Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Observations From the Peanut Gallery

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My health insurance premium was due yesterday and, my reluctance to leave things 'til the last minute notwithstanding, it didn't get paid until yesterday. I'd have paid it earlier, except -- get this -- Blue Cross's Web site is operational only during normal business hours. Therefore, I couldn't make a payment (or do anything else) over the weekend. I can't do anything with it late at night, either. Isn't the whole purpose of a Web site to make it convenient to transact business outside of normal business hours? I'm finding it more and more ridiculous -- that, and the fact that to correspond with this outfit, I'm compelled to use their top secret e-mail system. Apparently, they deem my own personal e-mail (which I use for everything else) lacking. Soon, I may start shopping for a different carrier.

I want to say something about the disappearance of little Caylee Anthony in Florida, but I think I'll give it another few days to see if anything coherent comes out of the mouth of the wacko mother.

Speaking of missing children, I thought it was pretty bizarre that immediately upon the heels of Portugese authorities closing the Madeleine McCann case, one of the detectives has a book out -- naming the parents as suspects.

TWISTED LINGUISTICS has Words Gone Wild for you, a nice mess of blasfomys to go.

pilet lite - Cut-rate, low-cal airline.

barrow the money - Load up the dough on the wheelbarrow, dump it in a rocky grave, and let an irate, formerly male, pig stand guard.

close the boarders
gass driar


VE said...

Boy that's dumb having a web site only operations during business hours. Sounds like something a bank or an insurance company would do. Oh wait...they are.

G-Man said...

Everyone else can make a payment Sherry, they only do this to YOU to piss you off!
Bye for a few days...I'll miss you!

Serena Joy said...

It is dumb, isn't it, VE? I think it's totally asinine. I guess they figure that once they get you by the short hairs, they can yank you any which way they want.:)

If you're right, Galen, and this is true, I have only one question: WHY?! What did I ever do to them? Apparently, they don't know enough not to piss off a volcano goddess. Dolts. Bye to you, too, and of course I'll miss you!:-) Have a wonderful trip.

puerileuwaite said...

I always thought Blue Cross was the more vulgar arm of the Red Cross. Now I realize the profanity comes from their customers. Also, isn't "blue" typically associated with UNhealthy symptoms? This is why I want to launch Rosy Pink Cross. Wait. Isn't the cross a symbol of pain and horrible death? On second thought, let me get with my Marketing people. They'll know what to do.

Anonymous said...

kind of
makes you
wonder about
their other services

any stipulation about when you can be injured or ill?


¤ ¤ ¤


Serena Joy said...

They certainly have turned my language blue, Puggy. Do you suppose I could file a claim for that? Let me know what your marketing people come up with.:)

It does indeed make you wonder, /t. I suspect that if I'm going to be ill, I have to do it on odd days in leap years. Happy Tuesday!:)

Bilbo said...

Better late than never...

stimilus - like a stimulus, but not meant for u.

dolloes - cereal for Barbie and Ken?

frount - hmm...can't think of anything here...

desent - what de lady daubs between de breasts before de date?

close the boarders - sorry, pirates, you have to come back during regular boarding hours.

gass driar - oh, boy...this one is just beyond me...

Bilbo said...

Oh, and yes - one of my pet peeves is "service" organizations that aren't open when real people who need the service can reach them. Ranks right up there with banks (and post offices) that have 56 teller windows, of which two are manned during peak customer visiting hours...and one of those is manned by the slowest and most inept employee. AARRGGHH!!! Good luck.

FANCY said...

I put my pink eyeglasses on and sometimes it work ;)

I really is curious who you will pick for the awards...that is something I look forward to :)