Friday, July 18, 2008

Serena's Friday Playpen

It's Friday, at long last. Work's been a bear this week and most of us are probably half dead by now. There's also a freakin' full moon bearing down on us. Are there any better reasons for fooling around with a little mindless stuff? I don't think so!

Let the games begin.

Hmph! I had a little short story generator for you to play with, but stupid Blogger couldn't seem to get itself compatible with it.

July Trivia

July Trivia

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You Are Mayonnaise

You tend to be a very quiet, introverted person.

You're happy to sit back and let stronger personalities shine.

You value loyalty and harmony. You try to bring people together.

Your taste in food leans toward simple comfort foods.

You love holiday meals as well as old school favorites like mac and cheese.

You get along with mustard and ketchup personalities. You have an unlikely alliance with hot sauce personalities.

My crappy little elf name is Sheeplass Horsebeard.
What's yours?
Powered by Rum and Monkey.

Fill in the blank and you'll be done with the Friday Games.
I wish the full moon would fall on _______ and _______ him/her/it/them.

Your Friday blasfomys are as follows:

enama - Yo mama is constipated.

remeber - When the first meber doesn't take and you have to do it again.

dicktater - If anybody can stop giggling long enough to define this, I'll figure out some way to give you extra points.

sucicide - It sucks when the Suicide Hotline puts you on hold.

terrosits - Lazy jihadists.


Have a Happy Weekend!


Bilbo said...

Ah, blasfomys...I'm going for the extra credit...

dicktater - an incompetent dictator who just...uh...screws everything up. See, "W."

mamarries - (1) what a man does when he evaluates potential wives on the basis of bust size; (2) unwed mother finally lands a husband.

sacrafice - what a suicide bomber does in the half-assed belief that it's somehow "holy."

thounsands - the beach at Thoun.

civilean - someone who just stands around and complains while the Army does the fighting.

jelous - French for "I'm a louse."

garbabge - trash receptacle for old clothes?

perrogative - for each rogative.

milage - the measure of how elderly your mil is.

Skunkfeathers said...

I tried the elf name thang, and it vaporlocked on me.

Which leads me to:

I was driving home the other day, and rear-ended a car. After a moment, the driver of the car I hit crawled slowly out, and I realized he was a dwarf.

He waddled up slowly to me, and said in a shaky voice:

"I am not happy!"

So I asked him if he was Dopey, and the fight was on...

VE said...

I wish the full moon would fall on _that irritating guy that cut me off on the road the other day______ and ___crush his car into a little ball____.

Kanrei said...

mamarries- Mama's Berries

sacrafice- when you willing destroy your favorite craft in honor of the Diety of your choosing

thounsands- lots of hounds running on the beach

civilean- a skinny civilian

garbabge- when you pack trash for a vacation

perrogative- a parrot's choice

milage- how old you are when you finish running a mile

great weekend!

Mona said...

Full moon is up here already Serena. But I had a party. The food did not taste good though...I seem to have lost my taste buds somewhere...

puerileuwaite said...

It called me horseradish, and said I'm bad for people with ulcers.

Serena Joy said...

Although its nature is ephemeral and somewhat ethereal, you get the extra credit, Bilbo. LOL! I'm giggling over "mamarries" choice #2.:-)

LOL, Skunky. Your continuing adventures never fail to amuse. Sorry about the vapor lock, though.:-)

May your wish come true, VE. Now that you've told the Volcano Goddess, who knows, perhaps it will.:-)

Funny definitions, Kan. I like "thounsands" and "civileans.":-) Happy Weekend!

A full moon party? What a great idea, Mona. Sorry about your taste buds, though. I hope they return to duty soon.:)

That's okay, Puggy. I don't have ulcers, so we'll get along just fine.:)

G-Man said...

My condiment name is...
Brown Poop-on..(you don't wanna know)

My Elfen name is..Horsebung Dingleberry!!

Have a great week-end Shereena!!

Serena Joy said...

So sorry about your results, Galen. Are you sure you did it right? LOL.:)

Mona said...

mamarries: someone's mother marries again
sacrafice : A sac inside the body that stores roughage & turns it ice cold
thounsands , Thou 'n sands : Title of your picture taken in a desert
civilean : a 'normal' human being ( a little civil & a little mean)
jelous : something that is jelly like
garbabge: a trashy babbler
perrogative: as per the rouge natives
milage : mother- in- law's age

G-Man said...

Even those that are pure of Heart
And say their prayers at night.
Can becaome a Wolf
When the Wolfbane blooms...
And the Moon is full and bright!!


Serena Joy said...

Mona, your definitions are so logical that I'm ashamed to admit I couldn't get them myself. I'm going to get some garbabge badges printed up and start handing them out. LOL.:)

Galen waxing poetic this morning? I don't know, wolfbane's a little hard to find around here. Next month, I think I'll try belladonna and a zombie love slave and see what happens.:-)

NYD said...

Had to drop in to see what folks did with dicktater.

The idea of phallic vegetable matter keeps my mind occupied for hours.

Serena Joy said...

LOL, NYD. I just hope it was a sweet 'tater.:D

Pink said...

Oh so that's why I was so bitchy on Friday!


Serena Joy said...

Whatever weirdness was going on Friday, yes, Pinks, I think that's what we can blame it on.:)

Skunkfeathers said...

The problem -- or the instigator -- was the combining of a full moon and a dicktator (aka, spud pud).

The tides will rise, and the ice ain't even all melted yet ;)

Serena Joy said...

I believe you're right, Skunk. And -- I see a whole new superhero budding: The Spud Pud.:-)