Sunday, November 04, 2007

Serena's Twisted Chapel

Happy Sunday from the land of sneezes and sniffles -- and swollen, achy ears. Yarrrrrr. Since I'm not fit company, why not spend a moment with the Rev. Bob this morning? I think you'll like his pooch. I did. Have a great Sunday and I'll see y'all tomorrow -- assuming I don't croak from all this creepy cold-type crud.


Charles said...

Whoo! The Rev gets excited easily doesn't he? Its not a figmoment of my imagination. I hope you get well soon, SJ. It seems that this stuff moves around the world at the speed of weather, even Mona has/had something, too.

Serena Joy said...

No, Charles, it's not a figmoment of your imagination. I think it doesn't take much to get The Rev. excited. LOL. I'd have been feeling better today if it weren't for the added ear issue. Oh, well, it should be better by tomorrow. Thanks for your well wishes. And it's so true that this stuff is spreading. A lot of people seem to have it right now.

Queenie said...

Well that was reveting!!!!!!!
Get well soon.

Anonymous said...

Lol@ charles, his figmoment of my imagination brought back memories of the Bowery Boys, wasn't it Slip Mahoney who talked like that?

I hope you feel better, congrats on the submission invite.:)


VE said...

Bummer on being sick! I try to time mine over Thanksgiving. Been that way about 5 years running. Hope not this year as I'll be in Joshua Tree National Park that week.

Serena Joy said...

Thank you, Queenie.:)

And thank YOU, TC.:)

Dang, VE, I hope you don't get sick at your usual Thanksgiving time. Sick at Joshua Tree would be a big bummer.:)

G-Man said...

..Slip Mahoney, Satch, Whitey, all meeting at Louis Sweet Shop...

Red...I hope you feel better, You gotta watch out for those Ear-Wigs.


Serena Joy said...

I see I need to study up on the Bowery Boys, Galen. I don't seem to remember any of those characters.

I thought we'd ruled out the evil ear-wig. LOL. I'm feeling a bit better, though.

Winters said...

I enjoyed the reverend and his dawg!

I thought the pooch was going to pee on the plant. That would've been especially funny!

Get well soon. :)

Serena Joy said...

Thanks, Winters. I'm glad you enjoyed the Rev. I kind of thought the pooch might water the plant, too. That WOULD have been pretty funny.:)

Scary Monster said...

Me be somewhat unclear about Revbob's messege today. Me thinks his show be goin to the dogs.


Get well, sooner.

Camille Alexa said...

Feel Better! *offers lemondrop tea*

Serena Joy said...

I'm not sure I've ever been real clear on the Rev's messages, Scary. LOL.

Thanks, Camille. Lemondrop tea sounds great.

Hale McKay said...

Thankfully I'm not alone at "actually" remembering the Bowery Boys.

Hope you
re feeling better SOON.

Anonymous said...


you need to
kick the crud!



MONA said...

O Serena, I can so relate! That is terrible! I have had this cold & cough etc for so long & now a very sore throat too!

I hope you get better soon!

Serena Joy said...

Thanks, Mike.

So far, so good this morning, /t. Feels like I've kicked the worst of the crud to the curb.

Thanks, Mona, and I hope YOU feel better soon, too.