Monday, June 23, 2008


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Yesterday was essentially one of those "do-nothing" days. Not by choice, but by reason of just feeling generally crappy. Apparently, I ate something Saturday that disagreed with me. Violently. I was up sick from around 2:00 A.M. 'til nearly 5:00 A.M., and it left me feeling peaked all day Sunday. Since I didn't feel like reading, or writing or anything else of a productive nature, I spent much of the day lying around on the sofa like a slug.

The dog kept me company until the afternoon thunderstorms rolled through. She's terrified of thunder and, at the first sound of it, she dives under the sofa. I can't say that I blame her much, because there were a couple of very strong storms yesterday. One dumped so much hail that it sounded like my windows were going to break. Then, another series of strong ones rolled through around 9:30 last night -- sans the hail but with some pretty spectacular lightning bolts and monsoonal rain. It was a bumpy night.

Anyway... Since I lost yesterday for all intents and purposes, I'm glad I had a good (and productive) Saturday.

And now it's Monday again, and I need to be reporting for work bright-eyed and busy-tailed and capable of doing some ... work.

I'd be interested in hearing from you guys about your very-much-better weekends.

Our merry band of TWISTED LINGUISTICS Inquisitors rode out and rounded up these miscreant Words Gone Wild, brought them back, charged them with blasfomy, and put them on the rack. Do with them as you will.

totally meanless
a man dog
just plain groose
hello fellow aurthers
Las Vages
its there bodys
go, my fried
never herd of it

Innovative funny man George Carlin died yesterday. Wherever he is, I'll bet he's still pushing the envelope -- and keeping them in stitches. He'll be missed.


G-Man said...

I'd even hold your barf bag for you!

Bilbo said...

I felt fine yesterday, but feel like **** today. Let's see what I can do while I'm feeling yucky:

desitions - results of a BOGSAT (bunch of guys sitting around a table)

totally meanless - just a real peach of a guy.

stuped - jaywalker?

a man dog - undesirable blind date, from a feminine perspective.

just plain groose - not as decorative as fancy groose.

sprinkers - the devices that spray new water on ice skating facilities.

hello fellow aurthers - written any good bukes lately?

Las Vages - a desert mirage featuring garish buildings.

never herd of it - hasn't been cowed.

/t. said...

i had
a much better
to hear the news
about carlin

wishing you a better week

¤ ¤ ¤


Roxan said...

its there bodys-a guided tour of the Body Farm.

go, my fried-saying goodbye to a crunchy friend.

Serena Joy said...

I'll keep that in mind, Galen, in case I ever decide to start carrying barf bags as fashion accessories. Not! Oh, Lord, perish the thought.:-)

Sorry you're a bit under the weather today, Bilbo. For feeling yucky, you did a good job with your "words," though. I'm chuckling about "man dog." And the "aurthers." LOL.:)

I'm delighted that you had a better weekend, /t. Yes, Carlin will be missed.:)

Roxan, LOL at the crispy friend's demise.:-)

ThatGreenyFlower said...

SJ, my dear, welcome back to the land of the living!

I had a lovely slow Saturday topped off by the birthday party of our very own Sonnet Boy. It was great. Sunday I spent about 6 hours at work--yuk--but at least I kept my lunch down.

hello fellow aurthers - Aurors named Arthur?

Las Vages - ah, the vagaries of Las Vegas!

For a very tender tribute to George Carlin, please go visit my friend, Miss Tracey Nolan, at

VE said...

Sorry to hear about your food poisoning. Probably don't want to hear about my son's termite tasting story right now, huh? My advice to you next time...always let the dwarves taste your food first to see if it is ok. It worked in the Mayan times!

quid said...

Rained all weekend in western FLA. I was feeling fine, but I must have had empathetic leanings because I accomplished...nada.

Hope yu had a great day!

Sling said...

Every weekend above ground,is fine by me!

Hello fellow aurthers-what Dudly moore says at an AA meeting.

Serena Joy said...

Thank you, Greeny, sweetie. The Land of the Unliving ain't all that. Sorry you had to work on Sunday. It's good that you got an edible lunch, though. You got to go to Sonnet Boy's birthday party? Yay!! I don't hear much from SB any more, but Happy Birthday to him. Greeny made Word Funnies.:) I'll go see what the esteemed Miss Nolan has written.

Hey, VE. Are you back from Belize? Is that where the termite tasting took place? My stomach would never tolerate that. Next time I go to the market, I'm buying a dwarf. If it was good enough for the Mayans, it's good enough for me.:)

Hi 'ya, Quid. I hope your empathy didn't extend to a seriously out of whack tummy. Sundays should be lazy days anyway, so you did good.:)

Right on, Sling! I'd fight the underground experience tooth and nail. LOL at your take on aurthers.:-)

Corn Dog said...

What a miserable time you've been having. I certainly hope you are feeling better. And you couldn't even depend on the staring dog for comfort because she was freaking out. You poor things.

Skunkfeathers said...

get to feeling better ;)

Serena Joy said...

Not to worry, CD. We're back up and running and no worse for wear.:)

Thanks, Skunky. All better now.:)

puerileuwaite said...

Geez lady ... I'm further behind in my catching up than I thought!

You didn't eat at Panda Express, by chance, did you? That's what did it to me a couple of months back. BEWARE Panda Express and their Hot and Sour Soup!!!

Maybe it's just bad for us pugs ... who knows? But next time when they're not looking, I'm peeing in the soup ...

Serena Joy said...

No, Puggy, it wasn't Panda Express -- though that doesn't preclude your peeing in the soup if you're so inclined.:-)