Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Tuesday: To-Do List

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From now until approximately December 31st, life is going to be pretty well relegated to one big To-Do List. There are logistics to work out, beginning with Thanksgiving and culminating on New Years Eve. Who is going where? Who is coming? Where are they staying? How long are they staying? Thankfully, the Thanksgiving logistics are now worked out for the most part. Now we begin on Christmas.

Who's coming? Who's going? What's been ordered and what has yet to be purchased? More importantly, what has yet to be thought of? There are a few people on my list for whom I have no gift ideas whatsoever yet. Everything needs to be bought so it can be wrapped. Will the items that have been ordered arrive in time? Especially those that have to be shipped to their recipients?

The house needs to get decorated. Why, I don't know, since we're not even going to be here. But you do it anyway. When I drag out the tree ornaments and lights, I won't be able to stop myself from also getting out the garlands and wreaths and candles and all the other thousand and one Christmas doo-dads I've collected over the years.

There are calendars to consult for purposes of party invitations -- and regrets to be sent in some cases. And not always just because one can't be in two places at the same time. There are some events I just won't attend -- never have, never will. I don't know why they keep asking.

Since I'm spending Christmas out of town, I'm going to have to decide when to go and when to return. I have a lot of time off from work this year, but I don't want to spend it all in the same place. Familiarity does, after all, breed contempt.

Then, there are all the incidentals that one has to fit in somewhere, like get a manicure, get a pedicure, get a haircut, get the dog groomed, see what can be mixed and matched to wear, find those oddly shaped antique bowls that make snacks look prettier, etc., etc.

It's an exciting time of year, but an exhausting one.

TWISTED LINGUISTICS has some Words Gone Wild To Do today.

fighest - Oh, fiest, whyest is thyest highest?

prodictive - I'm almost afraid to speculate, but I think it might refer to increasing one's indictment quota.

freends - Really loose and easy acquaintances.

autors - People who do that creepy automatic writing stuff.

theif - That most ephemeral question in life, the big IF.

pund cake - A flexible, all-purpose dessert you can punt, pound, pummel, and throw in the pond.

apparantly - See-through apparel.

From that one and only (thank God!) "editor" person:

You're posts
pledge of alligance
Pledge of Allegiancde


G-Man said...

You DID say Pedicure?
...say no more!

Kanrei said...

Interesting...I tend to wind down as the year comes to a close. November and December are practically vacation months for me. Work slows to a crawl, the weather is perfect for laying about outside, hurricane season is over so worries are done, the electric bill becomes realistic so I have some spare cash: I love this time of year. I think I would go crazy if I had do deal with all that.

Roxan said...

pledge of alligance- A commitment to dance like a reptile.

Serena Joy said...

Galen, yes, I did say that, babycakes. Oops!:)

Kan, did you ever get that spare room cleaned out? Because I think I really have to move to Florida. I'd practically kill for Nov. and Dec. as vacation time.:)

Damn, Roxan, you made me spit soda and half-chewed crackers all over myself. LMAO! And you know, you gave me an idea about Allegiancde. I now think that must be mass murder of alligators.:-)

Anonymous said...

you wore me out!

I'm having strange events when visiting here. Instead of pics I'm getting red x's and when I use the back arrow to go back to my blog I can't escape I have to hit home.
Did you switch to a different system?

Serena Joy said...

I haven't switched anything, TC, so I have no idea what's going on with that. I'm so sorry you're experiencing that problem.

Is anyone else getting that problem? Sheesh, it's always something with Blogger.

Corn Dog said...

Bah humbug.

Mona said...

Busy time I see. Who said holidays were for resting!

Festivals ARE tiring. But fun sometimes!

Little Lamb said...

Christmas and Thanksgiving are upon us and that's always a busy time of year.

Serena Joy said...

LOL, Corn Dog. My sentiments exactly on days of the week that end in "Y." :-)

True, Mona and Little Lamb. Very busy, very tiring, but usually very fun.:)

Trée said...

Happy Thanksgiving SJ. All the best to you my friend. :-)

Serena Joy said...

And all the best for a happy Thanksgiving to you, Trée. I hope you're at home and not stuck in an airport somewhere.:)

Anonymous said...

I must be getting interference from the UFO that keeps centered overhead.:)

Serena Joy said...

Sorry about that, TC. It's my mother ship hovering above. I think They are afraid to leave me to my own devices just yet.:-)

Romulus Crowe said...

prodictive - I get spam emails about that all the time. It's starting to get insulting.

This would be a busy time of year, but for the constant foul weather. I should be out at night (night begins at 4 pm currently) but the persistent wetness of 2007 continues unabated. Global warming? Where is it?

Serena Joy said...

LOL, RC. Sounds like some of the spams I get. I guess they think I'm MR. Serena Joy.:-)

Night begins ridiculously early here now, too. Alas, it's way too dry and not wet enough, though. It's too bad we can't switch it around a little to even it out.