Saturday, December 15, 2007

SJ's Saturday Jam

We're expecting an ice storm today in my neck of the woods. The weirdness marches on -- summer earlier in the week, winter storm today. I'm hoping we'll see nothing but rain. We shall see.

Meanwhile, the Christmas countdown is on. For this, the next-to-last Jam before Christmas, I've picked Billy Idol for your listening pleasure. This is far from his best work, but what the heck, the tune is catchy and ... you can dance to it.

The price of admission today is a haiku on the topic of snow and/or ice.

Step lively but slow
On icy sidewalks, for one
False step means sore butt.

Oh, and lest we forget: On the 8th Day of Christmas, your true love gave to you ______________.

Have a great weekend!


Charles said...

Weather isn't it.
'Twas cold and calculated.
Snow Elf iced the guy.

ThatGreenyFlower said...

Freezing rain falls down
On cold, cold Oklahomans
Downed lines crackling

VE said...

Panic! Raid the store.
Drive the car off the damn road
That is snow time here

G-Man said...

No Ice? Thats absurd!
Ok, What do you have?
Scotch and water please.

On the 8th day of Christmas my true love gave to me...
"Great News..About a wayward child coming home for Christmas"!!!

G-Man said...

I blew it...hows this?

Let's make love outside?
Uh Oh, Maybe NOT today
Turtle-head Syndrome!!

(I'm sorry Serena, I'm just a naughty boy today)

G-Man said...

Ice hits the window
I'm NOT going anywhere.
Earl Grey sounds real good!!

G-Man said...

Somebody stop me
Winter Haiku's are great fun
I hope they stop soon!!

G'Nite Sherry....xoxoxox

Serena Joy said...

An excellent haiku, Charles. Thank you.:)

Greeny, your haiku also exhibits excellence. Dare I say it? It ... resonates.:)

VE, your haiku conveys "storm mania" in just a few words. Bravo!:)

Galen, my dear, you're on a real roll today. Good stuff, funny stuff, and ... naughty stuff.:-) Icy stuff is coming down, so let's go get out the Earl Grey, shall we?:)

NYD said...

When the snow do blow.
Winter, freezing to the bone.
Warm yourself with love.

Anonymous said...

admission today
is a haiku on topic
of snow and/or ice

<HA> <HA> <HA> <HA> <HA> !!!


Serena Joy said...

That's beautiful, NYD. Thanks!:)

{{{APPLAUSE}}}, /t. {HA}{HA}:)

Mona said...
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Mona said...

With your heart
Freeze to being ice cold
Than bleed to death

Ps> come to think of it, either way you are dead...

Charles said...

From this frozen grave,
Of you I beg this request,
Just love one another.

puerileuwaite said...

The message I got from the video is that we shouldn't forget at this time of year the less fortunate who don't have a fully-stocked liquor cabinet.

Serena Joy said...

Very nice dark haikus, Mona and Charles.

I rather got that impression, too, Puggy.:)