Monday, July 28, 2008

Coming Up: A Little Walking About Time

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I'm working Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, and then I'm taking some much needed down time. I do have some plans, and I expect those few days of unstructured lolling about time to be sublimely happy. Before I head out on Wednesday, we're having a small office party for the boss's birthday. That should be fun.

Apparently, I need to pay more attention to fiscal matters. For some inexplicable reason, I found myself with all my bills due at about the same time this month. That wasn't fun! Timing is everything, and I need to remember that and not let things slip up on me.

Thankfully, the relentless heat and humidity have let up and it's pretty darned pleasant around here just now. Which is not to say it isn't hot today; it is, but the humidity is noticeably absent. I'm crossing my fingers that it continues.

TWISTED LINGUISTICS is relentless in its pursuit of felonious blasfomys. Today's docket of Words Gone Wild includes:

jeerkoff - The crowd boos a total screwup.

no mercey
stronger and more smarter


Bilbo said...

I'll be away at a conference most of the rest of the week, so I'll have to try to do a good job with the blasfomys today. You can judge...

signiture - what you put on a forged check.

improtant - impotent, but really, REALLY good at it.

no mercey - no spellcheck.

leins - what banks place on your property when THEY'VE made a mistake in YOUR favor (fat chance).

salery - a place with really good prices.

glammer - slang term referring to a jail for runway models.

arraigment - a judicial process with no n in sight (see "The Trial," by Kafka).

amussed - amused, but pretty messed up over it.

sakin - baggin' groceries in the deep South.

stronger and more smarter - stronger.

remmber - after leaving the store, recalling that you were supposed to get M&M's.

rudementory - an obnoxious outcropping of rock.

VE said...

Down time? Isn't it all down time? That's my goal. I'm glad I don't live in an area with humidity; that would drive me crazy. I don't mind it if I'm on a beach with a fruity rum drink, but otherwise...pass.

Serena Joy said...

I like what you did with the words today, Bilbo. I'm laughing hardest at improtant, sakin, and no mercey. LOL. Enjoy your conference.:)

More down time is my goal, too, VE -- some day, when I'm more evolved. Yes, humidity IS maddening, even with fruity rum drinks.:)

Mona said...

Serena, I am so glad that the weather is bearable now & that you are going to have fun! :)

signiture: A Sofa that has tapestry print containing signs of the celebrities

improtant: Impotent yet still rolling

no mercey: sans a Mercedes aka ME

leins: veins of the legs ( if they were neural networks)

salery : the art of sales

glammer:name of a designer perfume in a hammer shaped bottle (CK)

arraigment:an array of regiment

amussed : I am used

sakin : Saudi Arabian Kin

stronger and more smarter: George Bush describing himself

remmber : a member again

rudementory : a catholic priests'( rude men's) hostel

G-Man said...

Hahahahahahahahaha...At Mona's Rudementory!!!

Anyway ...SHERRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You are leaving us?
Down Time????
Can I have some 'down-time' also?
hehehehe...As a matter of fact, I too am going to be down...Down South!!
Details at 11...G

Serena Joy said...

Thanks, Mona. Good job on those words. I, too, am LMBO at rudementory.:)

Yes, Galen, down time. And yes, you're entitled to some down time every now and then, too. Absolutely. Hope you have a good time during yours.:)

Skunkfeathers said...

yahoo.enjoy the down time, and make sure it isn't spent stuffing pillows with goose feathers ;)

Serena Joy said...

I'll certainly strive to avoid that, Skunk. Goose feathers make me sneeze.:)