Tuesday, February 05, 2008

ISO Roomies

Do you like the castle? It's Bran Castle in the Carpathian Mountains, sort of between Transylvania and Wallachia in modern-day Romania. It is not Dracula's castle; all that's left of his stronghold is a mountaintop pile of rubble. It is, however, the one that inspired Bram Stoker's Dracula, and it's for sale at a mere $135 million. I'm thinking that if we all chip in, we could buy that baby. Who in their right mind wouldn't want to live in a spooky Romanian castle with the possibility of the occasional vampire or zombie dropping in? So, who's in? Who'll be my Transylvanian housemates?
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TWISTED LINGUISTICS impaled these Words Gone Wild today. I found 'em, you take 'em to the dungeons and define 'em.

the long trail cumulates in...

So, I went back yesterday to have my new glasses adjusted because they just weren't working for me. If they have to perch on the tip of my nose for reading, that ain't good. If I have no peripheral vision while driving, that really ain't good. I have better vision than that with naked eyes. Turns out the frames were too wide for my face and the lens area too short. I picked out a different pair of frames and we started all over again. Now I'm feeling more sanguine about the whole ordeal. Do I know how to have fun or what? It had to be done, though. One wants 20/20 vision when contemplating a move to Transylvania.


VE said...

It would be cool to go there but I don't think I could afford to heat that thing. You know how drafty those old haunted Castles are and it gets quite cold in the Winter there. I'm thinking large yacht off Bora Bora right now...the castle deal will sound better after a few months of summer.

/t. said...


you know
that i'd love to
join you and yer crew in a castle in transylvania, but i need the quiet hours to create... and i fear the clanking and rattling of chains of half dead things at all hours would be disruptive to my normal routines... haven't you something not haunted (and maybe a bit closer to home)(?)

¤ ¤ ¤


Roxan said...

Count me out.
I'm waiting for Leap Castle to come up for sale. It's got an oubliette! That would be so much fun! LOL

The history of it way over shadows anything in Romania.

Mona said...

Me! Me! Me!
All the way!!

Who wouldn't want to be carried that way( picture # 2) even if it is by a Dracula ...

Kanrei said...

Count me in as long as I don't have to fly to get there.

doeth- what a female deer does

dodn't- didn't do it

someong- a song about someone

previos- previously perverted

rerlaxing- relaxing in the rear (related to above)

deciet- a lie about debt (see GWB)

Pink said...


I wanna join!

But /t has a point.

My castle is closer to home.

It has two bedrooms, is an old council flat and is quite spooky.

Oh and its closer to home - its very close to the London Airport.

No /t its not noisy - well, not at night (sigh)

Oh - and I'll let it go for the bargain price of $120 million.

/t. said...

you are...

pinks' place sounds perfect!

i would suggest that we all move in with pinks for a while to 'try before we buy' -- there isn't much more to learn about a place by the end of the second decade :)

¤ ¤ ¤


Serena Joy said...

You do have a point, VE. Lord knows I bitch about cold and drafty often enough. So, when are you sailing for Bora Bora? Could you use a deckhand?:)

Oh, /t., I think it would be a pretty quiet castle for the most part. Except, of course, for the nights when the crew's in a party mood. And truly, I find that a few clanking chains and the fleeting muted moan from the oubliette aren't all that distracting. Think of it as just a little night music. In any event, you have plenty of time to think about it. It'll take a few days to raise the capital.:)

Leap is also a good one, Roxan. If the price is right, you never know...:)

Oh, good, Mona's in! I think you'll like the castle life, even if it does get noisy (and perhaps a bit bloody) from time to time. You'll love being carried that way, too. It's great fun.:)

Not to worry, Kan. Sea passage is certainly available. I think they charge extra for coffins, but that's no biggie. Pick out the one you want, fill it with your native soil, and I'll book a crossing for you. In fact, I may join you; I don't like flying, either.:)

You did a great job with definitions today, BTW. I had a good snigger at previos and rerlaxing, but I do think deciet may also be someone trying to cover up his/her indulgence in that rerlaxing previos.:-)

Pinks, your castle does indeed sound smaller and cozier. The price is right, too. As long as it's spooky at night, I think you'd better prepare for the onslaught. This is gonna be fun!:)

Yes, /t., that sounds like sound advice to me. Castle Pink will never be the same.:-)

Charles said...

I'm in, but I get the master suite. My dollar is in the mail.

doeth - huffing starting fluid.
dodn't - shake not.
someong - Hitting on the Chinese girl.
previos - before Verizon's fios.
rerlaxing - giving exlax to a growling animal.
deciet - diet #10
the long trail cumulates in... - yuck, that's nasty, I can't believe you published that here.
reinbursed - increasing the strength of the bursting force

Little Wing said...

I am in but you ALL have to call me Princess Little Wing!

G-Man said...

Good Evening...
I never drink....Wine!

(two lines from the original Dracula)

Count me IN...


Serena Joy said...

Eee-yew, Charles, I wouldn't want to be the one who had to do the rerlaxing! LOL. And yes, you're right about the cumulating thing. But this is the culmination of a moron trying to use multisyllabic words and the nasty must be reported along with the quasi-good. Hey, how come you get the master suite?! I think that's going to cost you more than a dollar, dude.:-)

LW, I'll call you Princess if you'll remind everyone to call me Queen. Deal?:)

Galen, I knew you'd be up for this. How could you resist? But listen, Mr. Nosferatu, you have to promise me -- no neck biting. We'll have no roomies pacing the halls of a morning, lamenting, "The sweetness was turned to adamantine, heartless cruelty, and the purity to voluptuous wantonness." :)

Charles said...

Why do I get the master bedroom? Because I called it, and I figured you were taking the dungeon. It is much bigger the the bedroom, I'm sure. Plus, it probably has toys.

Serena Joy said...

Oh, well, yes, there is that, Charles. I don't want the dungeon -- claustrophobic -- but I do call dibs on one of the back bedrooms. WAY back. With toys.:-)

puerileuwaite said...

Pardon me Red,
is that THE Transylvania vacation?

(What a coincidence! My doctor said to get as much bran as possible. Let's just make sure that THIS time we don't accidently head for the "Carpethian" Mountains, because that's where I got shagged on a Saxony.)

Serena Joy said...

That's exactly what it is, Puggy, with a distinct emphasis on the THE. You know, I really don't like hearing the word "bran" out of your mouth on the same day you mentioned pooing on the rug. That makes me nervous. If you get shagged by any Saxons, you let me know right away. They're blind and have no sense of direction, but they belong to me.:-)

Anonymous said...

Ha! You had me at the castle, but then you went and threw in a cruise, too? Oh yes, count me in, me and my boy-toy also want a room waaaay in the back. LOL!


G-Man said...

That took my breath away!

I actually loved that quote because I remember how spine-chillingly desriptive that it was..WOW!

Are you in MY Head woman?

This is wayyyyy to spooky!

...voluptuous wantoness??

'There was a pause, and a sharp little cry, much like a child gives in sleep'.....

(Whew..somebody open a window)

You Rock Red....G

Serena Joy said...

All righty, Lucy, you're in. You know where to send the check.:-)

G, I thought you'd like that quote and am glad you appreciated it. Spooky is, of course, my middle name, so if you hear a bunch of knocking and banging in your head, beware, for "No man knows 'til he has suffered from the night how sweet and dear to his heart and eye the morning can be."

G-Man said...

Spooky is your middle name?

Oh I know how sweet and dear the morning can be.
I'm very very very greatful to see it EVERY day!
Who'd have thought that we would be Bram Bantering?..hehehe

But then again...'Do you not think that there are things which you cannot understand........that some people can see things, that others cannot?':D

Serena Joy said...

Spooky is your middle name?

One of them, Galen. Only one of them.:-)

Oh I know how sweet and dear the morning can be.
I'm very very very greatful to see it EVERY day!
Who'd have thought that we would be Bram Bantering?

"They say you are a man of good ... taste."

But then again...'Do you not think that there are things which you cannot understand........that some people can see things, that others cannot?'

"Listen to them: the children of the night. What sweet music they make." But --

"Take care how you cut yourself. It's more dangerous than what you think."

Camille Alexa said...

I'm in, though S says grocery shopping from the middle of nowhere would be a bitch.

G-Man said...

...'Does this cape make my ass look fat?'

Serena Joy said...

Yay, Camille's in. Tell S not to worry, we'll make do.:)

Why, no, Galen. "Not so! Alas! Not so. It is only the beginning!" In other words, it's a very nice cape. But -- but what's all this biting stuff? I don't THINK so. Get it begone.:)

ThatGreenyFlower said...

HONEY! I'm in! I've got about $2.35 in my billfold...hang on...let me check...

Hale McKay said...

We have Hammond Castle near us just outside of Gloucester, Ma. It was built by the Hammond of HAmmond Organs fame. Of course it is much smaller than European castles, nonetheless it is impressive.

Little Wing said...


Serena Joy said...

Greeny, you're rich! If all of us can come up with that much, we'll have our castle in no time. Won't it be divine?:)

Mike, that's very cool to live near a castle. You'll have to post a picture of it sometime.:)

Okey-dokey, LW. Done deal.:)