Monday, December 10, 2007

Monday, Muddling Along

Muddle: n. A confused multitude of things.

I'm tired today, but not as muddled as might be expected. I spent a lot of the weekend in a muddle, cleaning and polishing in advance of out-of-town company arriving today. The place looks good but, boy, all that spiffing up took a lot of elbow grease.

We had snow Thursday, sleet and freezing rain on Friday, and yesterday and today it's -- are you ready for this? -- 70 degrees! I am not complaining. If I were ingrate (and crazy) enough to do so, lightning would surely strike me and snatch away the warm temps. Nope, ain't doing that.

There were two church shootings in Colorado yesterday. Church shootings? What is wrong with people? And while I'm glad they were able to quickly end the situation, when did churchs start employing armed security guards? What a surreal sign of the times.

And now, for another matter of great import.

Today is our delightfully knowledgeable fellow blogger G-man's birthday.

Let's all wish him a

with ... you guessed it -- poems!! I think it would be great if we all wrote him a little birthday verse (and tell us to what tune we should sing it).

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
The village redhead
Wishes a happy birthday to you!

Violets are pretty,
Roses are tall,
Happy Birthday already
To Mr. Knowitall!

You can sing it (loosely) to the tune of The Kinks's 'All Day and All of the Night.'

Happy Birthday, Galen.

**I just found out this afternoon that it's also the adorable ThatGreenyFlower's birthday today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Greeny!

It's also important that we get our daily fix of Words Gone Wild, so here goes.

penaly box - Where people who are too closely allied with pens have to sit at ball games.

contorversial - Contortionists who are often gossiped about.

srtoe a book - Dropped book on toe, made owie.

religiosu beleigs - The brainwaves of cultists.

firswt - Assault & Battery of an evergreen.

nevger - One of the parts of speech which is never, ever used.

pubnishment - What happens to a book when it's printed by a bad publisher.

It's Dress-up Monday, and I have on gray pants, black sweater with a sprinkle of sparklies, and black suede ballerina flats. Now, what are you wearing?


G-Man said...

A Party?
For Me...?
I'll kill ya...
(Bill Murray...Stripes)

Serena Joy!!!
Now look what you've gone and done....
I'm snifflin again like a 'Girly-Man'...
I can't begin to tell you What a great year 2007 has been to me...
Certainly NOT financially, but in the warm and loving folks that I've gotten to know.
Not to mention ..
and Funny!!
Theres at least Seven...
Count em...Seven reasons that make YOU So Special!!
Thanks Sherry, you Rock my World something fierce!

Talented Red Head
Stunningly Beautiful
You Make ME Quiver...


G-Man said...

"What are you wearing"?
That sounds so hot!!
Green Gold Toe socks
Gray Hanes Boxer briefs
A Hanes longsleeve T-shirt
A pr of tan Dockers
A tan lands end shirt
Thank You for asking..

Anonymous said...

I have on gay pants,
lack sweater,
with a sprinkle
on my wrinkle



Camille Alexa said...

Happy Birthday, Mr. Man!

S-J, your outfit sounds adorable. I'm still in my PJs. (Chinese pink cotton bottoms with red piping and red flowers embroidered on the pantcuffs; blue cotton trapeze top with 3/4-length angel sleeves.)

Camille Alexa said...

Sorry: too early in my day for poetry.

Jack K. said...

pubnishment - What happens to a book when it's printed by a bad publisher.

Not a bad definition. However, I prefer the more ancient definition. Pickled eggs and a bottomless pint of Guinness at your neighborhood bar.

Here's to you and your guests.

Jack K. said...

Happy Birthday, g-man.

May you have a prosperous future.

Kanrei said...


Happy weather SJ!

Happy out of town guests leaving soon!

I want snow!

leelee said...

Happy Birthday G man!...sorry not good at about a birthday HUG!!

Wearing today: Jeans, Brown wrap style top with a smattering of beads and brown ballet flats.

Serena Joy said...

Yes, Galen, the party is for you. I don't think you're gonna kill me. Not today.:-) And may I be candid here? I rather enjoy seeing big burly men sniffling like girly-men every now and again. The green and gold is good, and the gray adds a nice touch, but you seem to be the Tan Man today.:)

Happy, Happy Birthday, baaaaaaa-beeeee. Okay, so I can't sing. But it's the thought and all that.:-)

/t.? You're not wearing anything, are you? Again.:-)

Thank you, Camille, and I think your jammies sound just precious.

Now that I see it, Jack, I think I prefer your definition, too.:)

I think you have much happier weather all the time than I, Kan. I wish I could help you out with your snow wish, but I kinda don't think so. Maybe next year.:)

Leelee, your outfit sounds both stylish and comfy, and I LOVE the description of the top. We're going to have to start trading clothes.:)

Charles said...

Ode to the O'd (G-Man)
He was born to the world without a frock.
A number of years before the digital clock.
God then turned and said, "Now to create rock."

Charles said...

:D hehehe. Sing it to whatever you can find to fit, it wasn't a song.

Serena Joy said...

Love your ode, Charles.:-) I'm still thinking about a potential tune.

ThatGreenyFlower said...

I suddenly understand G-man better now that I know he's a fellow Sag. Happy B-day, G-dude.

Burly bike rider
[Oh...Sherry is approaching!!]
Turns to pile of mush

Serena Joy said...

That's a darling verse, Greeny. And Happy Birthday to YOU, sweet girl! You know what? This is also my late grandma's birthday, and my son is also a Sag. It's a small world after all.:)

Scary Monster said...

Been through too many time zones to be wearing anything at all. Needed Me fix of RevBob. Hope things are...


Serena Joy said...

Things are pretty STOMPY with me, Scary. Hope they are with you as well. Stay safe and hurry back!:)

Mona said...

YAYYY! That is amazing birthday!

'Belalated' happy Birthday To Galen!

& Happy Birthday to Greeny!