Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Happy Face

There should be more frivolity in life, wouldn't you agree? Seriously, things just ought to be more fun. Where is it written that we shouldn’t have fun at work, at school, at the car wash, at the DMV, at the IRS office? Why shouldn’t there be a little humor in hospitals, in jails, in traffic jams, in government, in the flu? There’s no reason why whimsical elements can’t be interjected into screwdrivers, bathrobes, underwear, frozen dinners, cat food, and feminine hygiene products. It would seem to me that amused people are happy people and happy people are more productive people. If I were president, I would make it my mission to have a completely frivolous term, stamp out Blah forever, and amend the Constitution to legislate a little lot of levity, for crying out loud. I believe I’d have the economy turned around in no time flat -- or at least have folks laughing about it instead of crying in their beer. Yeah, I just may have to run in '12. So, who're you gonna vote for? My first order of business? The snow I awoke to this morning. Before Thanksgiving. This ain't right. Or fun. I'll definitely have to veto stuff like that.

I have some frivolous blasfomys for you today. Dive right in and tear them limb from limb.

the frist one


VE said...

I'm with you...bring on the fun! Well, not during my surgery though...but that other person...now that'll be fun. Three arms can be quite useful for learning to juggle...

snowelf said...

Oh I'm all for this.
Serena in '12!!!


Serena said...

Juggling gets old, though, VE. And then the 3 arms get to be a pain. Maybe not so much fun. A 3-armed surgeon, now -- that could be fun.:)

Thank you in advance for your vote, Snow. Want a cabinet position?:)

G-Man said...

You are running for President Sherry?
I hope you have better luck than Hillary..
Can I be your chief of staff?
Or at least presidential Gopher?
I'd fetch you things...:-)

Serena said...

Galen, of course you can be Chief of Staff and Chief Go-fer. Now how about fetching me a nice hot cup of tea? Good Lord, it's freezing here! Wouldn't surprise me if hell froze over.:)

Skunkfeathers said...

Tradegy: the current stock market ;)

Yes, life should be more fun, especially at work. Today, I indulged in a moment of communication frivolity, and got a lecture from the boss. He calls me on the radio as asks "my 20" (radio 10 code for my location). My response: "31 years ago" (when I was 20). I got told that we need to be "professional and accurate at all times", to which I responded "I WAS accurate..." ;-)

I think the boss wants to retire...

do be do be do...

Mona said...

Happy Winter Serena!

Ok I'll tear the limbs apart! Here I come 1...2...3!

tradegy : Trade the gynecological parts ( For uterus , ovary replacement...whatever)

everyong : NYD ( a person in japan who is not growing old

the frist one: The one with a frisky fist ( that goes flying around , hitting people)

homosexuluality : The usual capacity( limits) of homos to have sex

Serena said...

LOL, Skunk. Your boss needs a sense of humor. And I'm just the person to mandate that from the Oval Office.:-)

And happy Winter to you, Mona. You did indeed tear those blasfomys apart. Good job.:)

Skunkfeathers said...

Serena in '12. End of discussion, vote is cast ;)

Serena said...

All votes gratefully accepted, Skunk. And campaign dollars.:-)