Wednesday, October 15, 2008

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It's a full moon, so I figured why not go for quirk with today's Meme.

List 6 unusual characteristics about yourself.

Speaking of unusual, how about these blasfomys? Define 'em or blast 'em to Kingdom Come. The choice is yours.

losey people


Anonymous said...

6 unusual characteristics:

i am abbeting man,
sometimes frusterated,
concidered a good speler
by losey people in government,
envovled from a very long line of
promiscious word whackers & wackos :)

well, that's probably fewer than six, but then, i'm not really all that unusual -- more a model of usual, am i -- yes, like serena!


¤ ¤ ¤


VE said...


I never walk under basketball hoops lining the neighborhood streets

If there is clam chowder on a restaurant menu…that’s what I’ll order

I’m allergic to horseradish but not horses or radishes

I’ve been to 43 different countries but only 26 different states

I’ve broken my nose, neck, back, arm, hand, finger, ribs, toe before

I don’t drink coffee or tea

G-Man said...

I think I've done this before but..

1..I Hate sweetened iced tea!!
2..Peanut Butter and Bacon is one of my favorite sandwiches.
3..And speaking of sandwiches, unless I'm having soup, I have to make a sandwich at every meal!
4..I Never drink any amount of alcohol when I am riding my Motorcycle.
5..When I go to the movies I like to sit in the back row. (so people won't talk behind me or kick my seat)
6..I love having hair long enough to wear in a pony tail!!

There you have it, a small glimpse into the inner realm of G-Man..

Mona said...

1. Ponytail wearing men are my weakness :D

2. I LOVE sweetened iced tea

3. I Love eating Fuller's earth

4. A mud bath in my opinion, is the most erotic experience

5. My melting point is a kiss on the forehead

6. I am insomniac

Mona said...

abbeting : betting on your abs

frusterated : feature rated on the basis of rusting

concidered : concocted along with cider

losey people: people who keep losing their things ( my son is a losey person Serena, he lost his expensive mobile set today & I am furious!)

envovled : enveloped while being led

promiscious : Promising and delicious

Bilbo said...

abbeting - the act of being in charge of a monastery

frusterated - evaluated according to the "fruste" scale, which is another one of those obscure economic thingies used by investment bankers to plan the next valueless investment for us.

concidered - discussed over a glass of apple juice.

losey people - Mona beat me to this one...

envovled - the state of vovling between emvovled and ohvovled (I deserve a swat for that one).

promiscious - given to brazenly promising to one and all.

Serena said...

I love the way you did that, /t. Thanks! Oh, and Happy Hump Day.:)

I think you aren't all that weird, VE.:)

I'm aware of your strange food habits and the unsweetened tea thing, Galen. All I can say is that if I washed down bacon and peanut butter with unsweetened tea, I'm mighty afraid I'd hurl. LOL. #4 and #5 are good ideas, and I'm all for #6.:)

I like ponytailed men, too, Mona -- IF it's done right. What on Earth is #3? Should you be eating that?! Another good job on the definitions.:)

Hi, Bilbo! What a treat to see you defining again. I love what you did with "concidered" and "promiscious." What else COULD they be?:-)

Anonymous said...

Go to the retort and defeat the republicans. Obama needs you.