Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Bill For Lunch

I have nothing much at all on my mind today. Therefore, we might as well let our hair down and be silly. I know, I know -- you're wondering how that's any different from any other day. The difference is, we're doing lunch with Mr. Bill. I'm sorry, I guess I am rather mindless; I love Mr. Bill's little voice.

And now, if you please, how about writing for me your own personal paean to Mindless Tuesdays? Couplet, rhyme, limerick, haiku -- it's up to you.

Here are today's TWISTED LINGUISTICS blasfomys. And they're a real challenge. I can't do a thing with them, but I'll bet you can.



VE said...

Tuesday afternoon,
I'm just beginning to see,
now I'm on my way
It doesn't matter to me,
chasing the clouds away.

Oh wait…that’s a Moody Blues song…

Here’s my Tuesday poem:

I like Tuesday
It’s ok
As long as I
get my way!

G-Man said...

Beautiful Sherry
Waiting for inspiration..
As her mind goes Blank!

You may have to wait anywhere from 5 minutes to 5 weeks for proper inspiration Serena....G

Serena Joy said...

I love the Moody Blues, VE. I like the message of your Tuesday Poem, too. LOL.:)

Inspiration sometimes comes from unlikely sources, Galen. It could well be 5 weeks before it hits me upside the head again. Then again, it could be 5 days, 5 hours, 5 minutes...:)

Kanrei said...

The words beat me today and I can't think of anything funny or amusing. I am a loser today...L-OOOOOOOOO-Ser.

Bilbo said...

Well, since I'm sitting at home sick today and have time on my hands to think, perhaps I can do something with a few of these blafomys..

wehich - a hillbilly expression for getting married.

wasts - white anglo-saxon tourists?

excersie - in German, the formal form of "excerdu."

escapandes - fugitive Chinese bears?

deperate - desperate, but not making an "s" of oneself about it.

panick - the cut you get while shaving in Pennsylvania.

Serena Joy said...

Don't sweat the small stuff, Kan the Not A Loser. Some days, the words are just too daunting.:)

Sorry you're still feeling bad, Bilbo. It worked to my advantage in getting some defs of some really hard words, though. I love "wehich." In fact, I can picture myself looking up at Bubba one of these days and saying, "Look! We hiched!" "Wasts" sounds right on the mark, too, and I'm crazy about those cute little "escapandes." "Panicked" is good, though it could just as easily be a reference to a slashed jugular after submitting a book to PublishAmerica.:-)

Ruela said...

FUN ;)

Little Lamb said...

Mr. Bill is rather cute, but he seems to be accident prone. He's also easy to push around and scares easily. I like him too.

ThatGreenyFlower said...

Today is Tuesday
For the first time since Christmas,
I have no homework.

(We went to dinner to celebrate Project Completion: Greeny.)

Serena Joy said...

Thanks, Ruela.:)

So true, Lamby. That Bill's one fun guy.:-)

Congrats on the completion and the celebratory dinner, Greeny. And thanks for the haiku.:)

Anonymous said...

mr bill
is the father
of us all, maybe

¤ ¤ ¤


Serena Joy said...

I guess that would make him Father Bill, /t.? Pater noster. Yeah, I can see that. Oooooooooo. WHY can't I stop talking in the Bill voice today?:-)

puerileuwaite said...

I love Mr. Bill !

I think there's a little Mr. Bill in all of us. Especially me. I ate a LOT of Play Doh as a pup. In fact, that might explain a couple of other things ...

Serena Joy said...

I don't know how much Play Doh I ingested, but that might explain my Bill Love. Oooooooooo! Nooooooooooooo!:-)