Saturday, October 20, 2007

Serena's Saturday Jam

Today, we're listening to the seasonally appropriate "Season of the Witch," by Vanilla Fudge. I'd have preferred the Richard Thompson cover but, alas, it was unavailable from YouTube.

And what would I like in return? I'd like for you to write me a short poem -- your choice of style -- on the topic of (what else?) -- the season of the witch. Write well, and enjoy the music.

I'll be writing today as well. Yes, it's true. I've found my long-lost fire and will be holed up today with the manuscript which needs to get the hell off my desk and onto someone else's. The long quested for fire may be weak and fleeting, so I must strike while the iron is hot -- as the old saying goes.

Have a wonderful Saturday, kids!


Charles said...

The Season of the Witch,
The retribution of history isn't it a bitch?
That the persecuted are celebrated, the persecutors in hell,
For their having drowned innocent girls,
In things like a well.

Palm Springs Savant said...

how appropriate! hadn't heard this in awhile actually. Thanks Serena

Anonymous said...

This song was originally written by Donovan and I think I liked his version the best.:)

Sling said...

Wow,..I just wrote this a few days ago in celebration of the season.

Cambraic shirts,and Harvest moons.
Acorns,Pine cones,and Celtic Runes.
Pagan days filled with desire.
Earth and air,..comes wind and fire.
Hooded Druids gather then.
Oil lamps,in wooded Glen.
To gaze upon the Southern skye.
To eat and breathe,and live,and die...

Thanx for the tune! :)

Charles said...

Nice, Sling.

Serena Joy said...

Charles and Sling, you two are in spectacular good form today. Are you both okay with my posting your poems on the poetry blog at some point? Because I have to say, they're both incredibly good. Just -- wow!

I'm glad you enjoyed the song, Rick. I hadn't heard it in a long time, either. Sounded pretty good, didn't it?

I remember the Donovan version well, TC. In fact, I had to make a choice between the Donovan video and this one. I decided to go with this one because of the theatrics.

Anonymous said...


seasonings of the witch


Charles said...

No problem, its out there, I didn't put it on mine, I put it on yours.

Charles said...

Anything I put on your blog, you have my permission to put where ever you would like, we're friends here, I don't think you're out to steal from me or anything.

Serena Joy said...

Oooo, /t., thank you, sir, for those seasonings. That sounded yummy.:)

Thanks, Charles. I appreciate your confidence. Of course, everything by you guys that's posted on the poetry blog is credited to its author.:)

Sling said...

I agree with Charles..
It would please me for you to post my stuff on your poetry blog. :)

MONA said...

I have no hitch
To be a witch
To be the clergy
Will give me allergy
And I do not like Itch.

O the Life of a witch
To go flying over any ditch
Riding on a broom
Vroom Vroom Vroom
I'd love to watch her as I eat my sandwich

Serena Joy said...

Thanks, Sling. I appreciate it.

Mona, thanks for another great poem!

ThatGreenyFlower said...

A witch next door is such a trouble, dear;
Her friends in pointy hats wand'ring round here
On Halloween are such a raunchy group--
Last year they put my kitty in their soup!
I worry 'bout what they will do this year.
The moon is much too round, the sky too clear;
'Tis fear that makes me tremble 'neath this bed!
See the flick'ring shadows overhead?
That's their creepy sacrificial blaze.
One year, I woke up, mind in such a daze--
Where had I been? My memory was poor.
I don't remember seeing by my door
That bloody mess: the knife, the cloth, the hair.
No, I don't like this living by her lair.

Serena Joy said...

Greeny, what a wonderful poem! Thank you!!

Camille Alexa said...

Good for you with the writing!

Serena Joy said...

Thank you, Camille. I buckled down, worked straight through, got it done, and then -- missed the freakin' deadline. Grrrr!