Sunday, October 21, 2007

Serena's Twisted Chapel

If it is laughter that keeps malignant forces away from us, then let us laugh our butts off this morning with Rev. Bob. It can't hurt, and it might even help.

Have a wonderful Sunday and ... laugh!


Scary Monster said...

Me be lost like a tuna in a sea of confusion. Mebbe it be time to use technolobolbology and get Bob to straighten out me thinkin, yeah boy...

Then again, STOMP.

SJ, You always crack me up. Me gonna miss ya.

MONA said...

Bob is going global? Yaaay!

Charles said...

hahaha. Lovin' watching the Rev. Its funny he's called Reverend, but he's irreverent, but that's what's great about our weekly dose (this one was a bit weakly, too.)

That's not sounding like something we want to hear, Scary. Please tell us you're not leaving us. We enjoy your humor, too.

Serena Joy said...

You'll miss me, Scary? Where you going?! You'd BETTER stick around.:)

I guess Bob is going global, Mona. Do you suppose the world at large is ready for him?:)

I think that irreverence is the glue that holds the world together, Charles. Bob's got it covered.:)

VE said...

Damn he's good a saying nothing. I've got to take some notes...

G-Man said...

Of course you know I have NO sound card!!
So I'll do your Witch poem here!!hehehe
I'm such a rebel!!

Great Ideas and clever phrases..
Her inspirations deserve our praises..
Sometimes her blog goes through upheaval
She's unusually kind, but can be Evil!
She's always the lady, hardly ever a bitch..
She's a Siren, a Sorceris, a Vixen, a Witch..
She can cast a spell..
She's disarmingly coy..
It's an honor being spellbound...
By Serena Joy!!!!


Serena Joy said...

I know, VE. I wish I could say nothing half as well.:-)

Galen! You have truly outdone yourself this time. The Rebel Witch Poem. I love it!