Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Be Careful How You Say That

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Halloween's coming and I've got to get with the program. But for now, once again it's time to look at words that must drive newbies to the English language berserk. Why are there words that sound the same but are spelled differently and have drastically different meanings?

If a thing is raunchy and dirty and lowdown then, of course, it's coarse. How coarse? It could be slightly coarse, extremely coarse, blushingly coarse or, of course, wicked delightfully coarse.

If you are a bettor, think about it. Isn't there a better course for you than to bet your paycheck away at the course every Friday night? Be a better bettor and just keep that check in your pocket.

If you were a princess, wouldn't you rather sleep on a mattress with a pea under it than a mattress with pee on it?

When the contents of the dairy pail have turned pale green, doesn't that just make you go pale? Those pale pails are beyond the pale.

If you jam the bullets in the breech, isn't that a breach of good sense?

A cup of tea just before you tee off is a good thing.

If a guy from Rome roams the neighborhood at night peeping into windows, he is a Roman peeper roamin'.

The coup de grâce is being cooped up in a coupe while your date coos over your good buddy and pulls off a coup d'état.

If you can name the site where you sighted certain information, I will cite you for extra credit.

After a brief dry spell, TWISTED LINGUISTICS has a nice docket of blasfomys for you. Try sounding them out before you define them, and do let us know how that went.

shear torture - Maniac with scissors.

palce the blame
feeding live pray


G-Man said...

And remember those famous words of Soupy Sales...
"You can lead a horse to water, but a pencil must be lead"!

NYD said...

I will have to come up with something just as clever by the by or is that buy, quite possibly Bye. Oh blather and bother I couldn't fathom it anyway.

VE said...

You know...that nationwide gas prices widget pisses me off every time I see it. How can the nationwide average be 2.27 when it's still 3.28 here in Portland? WTF!

Mona said...

One had gotto be careful really!

O Serena, This full moon did not allow me to sleep a wink! I can chew it like cheese I hate it so much!Its beyond five in the morning and my eyes are still open like an owl's & I feel so restless & perturbed!

palce the blame : put the blame on your friend

narscistic : a person with a tic, who still loves himself!

feeding live pray : feed yourself to live & send thanks in prayer

artice : Ice sculpture

disrespectable : dismiss the respectable ( they are hypocrite after all)

feesable , a college whose fees you can afford to pay!

Serena said...

LOL, Galen. I remember Soupy. Damn, I'm old.:-)

It was probably more clever the first time it ran at Verbicidal Tendencies, NYD. And I don't remember where I got it from for that. I KNOW you can come up with doubles way more clever, though.:)

It's not $2.27 here, either, VE. Which pisses me off. I'd like to know where that price is.:)

Damn that moon, Mona. Did you ever get any sleep? I got off relatively unscathed this time around; no craziness, no problems. LOL. Great definitions, girlie.:-)