Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Meme Me

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Meme Rules: You may answer the questions in the Comment box (in which case, please copy in the questions and supply the answers so readers won't have to go back to the post to see the questions), or you may port the meme to your blog and tag your readers if you wish.

Of all the sights you've seen in your daily life over the past week, what was:

1. The cutest
2. The ugliest
3. The most beautiful
4. The most unusual
5. The most colorful
6. The most boring
7. The most exciting
8. The most sensual
9. The biggest turnoff
10. The one that had the most powerful impact on you

I have Words Gone Wild, but I'm not sure what to do with them. Any ideas?

ritch fancy buts
the judge was feed up

Today's going to be a real bonanza for the political pundits. And for the meteorologists. Oh, and those who keep us abreast of Pop Culture. The "political" reference is self-explanatory after yesterday. The latest buzz in Pop Culture has to do with allegations that Britney Spears's manager, Sam Lutfi, drugged her, kept her incommunicado, yada-yada. If any of it is true, one must certainly wonder how much it might have contributed to her recent breakdown. The weather is, in a word, crazy. Like, it was 74 degrees here yesterday. That's unnatural for the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia in February. States farther south were ripped by fierce storms last night and there are additional advisories up today. It's clouding up here and the wind is picking up. It might not be a bad idea to simply bivouac in and see what happens. Any of you in the path of turbulent weather, be careful!


Kanrei said...

I have not beem paying attention this week to my life, so I must pass on the meme, but those words are just too wild for their own good.

ritch fancy buts- the rear ends of rich and fancy bitches

the judge was feed up- hungry from behind the bench

prioties- the importance of buying a Toyota Prius

rhedoric- a rhetorical dinosaur

I think I made it worse

VE said...

Serena, I don't think there is enough variation from week to week. But I'll do this based on the entire last year:

1. The cutest
It would have to be the baby Cheetahs playing among the grass under a tree at Ngoronogoro Crater in Africa
2. The ugliest
Probably the shanty town section of Nairobi, Kenya. It is sad that people live in such conditions and yet there are places both poorer and worse off
3. The most beautiful
Besides my girlfriend, looking down on the Serengeti from a hot air balloon ride in Africa
4. The most unusual
Having a leopard walk right by me while I was taking a pee
5. The most colorful
Snorkeling with the parrot fish in Aruba; they are so colorful
6. The most boring
Meetings at work
7. The most exciting
Walking behind an incredibly large waterfall in Venezuala; the intensity was amazing given how close we were.
8. The most sensual
I'm not telling
9. The biggest turnoff
The Presidential process
10. The one that had the most powerful impact on you
Meeting my girlfriend

Charles said...

1. The cutest - A picture I found today of my daughter.
2. The ugliest - my first look in the mirror this morning.
3. The most beautiful - The sky.
4. The most unusual - nothing seems unusual.
5. The most colorful -
6. The most boring - political speculations.
7. The most exciting - an offer to borrow a rocking chair.
8. The most sensual - food, seems everyone's posting about it.
9. The biggest turnoff - your questionnaire mentioning Britney.
10. The one that had the most powerful impact on you - The interview skills class I attended today.

I'm not even touching those WGW, they are just too wacky today. Besides Kan did them, and seems to have a better handle on them today than I would.

Thanks for the heads up and concern about the impending weather. I heard some of it this morning on the news, and am not looking forward towards cooler weather.

Charles said...

oops, missed #5, it would have to be my oldest tv, with the green tint to the picture.

NYD said...

I like this meme, but won't reveal my answers for a few days.
Keep your eyes peeled.

Serena Joy said...

You've seen nothing this week, Kan? Okey-dokey, then. You more than made up for it, though, on the definitions. They rock!:)

What wonderful answers, VE. I want your life. Well, except for the girlfriend.:)

LOL at your #2, Charles. I thought only I did that. Also LOL at #7;the offer still stands. Good luck with #10. Hope you didn't get any severe weather.:)

No problema, NYD. I'll be on the lookout.:)

G-Man said...

Dearest Sherry...
The G-Man is a big fat hoser tonight. Please forgive him.,
................Mr. Knowitall

Serena Joy said...

Dearest Mr. Knowitall,
Fuhgeddaboud it! Between blizzards and ditches and shoveling and falling and freezing your butt off, no wonder you're worn out. Go to bed!
Love, Serena, et al., yada-yada