Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Tuesday Trivia

Geez, I overslept this morning and then started the day off thinking it was Wednesday 'til nearly 9:00 o'clock. Now I'm acclimated. Sort of. I'm still getting over my disappointment that it's only Tuesday.

I finished my Christmas shopping yesterday. Yippee! Now if I can manage to get it all wrapped and delivered in time, I'll be in good shape.

I was summarily summoned to a family function tonight, and then unceremoniously unsummoned. Apparently, someone was afraid there might be a little target practice if the whole clan was gathered together so they called it off and decided a few smaller gatherings might be a better idea. Works for me.

One of my most adorable blogger friends sent me some of the yummiest coffee yesterday. You know who you are, dear heart, and thank you again.

Led Zeppelin lives! I'd love to have seen their recent reunion at London's O2 Arena. That must have been nothing short of awesome. I heard that Robert Plant's vocals are still largely unintelligible, but who cares? Zeppelin is an experience, all of its parts making up an unmatchable whole.

'Long Road Out of Eden,' the Eagles's first CD in 20 years, ain't half bad, either. It's a somewhat different sound, in my opinion, but it's supposed to be different.

The temperature here yesterday broke all records. It was an unprecedented 73 degrees. In the middle of December. Something's up, because this isn't natural. I don't know if an asteroid is pointed at us or what, but something's up.

If it's Tuesday, which my calendar says it is, you know what that means: proof of your poetic prowess is due. How about a limerick on the topic of aging rockers? That should be fun.

TWISTED LINGUISTICS is examining these Words Gone Wild today. The diagnosis is clear, and the prognosis is dire. If you all can define any of them without damaging your brains or losing your eyesight, please do.

abotu - An eldritch creature found only in alleys behind nice boutiques.

readign - A new paradigm for teaching reading to kids.

congregents - A gathering of nicely dressed, well mannered men.

recedtly - A problem hairline.


From that putative "editor" person, we see the following:


/t. said...


grandmotherly english teacher

voicing of heretical ideologies



VE said...

I saw Led Zeppelin in the mid 70s. It was an experience but like most things from the 70s, I don't remember a whole lot!

I think Cake already did a good song on aging rockers; it's not a limerick, but it fits:

"Aging black leather and hospital bills,
Tattoo removal and dozens of pills.
Your liver pays dearly now for youthful magic moments,
But rock on completely with some brand new components."

Charles said...

Radical in youth,
Musical spirit had they,
These old farts on stage.

grammer - Alcoholic actor with a North Atlantic accent.
acxtually - Need you axe me that question?
heresay - Que card contents.
Majestrate - Arbitrary valuation of how regal something is.
indespensible - individually strung up.
amock - What I receive when I say something someone doesn't like.

Kanrei said...

Two hump days in one week....you are soooo lucky.

Led Zep...I had dreams all last night that I was there. I was too young for them when they were around. Bonham died when I was 9, but I did get to see Plant once and he did some Zep songs. With the great reviews, let's hope for a tour. I would pay 200 for a ticket for that show. Normally, no way in hell, but the Zep is something special.

Kanrei said...

There once was a band of old geezers
A pathetic patch of gawky old wheezers
Who cannot admit
They are quite far from fit
As they search for groupies in the bleachers

They are not Crosby, Nash, or Stills
But with the help of their doctor’s magic pills
They can still be on stage
And act half their age
And laugh as their bank account slowly refills

Weak, but I am at work so that is my excuse.

Charles said...

Limerick, not Haiku. Duh.

They had long hair and the energy of youth.
Ideals, no morals, girls, who needs the proof?
They lost the ideals, sold it for cash.
When told of their children, they say "Balderdash!"
So look at them now, no hair and long in the tooth.

Serena Joy said...

/t., you did a magnificent job of defining those, er, words. Kudos!:)

VE, I heard LZ once but didn't see much of them; I was too far away. Love your lyrics.:)

Charles, you also did a great job with the "words." I might start axing you for help more often.:) Thanks for both the haiku and the limerick. They both rock.

I'm still smarting from the loss of my extra hump day, Kan. LOL. See what you have to look forward to when you get older? Babe, what is this "weak" you speak of? Your limerick is superb. It ain't weak at all.:-)

G-Man said...

A super hot groupie named Alice..
Tried to stiffen Mick Jaggers old Phallis.
She finally succeeded
Because what was needed.
was Viagra, Levitra, Cialis....


Serena Joy said...

I am LMAO, Galen. That's some limerick. And probably pretty near true. On the other hand, if 50 is the new 40 and so on and so on, so they might all be going at it hot and heavy when they're 85.:-)

G-Man said...

You wish....*wink*

Serena Joy said...

You know it, baby.:)*wink* :)

Corn Dog said...

HEY! What are you doing with our weather?

Serena Joy said...

Good question, Corn Doggie. I don't know what's going on, but I'm thinking I should maybe start stocking up on water and victuals and bullets.:-)

Palm Springs Savant said...

there is a guy at work who reoutinely gets his words all wrong and makes up new ones on the fly. he is nuts! these are good ones tho~

Mona said...

73 degrees?

Yaaay! Serena can wear a backless dress for Christmas and post a Christmas HNT!!

A fitful old rocker called Bee Gee
Held a rock show recently at Fiji
Long haired sang his girly fasetto
As usual jumping on his toes
Someone shouted "Is he a he, or a she?"

Hale McKay said...

As he took the stage he did stagger,
Coz there was no longer that swagger.
...Though he was a bad talker
...He held on tight to his walker,
And begin to sing with old friend Jagger.

You could hear his wrinkled clothes rustle
As he played, straining every muscle.
...Somehow he remembered the words
...And so I watched Keith Richards:
Was a first to see a corpse hustle.

Pink said...

Global warming? Not sure but it sure sounds like it!

Serena Joy said...

LOL, Rick. Malapropisms can be such fun.:)

What a fun limerick, Mona. Thank you! I don't know about a backless dress; it's hard to tell my back from my front.:-)

Mike, your limerick rocks!:)

Maybe it is global warming, Pink. Whatever it is, it's just ... weird.:)

NYD said...

There are few groups that I would make an effort to see and Led Zep is pretty close to the top of the list.

Of old rockers, it truly is said.
They forget all the groupies they bed.
Now they're back on the stage.
And despite the old age.
The women are still giving head.

Serena Joy said...

LMAO, NYD. Good job!:-)