Monday, March 10, 2008

Uh-Oh, It Must Be Monday

I was sitting around last night, feeling bored (yeah, you know something bad's gonna come of that), and began to think about things that tick me off. Stuff like thinking I'm the first to try/see/acquire/hear something, only to discover that ... I'm not. That's not real high up on my List, but it definitely has a place. Other things that tick me off, in no particular order, include:

- Strangers who park in my driveway
- People who "try too hard"
- The perpetually vulgar
- Daylight Saving Time (which I wouldn't mind if they'd just put it in place and LEAVE it)
- Public spitting
- Pushy, aggressive people
- Rude, careless drivers
- Crappy cold weather
- Uptight, humorless people
- Foul odors
- Stuff that doesn't work as advertised
- Dilettantes
- Slow Internet connections
- The terminally stupid and the predictably banal
- Criminals
- Telemarketers and junk mail
- People who talk out both sides of their mouths (double whammy for telemarketers)
- Poseurs
- Books that are so bad I can't finish them.
- Spam (both Internet and the canned variety)
- Cars with no mufflers
- People with no sense of decorum
- Bureaucracy/bureaucratic red tape
- Homeland Security (which scares me way more than it annoys me)
- Having to charge my cell phone 2 or 3 times a day
- The color orange
- Vienna Weenies
- Crass, clueless people
- The chronically uninformed
- Clothes that have to be ironed
- Pantyhose
- People with too many body piercings and/or too many tattoos
- Stop signs in stupid, inexplicable places
- Loud braggarts/exhibitionists
- Lipstick that's never the color you thought it was
- People who invade my space
- The Wicked Witch of the West
- Chronic complainers

Oh, gee, look who's complaining now. It must be Monday. At least I'm an acute, not chronic, complainer, though. I hope. So, what annoys you?

Who's up for defining these Words Gone Wild?



VE said...

What annyoys me? Everything. But if you want specifics, I'll add a few:

People who go slow in the left lane and won't get over; they obviously own the road!

Managers who are only interested in dealing with people above them

Mimes and clowns

Commercials (unless they are really funny)

The airline rules and security process

Slow service at a restaurant; especially if I see somebody who got seater later but served earlier

People who don't know how to merge in traffic

G-Man said...

I'm blogging at work...
You Hate My orange pantyhose?
Especially while I'm horking a loogy on the sidewalk?

I just LOVE irritating YOU!!!!!

Roxan said...

allot-hen ou ote ou ast a allot. :)

Things that annoy me:


Noise coming from cars that rattle my windows and make my heart feel like it is coming out of my chest.

Being criticized by those who have no clue.

Good things happening to lazy no-good people.

Kanrei said...

I forgot to fix my clock yesterday, but please don't tell anyone. I have been behind all day today.

Feddex- the dexterity of a Fed Ex delivery man.

oftenly- More than frequently, but less than often.

afowl- running afoul of a bird

oir- the newest hybrid product: Oil+ Air= Oir! Buy it now before Global Warming raises our prices!

Anonymous said...

Vienna Weenies?!?

little cocktail weiners?!?

yeah, i hate those, too -- except when they're hanging out of a mime's pants :)

oh, was that vulgar?

¤ ¤ ¤


Serena Joy said...

Yeah, VE, all those things bug me, too -- except maybe the mimes and clowns. I don't have too much problem with them.:)

G, if you can get into orange pantyhose, more power to you. You'll hear no complaint from me. I demand photographic proof, though. Do not do that sidewalk thing. Please.:)

Roxan, the items you listed irritate the pee out of me, too. Grrrr! I'm not sure what your opening sentence means, but it looks good.:)

I won't tell anyone about your clock, Kan. I haven't done all of mine yet, either. Your word breakdowns are great!:-)

Yes, /t., those little cocktail weiners. They're silly looking and smell bad. I might change my opinion if I ever saw the mime display you mention. A little vulgarity never hurt anybody.:D

Charles said...

What irritates me?
GWB. An economy that is in the tank that GWB is too ignorant of to do anything significant about. The effort by GWB to move the US to a "service economy."
Worst thing irritating me right now, is being so good at what I do and not finding a job, when I really need one.

Pink said...

Thank God you didn't say PINK annoys you. Orange sucks, but PINK? Now that would have annoyed me!

Ok what annoys me?

People (Brits) who say - "forgive me for saying so, but that is so American". Why should I forgive you, unless what you really mean is that American=Crap. And then, of course, I can't forgive that kind of prejudice.

I get annoyed by people who call me American (I'm Canadian) and annoyed by those who - once they know I'm Canadian - feel its ok to slag off America.

I get annoyed by people who sit by when injustice is done before their eyes and I get annoyed at people who feel sorry for themselves but cannot do anything (however small) to better their own circumstances or attitude.

I get annoyed with laziness


Serena Joy said...

Oh, I hear you, Charles. Any- and everything about GWB is unbearably irritating. I wish I had some employment tips for you. Alas, all I can do is wish you good luck.:)

Oh, Pinks, perish the thought! Pink could NEVER irritate me. I LOVE pink, in every shade. I so concur with your irritants, especially the last two. I detest laziness, too -- other people's, not mine.:)

Little Lamb said...

The thing that annoys me are hangers that are hung backwards. If you've ever had a job that required you use hangers you'd understand. I like my hangers going in one direction and one direction only. That is my number one pet peeve.

I also don't like it when my mouse does crazy things that I don't tell it to. (Computer mouse)

I agree with you about daylight saving time.

Little Wing said...

Serena, my biggest gripe is religious people who knock on my door and want me to go to their church!

Feddex = Britney Spears

Serena Joy said...

I know what you mean, Lamby. It annoys me right into a Red Alert when I'm trying to get something my size off a rack and have to fight my way through hangers facing every which way. I must have a fairly well behaved mouse; it rarely disobeys orders.:)

Ooooo, those door-to-door proselytizers get my dander up, too, LW. I have a little 4-word speech I give them, but I can't say it in public.

Great catch on Feddex!:)

Hale McKay said...

I like Spam - the canned Spam, that is!

I'm annoyed by infomercials.

seekind - search keyword on MapQuest for street location in Indianapolis, Ind.

Feddex - Dexter has already eaten.

(Feddex = Britney Spears - was a classic ny Little Wing)

oftenly - the opposite of seldomly

afowl - a ball out of bounds that strikes a bird.

(Like that idiot golfer, Eisenhower who kept shooting golf balls at an endangered hawk until he hit and killed it.)

allot - DUH! What's Wrong with this word. I even had a blonde moment and checked a dictionary thinking I've been misspelling the word wrong all these years! April the first is still a ways off - so this isn't an April Fools joke.)

oir - (rhymes with choir) what a redneck does to connect his electronics. (pronouned wire.)

Corn Dog said...

I annoy myself. I think I might divorce myself.

Serena Joy said...

You show an amazing affinity for analyzing Words Gone Wild, Mike. LOL. You like Spam? Oooookey-dokey.:)

I annoy myself sometimes, too, CD. I'd divorce myself but I'm scared of the alimony payments.:)

Mona said...

what annoys me?

Everything that you have said PLUS myself when I am annoyed and also when I feel helpless...& also by people when I have to keep repeating myself to someone who just can't seem to hear...YEEESHHH...GRRRRRR!

seekind : a very rare sight

feddex : a doubly fed ex

oftenly : an adadverb

afowl : one particular kind of fowl

allot: a lot with a el

oir : short form of 'oi oi sir'

Skunkfeathers said...

Seekind yonder, the Feddex lad of dubious antecedence and Homeland Security persuasion, oftenly afowl amidst the unaromatic clouds of his own miasma allot of the time, melting package contents in the oir of indifference widdin the confines of his truck.

Annoyances? A phew:

- passing gas in an empty elevator (what a terrible waste of panic)

- being shot at in traffic and having the yutz miss

- having my vote count nowadays

- $108/barrel oir

- robots that make prank phone calls

- pickled creamed beets, which lead to #1

- some other stuff

Serena Joy said...

Oh, boy, Mona, do I ever know what you mean. It's such a pain repeating oneself over and over again, ad infinitum, and they still refuse to hear what you're trying to say. Love your definitions.:)

LOL @ your annoyances, SF. You did a splendid job constructing a paragraph with those "words." That's kind of scary.:)