Wednesday, August 13, 2008



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Today's Meme has only one question, albeit it may not be the easiest single question you've ever been asked to answer. If you're up to probing the depths of your psyche, and not particularly shy, give it a little thought and tell us what you will.

List 5 obscure facts about yourself, facts so little known that no one would ever know these traits about you unless you told them.


Today's TWISTED LINGUISTICS blasfomys are perhaps a bit obscure as well, but I have every faith that you can whip them into some semblance of sense. Go for it!

going back and fourth
forien cars
destgroying ur kids furture
Japense cars


Mona said...

I can feel insanely jealous although I never show it!

I can read well enough if a person is trying to hoodwink me, although I am too polite to let him know

I try to 'cover up' other people's faults , even if they have tumbled out by mistake and I see that they are creating an embarrassing situation for that person, even if it is a fact that he/she has been 'caught' cheating me. I just don't know why I feel so sorry for the poor person!I try to put them at ease at once & make their excuses for them if I see they have none!

My rage is a terrible nightmare for the witness! ( even if it rears its head once in ten years)

I love/hate my mom

Mona said...

charites : A Cremation ( the rite performed to char people)

argueein : the lawyer who just came in

cahtolic : A church going alcoholic

burgar: A person belonging to Ottenburg

surley: "Shirly" pronounced by a North Indian.

going back and fourth : running a race in which you were getting ahead of others & suddenly you fall back & come fourth in the line

manadatory : Dating back to time when Manna fell upon Earth

jeapordzing: Attaching your Ipod to your G-string.

forien cars : Cars of Aliens

destgroying ur kids furture: Leading your kid to a gory destination, for a sure torture

Japense cars: Not the cars from Galen's showroom for sure

Euopean: An 'open' sign at a European restaurant

Kanrei said...

Five things?

1. I dream in text
2. I see smells
3. I walk backwards, but do it in reverse so as to appear normal
4. I have no concept of five.

charites- a rare gift

argueein- Argentina's queen

cahtolic- a catatonic catholic

burgar- a hamburger theif

surley- be sure and obnoxious

going back and fourth- AKA a home run

manadatory- required good luck

jeapordzing- risking polar reversal

Euopean- a peasent in Europe

VE said...

I'll turn it around on you. I'll give you six, you tell me which one isn't true...

1. I was a chess prodigy. I won a tournament in 3rd grade.

2. I'm allergic to bottled and canned beer, but only in the United States

3. Did a 100 mph high speed chase from the police, got caught but not arrested or ticketed

4. Made $7,000 cash overnight from a $200 investment which wasn’t gambling or illegal

5. Drove from Denver, CO straight through to Portland, OR by myself only stopping for gas

6. Lost my car in a drive in and slept in the gravel until morning

Skunkfeathers said...

I dream in 3D dinosaur stick figures.

My creativity is due to having been hit in the head with a bird house when I was 8.

My third concussion was, indeed, a charm. I just haven't figured out how yet.

People think I'm bored, when I am in fact, rather buoyed. I have an enthusiam regulator, that assures my daily reservoir of enthusiasm won't run out before the day is over.

When asked how I stay single, I respond with this deep thought: "beggars CAN be choosers, and that's how they stay beggars". I'm still working on the analogy.

Serena Joy said...

Mona, you're a truly compassionate person. When I feel hoodwinked, I tend to lash out rather than cover for the hoodwinker's faults. Alas, I think many of us -- women, I mean -- have a bit of ambivalence in our mother/daughter relationships.

You did a fantastic job with the words. I just love "cahtolic.":)

I used to experience those things, Kan -- but that was the 60s. LOL. I don't particularly like 5, so I don't blame you for omitting that one. You aced the words today, too, dude. I love your take on "cahtolic," too, and am giggling over your "Euopeans.":-)

VE, I'm going to guess that #3 is the fact that isn't true about you. I know about your beer allergy, and the others just sound like things you'd do.:)

You exhibit some very fine traits, Skunk. I gotta ask, though -- who the heck hit you in the head with a bird house? I've had 2 concussions in my life, neither of which was the result of a bird house. My life is so boring. I would think bird house concussions are far superior to the regular kind.

Good luck with that beggar analogy.:)

puerileuwaite said...

List 5 obscure facts about yourself, facts so little known that no one would ever know these traits about you unless you told them.


1) Attractive redheads are like kryptonite to yours truly (I suspect you already knew this). Still, being Selective-Obsessive-Compulsive, I HAD to work it in;

2) My favorite Bozo the Clown was Bob Bell. He was like a creepy yet non-molesting relative, and a master of the double-entendre;

3) I get sideways-vertigo watching Olympic swimming because of the way the camera tracks the swimmers;

4) Women power-lifters both excite and scare me. I often wonder if it would be neat* or terrifying* to be married to one (* perhaps both). Regardless, I would want a picture of her carrying me over the threshold, which I would keep on my desk at work;

5) I like to listen to Books on CD. But when I get a call, I make a point of saying "One moment ... I have to take this", as if the narrator is actually there.

Serena Joy said...

Kryptonite, Puggy? So, like, the very sight of me would kill you? That can't be good! I like clowns just fine, as long as they're non-molesters. Women power lifters scare me. And frankly, so do Olympic swimmers.:)

G-Man said...

5 THINGS....

1..I've never done heroin.

2..I owned a motorcycle before I owned a car.

3..My dream is to spend a perfect evening with a REAL Redhead!

4..When eating ANY meal, I eat all of one item at a time..EXAMPLE: At breakfast I eat all my potatoes, then my eggs, etc.

5..Unless it's pizza, I make a sandwich at every meal I eat. Even if it's using a dinner roll, or a biscuit!

How about 5 things from you Serena??


quid said...

SJ - What a thought provoking post! Here are the first 5 I thought of:

List 5 obscure facts about yourself, facts so little known that no one would ever know these traits about you unless you told them.

1. One of my jobs in college was as a busgirl for a fraternity. Yes, I picked up those dirty dishes.

2. My trip to Europe after college was made more exciting by the fact that we hitchhiked all over the continent.

3. I very seriously considered being a surrogate for a dear friend in the 80's, but she unexpectedly rose to the top of an adoption list, and I never had to finally commit.

4. My husband and I, completely unmechanical beings, once built a basement sauna in our first house.
It turned out great!

5. Scared of deep water, I almost never swim.


VE said...

Serena. Good guess, but you are wrong. It's actually number 5!

Skunkfeathers said...

Inquiring mind (yours) wants to know: my sister hit me with the bird house. From 15 feet up. She was shaking the pole when I arrived (to see if the birds were home) and I happened to be where it fell...*STARS*

Serena Joy said...

You have some odd eating habits, Galen. LOL. Okay, okay -- 5 things about me.

1. When I'm stressed, I pig out on junk food.
2. Also when I'm stressed, I might read 5 books in a week.
3. I'm 1/8 Cherokee.
4. She's my Mom and I love her, but my mother drives me insane.
5. I'm 10 years older than my brother.

I love learning these little tidbits about you, Quid. I'm with you on #5. I love water, especially the ocean, but I don't swim well and deep water petrifies me.:)

VE the outlaw?! I never would have guessed that one.:-)

Poor Skunk! Did you wallop Sis after she brained you?:-)

VE said...

Yeah, I was young and my friend got into a scuffle at an ice rink and we took off out of the parking lot right as the police arrived but we had beer in the back of the car and my friend was drunk so I tried to get as far away as possible but despite my insane driving, they somehow found us. I quickly took an exit ramp and by the time they were on top of us, I'd already pulled over and played the innocent routine. It worked. What were the odds... ha ha

quid said...

Just imagine...SJ. Known each other nearly 7 years now (!) and only now we share about the fear of deep water. It's good (?) to see that you still love her, I know that she will always drive you insane. Sigh. It's her job.


Serena Joy said...

It's hard to believe it's been 7 years, isn't it, Quid? How ironic that we share the same deep water phobia. Who'd have thought?:)