Sunday, December 09, 2007

The Twisted Chapel

If you're still in bed this fine Sunday morning, get up already! And if you're up, siddown for a minute, relax, and lend an ear (either one will do) to the unique, not quite angelic sound of Rev. Bob's very own choir.

Have a Superb Sunday, kids!


Charles said...

Aint that the truth! hahahaha

SJ, have you ever read this from Tor books?

Charles said...

Where is everybody? This is laugh at the Rev. Bob day, I'd expect more going on.

Serena Joy said...

Hi, Charles. Nah, I hadn't seen that. Last time I looked at the Tom Doherty site, unagented subs weren't being accepted, so I find this very interesting. Thanks for passing it along.

Where is everybody? Probably busy-busy doing all those million and one pre-holiday things. That's what I've been doing.:)

Charles said...

Wait a minute, if there's a million and one things and the US has some 300 million people, what are the other 298,999,999 folks doing?

/t. said...

in mirror
are closer
than they appear

seasons greetings, serena!


Serena Joy said...

Charles, Charles. You KNOW Math isn't my forte.:-)

Season's greetings back atcha, /t. I'm aware of that mirror-objects-closer thing. When you hear me yelping in traffic, you'll know it's because something in the mirror scared me.:-)

G-Man said...

You know I can't hear this..

Broken down old junk
Will he ever pony up?
Oh you Cheap Bastard!!!


Mona said...

Its Galen's birthday Yaaay!

Happy Galen's Birthday Serena!

NYD said...

I'm fairly certain at times that RevBob has the right take on things.

Anyone who has their own choir must be sending out the right vibes.

Serena Joy said...

No, Galen, I don't think he will. The cheap bastard will just slink on out of town on a junky, elderly, broken down pony that he got for $2.00.:-)

I know, Mona -- tomorrow.:)

I think you're right, NYD. He not only has a choir, but he can get people to send him boatloads of money. Free.:-)