whole damn store could find one -- much less that it was the second store from which I'd tried unsuccessfully to buy the hexed thing, or that their inefficiency necessitated a trip to the mall in a monsoon. I knew that, but I had no duct tape in my purse and my mouth started moving of its own volition. I'm not proud of it. All I can say is, it was the moon's fault. You believe me, don't you? And let me tell you, it didn't help that there was nothing but chaos, pressure, and stress at work yesterday and, to add insult to injury, I didn't get paid because the boss sat on her butt and didn't bother writing paychecks before my quitting time. I guess she thought it's not a problem for me to wait 'til Monday. I'm pretty sure that with the evil moon influence in play, I won't be winning the lottery this weekend, but what the hell.

If you're looking for your Friday Playpen fix, here you go.

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he has no conscious
first amendmeent


Skunkfeathers said...

First, to you, a therapeutic, moonless *HUG*

As for me, I get to go into my work week(end) with the leavins of a full moon, and an inbound snowstorm...

What joy,
what bliss
and what the F*** is this?

Anonymous said...

to say

  he has no conscious:

    mall shopper (aka 'zombie')

¤ ¤ ¤


g-man said...

You yelled at a Mall Worker Sherry?
Tsk Tsk Tsk....
Serenity Now..Serenity Now.......

NYD said...

I think you did it right. You picked a suitable target. These days, those who work in the service industry are happy to still be employed. You can do just about anything you want to them. On the other hand if you had decided to let loose on a civil servant then you would have gotten no pleasure at all from it. Those guys only unload on their own...with semi automatic weapons.

I hope there are no spelling mistakes in this. I'd hate to end up as one of your Blasfomys.

snowelf said...

Hey Serena

honestly this month's full moon was supposed to be an "angry" full moon--so apparently the moon was in a cranky place with all of the other planets--like the sand in the swimsuit of life or something.
It's not you. It's totally the moon.


puerileuwaite said...

I just want to go on record that I was in love BEFORE finding out about the cashier abuse. That's just an extra glorious item to put me over the express lane limit.

Serena said...

Thank you, Skunk. So sorry about your working weekend and snowstorm, but I love your little poem so much I just may print it out and keep it in my wallet. Next time, I'll just recite that to the cashier.:-)

A belated thanks for the Happy TGIF, /t. Your take on "no conscious" is right on. How do I know this? Why, because the malls are FULL of unconscious zombies.:-)

I didn't YELL at her, Galen. I merely informed her of my unhappiness. Maybe next time they see me coming, they'll be prepared to do their duty to ensure my serenity.:-)

I'm still ashamed of myself, NYD, but ecstatic that the girl didn't have an Uzi under the counter. And don't worry, you'll never be a blasfomer.:)

Thank you, Snow, for the scientific evidence that none of it was my fault. Geez, it's usually the Harvest Moon that's the bad one, but that was 2 moons back so I don't know WHAT this was. I'm just glad it's over.:)

So, Pugsley, are you saying that if I promise not to do it again, you won't love me any more? Shoot, I guess I'll just have to hit the express lane with 52 items.:-)