Monday, July 21, 2008

Muddling Through the Muggies

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You know what's so great about life? One of the things that make it such a great ride, anyway. It's the unexpected things. The spontaneity. Synchronicity and/or serendipity. It doesn't matter who you are, how old you are, where you are, or anything else. You never know when you're going to come screeching around a bend and run smack-dab into something wonderful. Something you never expected but which you will embrace with the utmost delight might be just around that corner that you weren't at all anxious to round. You just never know. I think that as long as there's breath in our bodies, life can and will be an adventure. I hope so. My advice? Take those corners! With a little caution to be sure, but take them.

Who saw "The Dark Knight" over the weekend? Can we get some first-hand reviews, please? Which reminds me -- being born and raised in the South, I've often heard the word theater (or theatre) pronounced the-ate-er. And I often hear TV people pronounce it sounding like thee-ter. And why is it that the sound of the word the sounds different from the first three letters of theater? Do you ever wonder about things like that?

By the way, it also bugs me when I hear the word charisma pronounced so that it sounds like crisma.

I cleaned off some shelves yesterday and threw out some old purses. I found money in one of them. It was only $2.00, but found money is found money.

It was so darn hot yesterday that I guess the AC had to really labor above and beyond the call of duty. My circuit breakers went haywire three times. That wasn't fun. It's even hotter today. Lord, Lord.

There's a huge difference between dry heat and wet, humid heat. Dry heat is manageable. One can live in it. Humid heat, on the other hand, feels like somebody's thrown a heavy wet blanket on you and just trying to move around in it zaps your energy. It is, in a word, miserable. I think I drank 2 cokes and 3 or 4 bottles of water yesterday. The office feels pretty comfy today; outside is another story.

One more random thought (speaking of hot) on this very hot and muggy Monday: there's a difference between sexy and trashy. The discerning person knows what it is.

There's a hot lineup of TWISTED LINGUISTICS blasfomys today. Go get yourself a fan and then see what you can do with them.

bagger them
desicrated the burial sight
battle sence
soarly under-rated
you could use some basic grammer lessons


VE said...

Found money is better than earned money in my book! Earning means work and you know how I feel about that subject!

Hey, something special over at VE's blog today...

Bilbo said...

The difference between "sexy" and "trashy": you think your date is "sexy;" your parents think your date is "trashy."

But maybe I should stick with the blasfomys...sorry, but there were three today I just couldn't do anything with, no matter how bizarre.

desease - where deships sail.

unprevileged - missed out on being vileged in advance?

dount - a donut with the hole on the outside.

anominity - an anonymous midget.

bagger them - tilt!

desicrated the burial sight - invoked the Defense Department rules against filming internments at Arlington Cemetery.

doues - tilt!

battle sence - tilt!

soarly under-rated - the ability of that airframe to stay aloft is in question.

you could use some basic grammer lessons - (1) actually, the grammar seems okay, it's the spelling that needs work; (2) advice to one of those girls who is now a 25-year old gramma.

G-Man said...

Scarlett Johanson is sexy
Sarah Jessica Parker is sexy
Amy Winehouse is trashy
Britany Spears is Trailer Trashy

Shereena The Lava Queen is Uber-Sexy!!


Mona said...

Indeed Serena, things begin to happen in your life when you least expect them to happen! Originally it was such a dry spell when my son was trying for admission & within a month he got selected in so many that it was difficult to decide which one to send him to!

I have waiting to watch that one! Its in a theater right round the corner from my place!

Indeed..English is a dicey language!

Yes it is exiting to find even a single rupee in a forgotten corner. It makes one feel lucky!

Humidity, don't tell me. Here it is 95 - 100 % these days, & the temperature hovers around 38 degree centigrade!
But Humidity makes the A/Cs work better!

I like bilbo's definition of trashy vs sexy :D

Kanrei said...

I am a southerner who believes all words are pronounced with an extra syllable just to give them that extra Southern charm. I say, I say!

desease- the ease of curing an illness

unprevileged- those who do not live in a run down village

dount- the count of donuts eaten

bagger them- followers of Bagger Vance

soarly under-rated- flying high, but not high enough

you could use some basic grammer lessons- but your spelling is perfekt

Mona said...

desease : desecrated with ease

unprevileged : removed on time from the edge of committing evil

dount : An Australian way of pronouncing 'Don't'

anominity: An open mini tea party

bagger them : wrap them up in bags

desicrated the burial sight : crated in desi cartons ( desi in my language means 'local' )

doues : Again, an Australian way of pronouncing 'Does'.

battle sence : Fight sense the French way ( with alcohol)

soarly under-rated : a paradox; the under- rating part keeps soaring day by day...( maybe like our share markets!)

you could use some basic grammer lessons : ( maybe I could use some basic dictation & spelling lessons :D)

Queenie said...

Oh how I get a trill when I find cash in a bag, penny or pound I don't care like you say its money. The road of life eh! Learning curves, bumpy roads, always best when your the driver and not the passenger.

Serena Joy said...

Yes, indeed, VE. I'd never turn up my nose at found money. And yes, indeed, it IS a special VE day. Congrats, dude!:)

Yes, you see the difference, Bilbo. And I think we're old enough now that we use the parents' yardstick for gauging the difference. Hilarious job with the blasfomys. You're right, they were pretty bizarre.:-)

Why, Mr. G, I do believe you are a discerning gentleman. You not only know the difference, but you know how to appease volcano goddesses. Volcano goddess hot as hell today, which makes her cranky, so all appeasements are welcome. Volcano goddess think heat must fry some peoples' brains and make them say weird shee-ite.:-)

You're correct on all counts, Mona. I don't know about the effects of heat on my ACs, though; seems to make them labor harder. And it DEFINITELY has a deleterious effect on me.:) Nice job with the words today.

Some words pronounced in the South just NEED extra syllables, Kan. Makes them ... mellifluous.:) Thanks for some funny definitions.

I agree with you, Queenie. I always prefer being in the driver's seat.:)

Corn Dog said...

It is so freaking cold out here I envy you - momentarily. I am sending chill your way. Seriously. I think I am going to have to turn on the heat tonight. It is 7:50pm and it 55 degrees outside and 73 inside. Still comfy inside, but no lower.

/t. said...

hey sj...

welcome back
to the work week!

i hope you have a great one

¤ ¤ ¤


Skunkfeathers said...

Found money? How'd that happen?


If it makes you feel any better (it won't), we're in the mid-upper 90s here...with 10% humidity. Though, you can hear our faces crack by mid-afternoon...LOL

Serena Joy said...

Oh, my gosh, CD, 55?! Yes, please send me the chill.:)

Hi, /t. I survived the first work day of the week. Hope you did, too.:)

I don't know how the $$ happened, Skunk, but I'll take it. I'm not sure I even still have a face after yesterday -- 96 degrees with humidity over 80%. Ack!:)

NYD said...

I hear ya S.J. I do my utmost to never let the opportunity for adventure pass me by.

Sexy is how some chick looks when you enter a bar. Trashy is what she becomes after a rejection, five beers and three shots of tequila.

I won't go into the linguistics of dental fricatives nor the effect of diphthongs in local patois. Just be glad you don't have to study it as a second language.

Serena Joy said...

I agree, NYD. Adventure's the only thing that makes life worthwhile. I'd like to hear one of those chicks try to discuss local diphthongs after 3 shots of tequila.:-)