Tuesday, July 01, 2008

A Rose By Any Other Name...

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I love things that smell good. I have very keen hearing, but sometimes I think my olfactory sense may be more well developed than my auditory and visual senses combined. I always seem to smell (and hear) things that no one else does. And it never fails to amaze me when a sudden whiff of something, e.g., well water, sawdust, a country store, Juicy Fruit gum, a school gym, chalk, etc., triggers a memory from long ago. That happens quite often.

I love the smell of grilling hamburgers and hotdogs, though I rarely eat hotdogs. I like the smell of popcorn, too, though I never eat it. I love to smell cakes and pies and bread baking and doughnuts frying. The smell of a turkey roasting or a chicken frying makes my mouth water.

I love the fresh smell of early morning air, the scent of the highly charged atmosphere of a storm, and the aroma of brewing coffee. It just makes me feel good.

There are unique summertime smells, like the scent of newly mown grass, flowers in bloom, heat rising from the pavement, and rain falling on hot concrete, that make me feel happy to be alive. There's nothing like the smell of a lake or a beach on a summer day, with the smell of the water in the air and the scent of suntan lotion wafting from the hot sand. I find the smells of the county fair exhilarating as well -- everything from spicy kabobs cooking to greasy funnel cakes frying to cotton candy to ... the earthy aroma of the animal pens. I love the smell of a forest floor covered in pine needles, and the primal scent of freshly turned earth.

I love the smell of bubblegum, but I rarely chew it. I love the smell of an icy bottle of Dr Pepper or a sweat-beaded glass of tea. I like the way root beer smells, too, though I don't remember the last time I drank one. I like the scent of liquorice, albeit I can't stand eating it.

Around the house, I find the scents of lavender and lemon and vanilla soothing. And Pine Sol. I don't like to clean my floors with anything else. I always bathe in scented oils or salts, preferably lavender or cinnamon/sandalwood or vanilla.

I love the way my dog smells, and never understand people who complain about dogs smelling like, well, dogs.

Shakespeare wrote (Romeo and Juliet), "That which we call a rose, By any other word would smell as sweet," but nothing else smells like a rose. Daisies don't smell like tulips, and hibiscus doesn't smell like lilac. And, of course, none of them smell like roses, but they all smell wonderful.

What scents float your boat?

These blasfomys dug up by TWISTED LINGUISTICS don't smell so good, but let's play with them anyway.

blod money
there eye's
farley new
advertise it localy the papres


Bilbo said...

Top smells: Agnes, clean sheets, and vanilla.


enourmous - tilt!

sleasey - a very shady rental agreement.

blod money - blood money, but not type "o".

assualted - everything that comes immediately to mind is too dirty to post...so, tilt!

gratful - tilt!

polotics - the behind-the-scenes shenanigans Prince Charles goes through before each match.

underware - like software, but very devious.

there eye's - what a hillbilly says when he sees himself on the family vacation video.

farley new - older than nearly new.

advertise it localy the papres - tilt!

VE said...

Uh oh...I better go shower before I read more of this...don't wanting you thinking I stink!

Mona said...

aromatherapy is good... I love the scent of Sandalwood & eucalyptus oil & wintergreen & I LOVE the smell of wet earth specially fuller's Earth!

I also like some natural body smells...

Serena... I feel tired & my eyes droop but I cannot sleep since two days... I think I will use some eucalyptus oil mixed with a little camphor at my throbbing temples...Please wish me good night.

leelee said...

man..now I'm hungry!

I love the smell of fresh lemons, babies heads after a bath, clean laundry, ginger, the smell of fresh mint pinched between my fingers and geranium leaves pinched the same way. I could go on and on...

Corn Dog said...

All of what you said. Grilled hamburgers. I love the smell of kettle corn at the Farmer's Market on Saturday. And I love the smell of the dogs too. I thought I was the only one. Too funny. I love the smell of the Arizona dust storms. Summer tomatoes in the hot sun.

Serena Joy said...

I, too, love the smell of clean sheets, Bilbo. And if they're line-dried, it's like a little bit of heaven. Thanks for another fine job with the "words." Sleasey is perfect.:)

I'm pretty sure you don't stink at all, VE.:-)

Oh, poor Mona. Why can't you sleep? Try the eucalyptus and camphor, and I'll wish you a good and restful night. Sleep well!:)

Ginger, mint, and geraniums do indeed smell delicious, Leelee. As do clean, sweet babies.:)

You definitely aren't the only one sniffing dogs, CD. LOL. I love a good "puppy" smell. I've never smelled an Arizona dust storm, but I sure do remember the smell of tomatoes plucked from the vine and eaten on the spot. A tomato sandwich with salt and mayo smells pretty darn wonderful, too.:)

snowelf said...

The carnival! Me too! I love the smell of greasy funnel cakes!! :D

I also love the smell of cinnamon rolls and garlic bread. I once read an article that it's scientifically impossible to be angry while smelling garlic bread. I've never had anyone to test the theory on, however. I also love cherry blossoms. As for weird smells, I love that new plastic smell, new clothes smell, and the smell of gasoline.


Serena Joy said...

Carnival smells are great, Snow. It's like Sniffer's Paradise. Ooooo, yes, cinnamon buns baking smell out of this world. I don't really like the smell of garlic, though I do like garlic bread. I like the smell of gasoline sometimes, too -- and that "new car" smell.:)

G-Man said...

You wanna ask me that?
(it rhymes with shooter)

...OK, Pancakes and Sausage for breakfast.
Lavender Lavender Lavender!!
Opium on a beautiful woman...
Bacon and Eggs anytime...

Serena Joy said...

So, what are you saying, Galen? You like the smell of looters in the morning? All righty, then. Lavender; check. Opium; check. Pancakes and sausage; check. Bacon and eggs; check. God, I'm hungry!:)

ThatGreenyFlower said...

underware - plastic undergarments with snap-tight lids!

assualted - got beat up by Rico Suave?

I, too am very "nasally oriented." Smells take me back in time faster than anything but 80's pop music! As you know, I've been thinking about and investigating fragrances lately. My two favorites, though, are very close to home: my children's individual smells. Each has his own little fragrance--I can quite truthfully tell who's who by how he smells. It's primal--very mama bear. But there you have it.

Serena Joy said...

I don't find your Mama Bear instincts odd at all, Greeny. I think we all have the instinct; we just don't develop and use it.:)

I'm dying laughing at your definition of "underware.":-)

Pink said...

watermelon (summer) and cinammon (anytime even if I'm not good at spellying)

oh and the scent of the man I love
(nothing compares)


Serena Joy said...

Lovely, lovely scents, Pinks.:)

Skunkfeathers said...

I was more scent-attuned when I lived on the farm. Lots of scents (not all pleasant) to tease and/or assault the senses. But the more assaultive ones, I became used to to a point that I didn't notice them, generally.

Then came all the years away.

Storm chasing, I find myself in a lot of rural agricultural areas. A lot of the smells of my youth are to be found there.

Passing a large stock yard, I recalled what I used to be used to.

And ain't any more.

Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww...eeeee! That's some STANK!

Serena Joy said...

I know what a stock yard smells like, Skunk. Not easy on the nose.:)