Wednesday, October 22, 2008

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On Halloween, you receive a last-minute invitation to a costume party. All you have on hand is a bag of outdated clothes meant for the Goodwill, some makeup, some water colors and a few Sharpies, some of your kids' left-over face paint, and a fright wig you wore to some party in the 70s. With these materials, you'll make a costume. What will it be?


1. Will it be scary or funny?
2. Will you be recognizable?
3. Will your date pretend to not know you?
4. Can you explain it if you get arrested on the way home?

There's no explaining these TWISTED LINGUISTICS blasfomys, but you could try.

I am pregnate with my forth child
ants and flys


Bilbo said...

Counceling – advice provided by one who cannot spell.

I am pregnate with my forth child – I missed the counceling in both grammar and birth control.

ants and flys – annoying insects described by one who cannot remember the old rule about “i before e except after c.”

flagpoll – a survey of the beliefs held by flags.

broomstitch – what holds the broom together.

werwolfs – the condition of certain animals in the past…once they wer wolfs, now they are something else. In Alaska, probably coats.

pumkin – those related to pum.

costooms – very expensive Halloween wear.

VE said...

I would take the bag, sharpies, face paint and turn myself into a Foreclosure sign. It helps me blend into the neighborhoods…

1. Yes, it’s damn scary!
2. I never am
3. She usually does
4. Not likely

Serena said...

LOL, Bilbo. Let us fervently hope that the pregnate illiterate among us get the counceling -- and contraceptives -- they so desperately need.:-)

I knew I could count on you for originality, VE. Dynamite costume idea!:)

G-Man said...

Fright Wig?
Serena have you seen my hair?
And clothes from the 70's?
Have you seen my wardrobe?

I'll wear a baseball cap and go as Michael Moore...:-)

Serena said...

Galen, Galen. Your hair does not look like a fright wig, and your clothes don't look that old, either. You could certainly go as Michael Moore, even without the baseball cap -- though you do have some nice caps. I guess Michael Moore doesn't wear face paint, huh? I kinda like face paint.:)

Skunkfeathers said...

According to my coworkers, I can do Halloween simply by showing up ;) Booga booga.

Serena said...

Booga booga, Skunk. We must work in the same office.:-)

NYD said...

Wow New comment section!

I'm only here for some quick ideas. I have a party this Saturday and I haven't prepared anything.

I might just paint myself green and go as a giant booger.

Serena said...

I don't like the new comment deal, NYD. I wish they'd quit fixing things that ain't broke. Grrrrr.

Well, if I see a giant green booger wandering around on Halloween, I'll be sure and grab you by the arm and buy you a drink.:)