Friday, March 07, 2008

At Last, TGIF

Look out, it's a Peeps Rumble

Yeah, that's weird. I know. It's been a weird week, with everything out of sync and more than a little bit surreal. Things should be back to normal by Sunday and, like Gloria Gaynor, I will survive. Doo-dah, doo-dah.

We're going to try, convict, and burn at the stake a few Words Gone Wild and call it a week for TWISTED LINGUISTICS.

we evolved from premates - Our ancestors were only dating and playing the field.

answere - This is simply a transposition of the word describing the dreaded wereants.

one dimentional - You, too, can own these unmentionables for the low, low price of only ten cents.

messengeers - Courier service run by Musketeers. They're often shot for delivering bad news.

realoize - Genuine eyeballs.

garbadge - Cheap and trashy fake police badge.

Some of the weirder Google search terms I've seen this week:

naw peg leg
rolloever minutes
I get extricated
cow tow


VE said...

Cow tow? Is that like camel toe without the humps? Weird...

Skunkfeathers said...

Cow tow is an old Iowan toim from my farm boy daze, wherein the cow's broke, and they tow it in ta fix it's cuddifier thang, which may or may not be udderly sprungged from overchewing poor quality cud.

Anonymous said...

ha hahaha haha ahha haha ha haha ha hahahahha ah ah ahah aha hahah ah ahah ah ahahah ha hahah aaha aha ha haha hh ah aha hahah ah aha aha ha ha!


have the best weekend ever, serena!

¤ ¤ ¤


*very shiny wereants

Serena Joy said...

I don't know, VE, but if you ask me, camel toes with no humps are no camel toes. All I know for sure is that I'd never tow my cows.:)

So, Skunfeathers, there are, like, Jiffy Cuds for bovines? I did not know that! Next time I run into a cuddifier thang that won't cud, I'll know what to do.:)

Merci, /t. I know what you mean about those wereants. They're so shiny today I need shades. You have a great weekend, too.:)

Kanrei said...

It is Peep season again, ain't it? Oh my, I am so happy. Once Lent is over, I get to buy 50 cent Peeps! I guess I do owe Jesus something for that whole rising from the dead thing after all.

Serena Joy said...

Where are you getting 50-cent Peeps, Kan? I had to pay 98 cents for mine. They were obviously inferior, too, because I ate them after the rumble and not a one of them rose.:-)

Kanrei said...

The day after Easter.

Serena Joy said...

Oh, you mean SALE Peeps. I'll be buying a large population of them then but, in the meantime, I guess I'll have to pay retail since I want to abuse them NOW.:D

snowelf said...

When I got to work this morning, some of the guys were melting peeps in the microwave!!!

I'm totally getting the chilis some peeps this year. They've never had them before and I'm starting to feel like a bad mom.


Kanrei said...

Something about paying retail for Easter candy just doesn't sit with my Jewish roots.

Corn Dog said...

hahahahaha..I love Peeps Rumble.

Serena Joy said...

I've heard of microwaved Peeps, Snow, but I've never done it. I'm afraid of the mess, plus I don't want to hear the screaming. You'll have to buy plenty b/c your chilis will love them. So will you.:)

I don't like paying full price, either, Kan, but I'm kind of between a rock and a hard place b/c I need my pre-Easter Peeps stash.:)

I'm glad you liked my weird little theatrical production, Corn Dog.:D

Hale McKay said...

My wife is the Peeps fanatic although a strict conventional one.

She will only eat the chicks - not the rabbits- and she will only eat the pink and yellow ones.

Weird? I don't know. AS for myself, call me a Commie if you will, but I don't like the things!

I'm going to duck for cover before numerous projectiles are thrown through the screen at me for being so sacreligious.

Serena Joy said...

Mike, your wife eats her Peeps in the Orthodox way -- like me. I eat only the chicks, only in yellow and pink. I've eaten the bunnies during Peeps emergencies, but it just felt ... wrong. Don't worry, I won't hurl any projectiles at you. Not everyone is into Peeps sacrifice.:-)

Charles said...

I remember enjoying Peeps. Its been a long time since I even went looking for Easter stuff, since my daughter is grown now.

Rocks, Roses, Reptiles, Recreational Rides, Ripped Roosters, and Raw Lead. Righteous. No Rubies, huh?

Serena Joy said...

I have no small children, Charles, but I sure do love my Peeps. Go for it! Maybe I should have included rubies in the tableau. Alas, I had none lying around.:)

Mona said...

Serena? What are peeps?

Those look like small candies...are they?

I love those twisted linguistics!

Pink said...

Um. yes I'm with Mona...what on EARTH is a peep? Obviously some kind of crabby little chickens.

I think you should fry em - that'll teach em.

what I want to know is where did you get ALL THOSE BULLETS?


Serena Joy said...

Yes, Mona, Peeps are sugar-encrusted, colorful little marshmallow candies. Glad you enjoyed the TL.:)

Little chickens, yes, Pinks, but never crabby. They're ALWAYS sweet. I haven't tried them fried, but I may. The bullets are OLD leftovers from target practice, so don't worry.:)

Charles said...

I thought that you had a pair of Red Ruby Slippers, those would have worked... worked up the G-Man, that is.

Serena Joy said...

Ah, yes, Charles, the famous ruby slippers. But ... you didn't think I was going to risk them getting shot up or staked, did you?! Poor G's on the road today, needs his own ruby slippers.:D

Skunkfeathers said...

Yes, Serena, back on the fahrm, the overhauled old folk would gather 'round the horse trough, an' discuss into the wee hours of da morn', thangs like cudification, decuderfiers, devaluation of cud, cow vs bovine, bovine vs peep, cowtipping vs peeptipping, and why peeps and water have a deterioratory effect on the peep herds in rainforests and North Dakota, where peeps have been known to reach 80mph in wind gusts, rivalling prairie dogs in lethality to unbeknownst passers-through. Yawp...them old folk has themselves some right strange conversations.

Serena Joy said...

Ahh, Skunkfeathers, a kindred spirit. I didn't know anyone else indulged in Peep-tipping. I know the poor things are endangered, especially in the rain forests, but they're still more lethal than any prairie dog ever thought of being. They produce such a humongous sugar high that you just can't help hunting them down, tipping them over, and biting them.:D

G-Man said...

Are you guys talkin about me behind my back?

You have ruby slippers to match your ruby toes?

Pink peeps, Yellow peeps
It doesn't really matter
They taste very good!!

I just Love Sherry's blog...Missed you baby!!

Serena Joy said...

I missed you, too, baby. Don't worry, we didn't talk about you TOO much. Pink and yellow Peeps are delish, but it's too bad there aren't ruby Peeps. Those would rock.:) I'm glad you made it home safe and sound. I was a mite concerned about weather conditions today.

Simon Sterwin said...

Hi Serena,

Good to see again. Hope you're well. Great linguistics this week. :)


Serena Joy said...

Winters! I didn't realize that was you 'til I saw your signature. Where in the world have you been?! I hope you're well and happy and will be continuing with your inimitable stories soon. Take care.:)