Saturday, December 08, 2007

SJ's Saturday Jam

It's Saturday again, and 'tis the season. I like this song for getting you on your feet and rousing up some spirit.

I think it would be divine if you'd write a haiku about someone coming or you going home for Christmas.


Trée said...

Aaron has one of the great living voices. Good choice SJ.

Charles said...
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Charles said...

Aaron Neville sings,
About the Christmas Season.
Trée's assessment is right.

Charles said...

Sorry, bad counting the first time. I think its a little early for it, but hey there's only so many Saturday jams, before the 25th.

You may want to substitute "visiting" for your choice of words before someone uses an alternate meaning for the opposite of going.

Trée said...

Charles, I wasn't going to say it, just in case SJ was playing with us, but "visiting" would be a better choice, assuming her intent was innocent. :-D

Anonymous said...

about "arriving"?


Charles said...

Trée, you may be right. It could be a setup for the punchline.
/t, I think that would work as well.

Anonymous said...

could be
a euphemism
(european pheminism)


Palm Springs Savant said...

I love that song. I think Aaron has a great voice

ThatGreenyFlower said...

It used to be hard
To travel home for Christmas
But we live here now!

Serena Joy said...

Thanks, Trée. I think he has a great voice, too.:)

I know, Charles. The 25th is hurtling itself toward us at warp speed. Only a couple more seasonal jams, and to do the remaining 10 days of Christmas presents.:)

Oh, dear, I didn't even see the "visitation" coming. LOL. Although, there may well be those who wouldn't mind receiving one of those visitations for Christmas.:-)

LOL, Trée. I don't think I can plead innocence, so I'll just say it was a small case of oblivion. Maybe I will play with y'all. Just a little.:-)

I like euphemisms, /t. Maybe we'll do a little something with euphemisms next week. That might be fun.:) And I think European pheminism sounds tres sophisticated and worth trying on for size.:-)

Thanks, Rick. I like the song -- and the voice -- a lot, too.:)

Greeny, that's a perfectly delightful haiku. Thank you, dahling!:)

G-Man said...

Sisters coming soon!
This place is almost spotless..



Serena Joy said...

Thank you for another great haiku, Galen. That captures my Saturday perfectly. It's amazing how well you get my mindset.:-)

Sling said...

His duty is done.
Snowy nights,and Christmas lights.
He is coming home!

Charles said...

Is he your son? I can understand the excitement and elation, if that's the case. Doesn't matter how much or how well you taught them, you always worry about your children.

NYD said...

Footrints left in snow.
We see another year close.
Trying to get home.

Couldn't watch the vid. It went all wiggy on me .

Hope you like the prose.

Sling said...

Charles..Not my son..Myself.
I Think about all those young men and women that will be away at Christmas time,and the ones that are fortunate enough to be coming home. :)

Serena Joy said...

That's a lovely haiku, Sling. Thanks!:)

And NYD, your haiku is beautiful. Thank YOU. So sorry the vid went wiggy on you. I hate when that happens.:)