Wednesday, April 23, 2008

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For today's Meme, we're going to overhaul the movie industry by remaking a few movies. Fill in the blanks to retitle these films.

When Harry Met ________
Love in the Time of _____________
The English ___________
Planet of the _________
Fight _________
Little Miss ________
Constantine's __________
Guess Who's Coming to ___________
The Silence of the ____________
I Am L_________
Gentlemen Prefer ___________
Night of the Living __________
No Country For Old _________
The Good, The Bad, and The ___________
Easy _____________
The Texas Chainsaw ______________
There Will Be _____________
The Day The Earth Stood ___________
Knocked ______
27 ________
The Other Boleyn _________

A friend recently turned me on to Coca-Cola Zero. I'd been drinking Diet Coke to avoid a system full of sugar and yuck, but now that I've tried Coke Zero, I won't be drinking anything else. Zero tastes like the real deal. This stuff is fabulous!

TWISTED LINGUISTICS had a full docket today. All of these Words Gone Wild pleaded guilty, so all that remains is the sentencing. That does mean you can use them in sentences if you want to.

brung to life - When the bell tolls, Frankenstein be alive again.

lanquish - New division of Lancome which is selling quiche.

engagng - The act of imposing a gag order on the parties to a suit.

fantacize - Dreaming of Fanta orange sodas.

laiden - No longer a maiden.

squaking - Raucous squealing and squawking which causes the ground to quake, a phenomenon often seen at Holy Roller conventions.

These are yours to sentence and, by all means, throw the book at them!

crimial actiity
their is so much to become choatic
relly good litirature


Skunkfeathers said...

When Harry Met Sally's Lesbian Divorce Attorney
Love In The Time of Dysentery
The English Meadow Muffin
Planet of the Colossal Conglomerated Masses of Solidified MucusMen
Fight Flatulence
Little Miss Ass-So-Big-Needs-Backup-Alarm
Constantine's Enema
Guess Who's Coming And Who's Just Breathing Hard
The Silence Of The Deaf Mutes
I Am Lacking In Decency
Gentlemen Prefer Missionary Position
Night Of The Living Mothers-in-Law
The Good, The Bad, The Girls Gone Wild Video
Easy And Inexpensive
The Texas Chainsaw Sale
There Will Be Casserole
The Day The Earth Stood Up And Laughed At AlGore
Knocked Atwitterpatedly Pantiless
27 Reasons That Sex Is Better Than Beets
The Other Boleyn Non Sequitur Penguin With A Dildo

That's why the other guy that stole my name directs sucky movies like Pearl Harbor, and I just write a cheesy blog ;)

Anonymous said...

When Harry Met SHEEP
Love in the Time of SHEEP
The English SHEEP
Planet of the SHEEP
Little Miss SHEEP
Constantine's SHEEP
Guess Who's Coming to SHEEP
The Silence of the SHEEP
Gentlemen Prefer SHEEP
Night of the Living SHEEP
No Country For Old SHEEP
The Good, The Bad, and The SHEEP
The Texas Chainsaw SHEEP
There Will Be SHEEP
The Day The Earth Stood SHEEP
Knocked SHEEP
The Other Boleyn SHEEP

crimial avtiity -- thieves gone postal; postal crime; the theft of letters (esp. n and v)

happy hump day, serena joy!

¤ ¤ ¤


Bilbo said...

When Harry Met His Match
Love in the Time of Mecca, as Opposed to Greenwich Mean
The English Impatient
Planet of the Chipmunks
Fight Afternoon
Little Miss Uncongeniality
Constantine's Constants
Guess Who's Coming to the Bar Mitzvah
The Silence of the Gnus
I Am Litigious
Gentlemen Prefer Other Gentlemen (in some places)
Night of the Living Bras
No Country For Old Jokes
The Good, The Bad, and The Latest Hollywood Junk
Easy Hitchhiker
The Texas Chainsaw Sharpener
There Will Be Albumen
The Day The Earth Stood On Its Head
Knocked Aside
27 and A Half Weeks
The Other Boleyn Daughter-in-Law

crimial actiity - the observation of female breasts in Baku.

musio - The Italian cousin of baseball legend Stan Musial

classis - they're said to be classics, but I just don't c it.

webiste - a hoity-toity web designer.

contraversial - opposed to poetry

their is so much to become choatic - this one is so far out I can't even touch it!

relly good litirature - brochures you pick up at the tire shop that aren't good enough to get an "A".

NYD said...

When Harry Met his true
Love in the Time of romance
The English had already returned to the
Planet of the incurably polite to
Fight the french and their
Little Miss maid's costumes.
Constantine's brother (who really has nothing to do with this tale; as if that truly mattered) taunted all around him by repeatedly asking,
Guess Who's Coming to the ball tonight? He was rebuffed by
The Silence of the entire royal family.The pet dog sauntered over to him and said,
I Am Living proof that
Gentlemen Prefer a
Night of the Living rather than being in
No Country For Old deeds lost and forgotten.
The Good, The Bad, and The unfertile take the
Easy way out by taking
The Texas Chainsaw correspondence course knowing
There Will Be a moment when
The Day The Earth Stood quietly and we
Knocked down all the trees in the forrest
27 giant redwoods will remain and
The Other Boleyn vegetation will be donated to prevent more nonsensical stupidities.

I promise that I will never do anything like this again.

Mona said...

When Harry Met Harriet
Love in the Time of George Bush bloomed.
The English were appalled at such indiscretion on the part of Harry since the
Planet of the people was involved in a serious
Fight and here was Harry thinking of nothing else but
Little Miss Harriet who was actually the Enemy
Constantine's niece.So you can
Guess Who's Coming to their wedding...
The Silence of the Constantine's family over this is so disturbing that
I Am Leaving.
Gentlemen Prefer peaceful reconciliations to fighting so that the newly weds may enjoy
Night of the Living and loving
No Country For Old Enmity like this one should be responsible for turning
The Good into The Bad, and The Couple should have it made
Easy for them by both the fighting parties by giving up enmity and throwing away their
The Texas Chain ,saw or whatever other weapon they were fighting with.
There Will Be a peaceful reunion then on
The Day The Earth Stood together and watched Harry and Harriet take their vows. Harry has already
Knocked up Harriet and she is due on the
27 th of next month.
The Other Boleyn should realize how important it is that they should give up fighting & let them marry soon.

Roxan said...

When Harry Met His Maker
Love in the Time of Not Liking Anyone Very Much
The English Guy And The Alien
Planet of the Obsessive/Complusive
Fight Or Make Cheese
Little Miss Vs Predator
Constantine's Embarrassing Itch
Guess Who's Coming to Get You
The Silence of the Gagged Big Mouth
I Am Lemur
Gentlemen Prefer Pickles on Their Hamburgers
Night of the Living Room Couch
No Country For Old Ideas
The Good, The Bad, and The Chronically Stupid
Easy Recipes
The Texas Chainsaw Musical
There Will Be Chickens
The Day The Earth Stood In Line For The Bathroom
Knocked Until My Knuckles Bled
27 Ways To Eat A Prune
The Other Boleyn Breast

Anonymous said...

crimial avtiity
escalation of crimial actiity
to include theft of letters 'n' and 'v',
and forgery of the letter 'c'

things one learns in the pen

¤ ¤ ¤


Serena Joy said...

Y'all are on a roll today. I love it!

Skunk, I sense a theme going on with your movies. Hmmmm. Move over, Russ Meyer.:-)

/t., do you have a little lambing on your mind? My mind's gone fuzzy. Baaaaaa! Hey, it IS finally Hump Day. Happy Hump Day!:)

You came up with some mighty funny titles, Bilbo. Funny definitions, too. I suspected that crimial actiity might be something along the lines of the way you explained it.:D

NYD, I will hunt you down and beat you if you DON'T do that again. I adore what you did! I wanted to ask that everyone do something like what you did, but was afraid it might be a bit much. I'm so glad you took the initiative! It's perfect.:)

Mona, you did an outstanding job with continuity, too. It amazes me how easily you do this. Love your little Harry & Harriet story.:)

Roxan, I'm laughing my butt off over the specter of the Texas Chainsaw Musical. With chickens. And prunes. Delightful job!:-)

Ah, so, /t. I suppose an education in the pen is better than none. And one does learn the handiest things there.:D

Anonymous said...

no pen intended

¤ ¤ ¤

Serena Joy said...

None purloined.:)<3:)

G-Man said...

1.When Harry met Baldy.
2.Love in the time of nick!
3.The English Muffin.
4.Planet of the Hollywood.
5.Fight Night
6.Little Miss Muffin
7.Constantine changed his name to Istanbul.
8.Guess who's coming to..after being knocked out?
9.The Silence of the Wife..( A Fantasy Tale )
10.I am Lion..Hear me roar!
11.Gentleman Prefer Redheads..
12.Night of the Living Bread..( 3 weeks old with mold )
13.The Good, The Bad, and The Galen...xo
14.Easy..and sleazy!!
15.The Texas Chainsaw Honkey Tonk Band.
16.There will be Hell to Pay, in the Afterlife!
17.The Day the Earth stood, then sat back down!
18.Knocked..But there was no answer, so I left The Watch Tower inside the screen door!
19.27, 28, 29, 30!
20.The other Boleyn, got her slutty head chopped off also!

Serena...My head hurts now, can I have a Coke Zero?


Serena Joy said...

Thanks for another great list of titles, G. Your answer to #11 is the correct answer.:) What's with #20? You have something against slutty? Now, that surprises me! #15 could end up getting a record deal. My head hurts, too. I'll swap you one of my Zeros for one of your high-test Ibuprofens. Deal?:D

VE said...

When Harry Met Little Miss Easy, The English Knocked 27 Constantine’s The Day the Earth Stood Still. Love in the Time of The Good, the Bad and The Silence of the Other Boleyn and Guess Who’s Coming to Fight? There will be No Country for Old Gentlemen Prefer Night of the Living Texas Chainsaw. I am L; Planet of the ________!

What…you didn’t want me to combine them all into a cohesive paragraph???

Serena Joy said...

Why, that's perfectly VElicious -- and exactly what I wanted.:-)