Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Today, I don't want to talk about politicos, sex scandals, celebrities (who also have sex scandals), freaks, black holes, or rabid prairie dogs. Nope, not today. Today, I want to talk about ... infinity.

Infinity scares me; way more than rabid prairie dogs. Or black holes, because chances are I'll never fall into a black hole, whereas my atoms will most assuredly be subjected to infinity at some point in time -- or in the space/time continuum, whichever the case may be. Who can comprehend something which has no beginning and no end? Is infinity the same thing as eternity? Apparently, since neither has boundaries, neither can be reduced to the rules of the physical world, and neither can be explained in words of less than two syllables.

What right has some unfathomable force so vast and vastly incomprehensible to exist? Does it exist? They say it does. And who, precisely, are They? We never see them, never meet them, never get e-mail from them, but we all know them. They are the ubiquitous They. Maybe I'm more afraid of They Them (I'm also scared of poor syntax) than of infinity. Both entities or esoteric concepts or whatever the hell they are overtax the brain if contemplated for too long. Both can give you nightmares and day scares. What if They are wrong? They are at least corporeal and bound by the laws of the physical realm. Can we go after They Them and demand that they stop frightening us? Wouldn't the stalker laws come into play here? And what about Homeland Security? They might be interested in hearing about this matter. Of course, if we complain to HS, they could (and probably would) screw it up and go after prairie dogs instead. And I do like prairie dogs, rabid or not. I'd hate to see the poor little things rounded up in the dark of night and shipped off to Guantanamo. I'm fairly certain that prairie dogs would not hold up well under government, er, questioning.

Maybe the whole thing is a vast right-wing conspiracy among certain disgruntled elves and lesser dwarves acting in consonance with a ticked off cosmos and, yes, possibly a rabid prairie dog or two.

Perhaps we'd be better off today thinking about some Words Gone Wild. They're troubling and inexplicable, but they are at least finite.

you people are retarted - Step away from the pastries, you've had enough!

jealious - To covet someone else's alias.

millionair - The atmosphere in ritzier neighborhoods.

rotton - 2000 pounds of mouldering garbage.

bracletes - Arm and ankle jewelry worn by athletes.

quandry - Reference in certain Southern dialects to a machine, operated by round, metal monetary units, found in laundromats that makes your clothes not wet.

repubilcants - Replicants with political agendas.


Anonymous said...

prairie dogs



VE said...

You don't hear a lot about the prairie cats. The prairie dogs seem to have a hold on that market...

Pink said...

The real science conspiracy is the one that has us believing that there are rules and that there is a material world.


Corn Dog said...

uh oh Pink is making us think.

Here's the deal. The prairie dogs are in charge of infinity. Squirrels run black holes. Gerbils, worm holes. We are their pawns.

Serena Joy said...

Well, /t., they are cool until they grab hold of a body part and sink their greedy little teeth in.:)

I think something should be done about that, VE. Why not start a movement to reintroduce prairie cats into the prairie lands?:)

See, that's what scares me, Pinks -- the science. All we have to prove that there's a material world is the word of scientists, and for all we know they're crackheads. We need something more substantive.:)

Corn Dog, you are from this day forward my guru. NOW I get it. I guess I don't mind so much being the pawn of some furry little thing. It's better than being a prawn.:)

Kanrei said...

Infinite rabid prairie dogs on the range?

A movie was released today on DVD called "Them" and it is a horror flick. You are not the only one afraid of them.

Corn Dog said...

I think prairie dog are biters. Rabid or not. They got that look in their eyes.

I just saw some vid on YouTube where some so-called researcher claimed the alligator snapping turtle wouldn't bite people maliciously. Of course, then it bit him. Idgit.

Serena Joy said...

Oh, yikes, Kan, you just used the "I" word -- and in the same breath with prairie dogs. NOW I'm scared. How bad is this "Them" vid? Can I see it; i.e., is there blood and gore, which means I can't see it?:)

I think you're right, CD. I think those little boogers would just as soon bite us as look at us. That YouTube sounds hilarious. Are you going to post it on your site?:)

Scary Monster said...

Hmmmm. Infinity STOMPS!!!!

RepubiCANs with a bad attitude>

Serena Joy said...

LOL @ RepubiCANS, Scary. I guess I'll take a STOMP and let STOMP attitude with Infinity, as long as it doesn't STOMP me flat.:)

G-Man said...

Is that Ann Coulter
Part of that conspiracy?
...Rabid Prarie BITCH!!!

Whew, I feel much better!

How's Miss Sherry this fine day???


Serena Joy said...

Galen, I'm pretty sure that to mention Coulter in the same breath as prairie dogs would offend all the forces of the universe. Now that you've said it, I think we need to hunker down and prepare for the onslaught of pissed off elves and dwarves the forces are sure to sic on us. I'm very good today, thank you very much -- in the pink, with a lavender aura.:)

Jack K. said...

Looking for infinity information, you can find some here, or not.

Hale McKay said...

I'm waiting for Charles to chime in on this topic....

That last Twisted Linguistic - "quandry" - what a round about way to describe a washing machine - and so colorful!

Perhaps that individual has a dissertation on infinity and eternity?

If he does - he can keep it to himself. :}

Serena Joy said...

That's a nice site, Jack. Thanks. I'll take a more in-depth look at it when I have more time.:)

I have failed at my mission, Mike. I was trying to describe a coin-operated dryer -- a quandry.:D Perhaps Cletis will wax philosophical on eternity and infinity in the near future?:-)

Sling said...

I think about eternity a lot.Especially after a few shots,or like that time I was bitten by a rabid prairie dog.
Energy is never lost,and we aren't making any new stuff.Come to think of it,why is there stuff?
I mean,wouldn't it be easier to have nothing,instead of something?
How do I know creation isn't just a figment of my imagination!
..An undigested bit of beef..
Sorry,..I never completed the round of rabies shots.

Charles said...

I prefer my dogs on buns with mustard and relish. :)
Infinity is corporeal. We live in its midst. We touch and are part of what makes up infinity. The only thing making infinity mysterious is that we gave a name to that which is so large we cannot comprehend it. Had that never occurred, we would never give it a passing moment's thought. I do find the special mathematics involving infinity are intriguing, though. The reason "They" are frightening is they are nameless (other than "They") and faceless, so you never know when they are listening, laying plans, or about to make you disappear or dead.

How many unsolved crimes are "They" really responsible for?

Charles said...

Okay, Mike, you can make me look like Cletis, now that I've gotten my paranoid humor out.

Skunkfeathers said...

Infinity never scared me, though I can't remember off the top of my head who makes it...Lexus or Subaru. But I digress.

Granted, we are but a small segment of the space/time continudumb, but...whatever or how humble or mighty the beginnings, everything I've ever knowd of had an end. How else do they poo?

Kanrei said...

I have not seen it, but it is getting great reviews. French horror movie. I don't think there is any gore in it. I will let you know.

Serena Joy said...

I wish I KNEW why there is stuff, Sling. As soon as I can get another rabies shot, I'm going to think about that.:)

I think They do ALL the unsolved crimes, Charles. I'm going to have a hotdog on a bun with mustard and relish, get another shot, and think about THAT.:)

But SF, how do They poo? That is the question. I need another rabies shot.:)

Let me know how it is, Kan. And whether I'm going to need more rabies shots.:)