Monday, November 19, 2007

Monday: Monkeys and Other Silly Stuff

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How was your weekend? Mine was pretty good. I (finally!) got a little long-neglected writing done, did a lot of Christmas shopping, and got the worst of my house clutter picked up and cleaned up.

Last evening, I went to a party with a group of my neighbors. It was strictly casual -- pizza, beer/wine, and football. I paid no attention whatsoever to the football game, but I had a good time. I'm not much of a pizza connoisseur, but let me tell you, the pizza was practically ambrosia. Our hostess called it "crack pizza" -- because once you've had it you want more and more and can't give it up -- and she was right. I think the pizza place is local only -- Goodfellas Pizza -- which is a pity because once you've had this, you'll never eat the chain stuff like Dominoes, Papa John's, Little Caesar's, etc., again.

Somebody was talking about sea monkeys not long ago, and it occurred to me that I haven't seen sea monkeys in years. And then I found some yesterday -- in the Ginny's catalogue, of all places. I'm thinking seriously about ordering some. Or maybe not -- because I know they don't live very long. But how cute are they?!

It's going to be very warm today, like 70 degrees. Feels good!

We have plenty of Words Gone Wild monkeyshines today. TWISTED LINGUISTICS was practically overwhelmed with them, in fact.

ropyalty - Lassoing yourself a prince or princess.

that fucking ting - Malfunctioning vibrator.

croud - A really cruddy crowd.

rediculous - Being diculous again.

nowt - Not a newt.

These "words," I can't do a thing with. You?

lack there of to the comsumer

GIGO Grammar:
I too are having a problem


Roxan said...

Sea Monkeys are nothing more than brine shrimp. Whether you think they are cute is subjective. Some people think ugly children are cute. LOL

Serena Joy said...

I know, which is why I know they're not going to live very long. Shrimp can be cute, though, as long as I'm not imagining them lying golden brown beside a pile of fries. Most of the ugly kids I've ever seen were, in fact, pretty ugly. I've seen people (and dogs), though, who are so ugly they're cute.:-)

Pink said...

Bragger Bragger pants a-swagger!

We had a high of 8 degrees here today.

Oh how I miss central heating!

They'd have to be ARCTIC sea monkeys here!

Top cat said...

Actually seamonkeys can live quite a long time as long as the temp of the water is maintained.

Serena Joy said...

Poor Pink. 8 degrees? Brrrrrrr! I think I'd have to move to Florida -- or maybe Jamaica -- if I didn't have central heating.

I didn't know that, TC. I just assumed that their little lives were pretty brief. Which just drives home the point, once again, that I should never assume. Armed with this information, I just might get some.:)

Scary Monster said...

Me sea monkey been alive and kickin fer as long as me can remember. Just give it regular exercise and the occasional massage.

Missed Me dose of RevBob.

Eating pizza from a chain store be a hangin offense in NY. Here in lilliput, it be all Me gots unless me makes it mesself.


Serena Joy said...

I can't even get a good massage myself, Scary. I'm not massaging any sea monkeys.:-) I have to confess that I missed Rev. Bob, too. Perhaps I'll resurrect him next weekend.

G-Man said...

Sea Monkeys are cute!
Just turn the heat up a notch.,
What a great soup stock!

OOOOOh.A ShrimpKu 4 U


Serena Joy said...

Oh, Galen, my dear,
ShrimpKu, sea monkeys, and soup,
What good food and fun!:-)

I should post a disclaimer that if I ever decide to adopt some sea monkeys, I won't fry, grill, saute, barbecue, broil, or otherwise cannibalize the poor little things.:)

ThatGreenyFlower said...

I missed you this weekend! Welcome back to the electronic vortex.

I think brine shrimp are cute, myself. They start to get stinky after awhile, however...kind of like when relatives visit over the holidays...

Serena Joy said...

Hi, Greeny! I missed you, too.

You know, I was afraid those brine shrimp sea monkeys might be stinky little things. Cleaning their tank could easily turn into a gagging proposition.:)

Corn Dog said...

I love sea monkeys. I get them every once in a while. There is a pet store here that sells them. I usually set them up at a place I'm working.

Camille Alexa said...

Aren't sea monkeys just brine shrimp?

Hang on a it is.

Camille Alexa said...

Ah, yessss. I see you knew that already.