Tuesday, September 16, 2008

If It's Not Moon Madness...

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...then it must be something else. Whatever it is, things aren't looking so good. In fact, things are pretty dang bad all over. I'm not saying that mooning the whole sordid mess would help anything, but I'm not saying it would hurt, either. I'm just saying that things are in a bad, bad way and something's got to give. Things like:

- Merrill-Lynch, bought out by Bank of America. I've never cared much for BOA's reputation. Bodes ill if you ask me.

- Lehmen Brothers - Gone into bankruptcy; i.e., for all intents and purposes, just ... gone.

- AIG Insurance - Going, absent a small miracle.

- Hewlett-Packard's cutting 25,000 jobs.

- Gas - Up. WAY up. Here, the average is $4.14 per gallon. In some spots, it's over $5.00. And some stations have none to sell.

- Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are now under government control; i.e., quite possibly on the way to gone. Fannie and Freddie ought to run off and elope while they can, because an ill wind always blows when the government sticks its thumb in a pie.

As if that weren't bad enough, there's a full moon going on. I'm not saying one thing has anything to with the other thing -- but my right brain, which suddenly slapped my left brain out of the way, wants to argue the point.

I'm not even going to mention the timing of the obliteration of Galveston, Texas, by Hurricane Ike.

Oh, and another thing -- it would be great if the moon influenced someone to beat the living crap out of Casey Anthony and made her tell where her baby's body is.

Now, tell me these aren't full-moon blasfomys.

hutzpah - The home of the uppity Grand Poobah of the Nomads.

enarly - Whatever this is, it must be nasty-gnarly.

editied - The book will never be published because it's tied up in editing.

reading allot

Yup. Something's got to give. And that's about all I know. After mulling over a bunch of other unintelligible prattle, I suspect that's enough.


VE said...

But on the positive side...I saved a bundle on car insurance... ;)

G-Man said...

Reading allot...A parcel of land in Pennsylvania.

Oir..What you breathe in Australia.

anit war..Fighting over skeins of yarn.

Parcial..Half of a facial..

Good morning Ms. Gloom and Doom!
I hope you find SOMETHING to smile about today...G


Corn Dog said...

I'm surprised BOA touched Lynch. Oh well. They only do the profit thing. they must have seen some.

For some reason, I thought Freddie and Fannie were the Feds already. Must have been the alliteration.

I'm waiting for an economic black hole to suck this country into it. SHE-IT what a mess.

Kanrei said...


Sometimes, like now, I am so happy I don't understand economics. The bliss all my friends feel about politics is how I feel looking at yesterday's news. I know it is bad, but how bad I cannot really understand no matter how simply it is put to me.

Kanrei said...
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Kanrei said...

Stupid blogger double post....

Serena said...

Went to see Flo, did you, VE? LOL.:)

Oh, I managed a couple of smiles here and there, Galen. Hey, you defined words. THAT made me smile.:-)

My sentiments exactly, CD. What a mess. Black hole would probably spit it out in disgust. She-it.:)

I don't understand economics, either, Kan, but we both know on some fundamental level that it's bad. So's stoopid Blooger.:)

puerileuwaite said...

Wow. I was feelin' a little blue until now. Thanks for cheering me up. I'm off to watch a documentary on acid rain!

Serena said...

Acid rain can be a real trip, Pugs. It's the pretty colors!:)

Skunkfeathers said...

Screw the full moon and all the news of the day; I am off to watch a documentary on alien greeting commissions, and how they're a hot item for cities to form NOW (one wag speculates that after what happened on Mars Attacks!, it's a good idea to "have a plan"..snort).

Just in case, I keep a recording of that whatizname's song on hand...

Serena said...

I think I'd be great on an alien greeting commission, Skunk, so let me know what you find out. They don't scare me none. Hell's bells, there's worse things than aliens.:)

Hale McKay said...

While I'm not an expert on all things financial and economics, (I did stay in that hotel last night) - I did spend 20 years in the stock market.

I'm afraid that Fannie Mae, Freddie mac, Goldman Sacks, Lehman Brothers, Merril Lynch and many other brokers' brokers and brokers' banking institutions got a little greedy.

When I left the stock market in 1992, there were even then warnings that the real estate market was growing much too faster than the economy. It was only a matter of time before the real estate market would "correct" itself - and it would have long before now had these institutions read the writing on the walls.

But NO - they kept feeding into the growing housing market - fueling it even more. Something had to give - real estate was over-priced and growing expotentially faster than the economy and GNP.

Of course there were other factors - such as day traders and speculators running up the oil prices -

I fear this recession (which "doesn't exist) will lead to a depression years down the road.

Mona said...

Indeed. Lehmen Brother's bankruptcy has sent the markets plummeting even in India! & I heard that even the Dollar has gone down.

reading allot : announcing the allotment of tasks, land, apartment or whatever...

oir : What pigs breathe

anit-war : war of nits ( in someone's hair)

parcial : at par with the central intelligence agency legion

Serena said...

Excellent summation, Mike. And I'm afraid your last statment is prophetic. The only question is when.:(

LOL at your "oir," Mona. That's priceless.:)

Liquid said...

Touche' darlin'!

Serena said...

LOL, Liquid. You got it, too, babe? Thank God it'll pass soon.:)