Monday, October 22, 2007

Dirt Sucks

I don't much like rolling around in the dirt and getting all grimy, but sometimes you have to. I alluded the other day to some psychopathic Internet lunacy that had taken place, and I suppose it's only fair that I clue you in a little on what happened -- not that I understand it to any great extent myself. It would probably make a good Halloween horror story, presupposing anyone could begin to comprehend all the nuances and ramifications. I know I can't. It's certainly apropos to the Season of the Witch, though.

So, attempting to make a long story short, it went something like this.

Let's say A, a girl, befriended X, also a girl, being helpful and making herself useful and offering to help with work that was being done. B, a boy, also befriended X. A lot of other people, whom we'll call C through V, were also friends with A, B, and X. And apparently nobody realized how chummy A and B actually were -- or that any bad blood was brewing. But let's not get ahead of ourselves.

So, B ultimately turned out to be a bit of a player and ruffled a lot of feathers hither and yon. It got him into a lot of trouble, for which he apparently blamed X, never mind that X didn't have a thing to do with what happened to B. X went along her merry way, totally unaware of what B thought -- until a series of fake blogs started showing up. A, meanwhile, was plotting some vicarious revenge for the perceived injustice she thought X had done to B. Time passes, and suddenly there is an onslaught of nasty, prurient e-mails which were sent en masse to scores of people. The e-mails were weasel-worded so as to point the finger at several people as being the possible sender(s). This scenario happened several times over the course of the next two years. Every time, fingers were pointed and incorrect (often imbecilic) guesses made about their origin.
Ultimately, X was able to trace the e-mails to the person who actually sent them and put the word out. Normal, reasonable people believed it; others didn't. The e-mails stopped for quite a while. It appeared that A had changed her name and was firmly entrenched with B. Everything and everyone was moving along, minding their own business, and memories of the old debacle faded. Until last week, when another series of e-mails went out. And these were even worse than the previous trash-o-grams. They were malicious and destructive beyond belief. As a red herring, A even went so far as to interject one of her own names into it and disparage it. Once again, X traced them to their source (straight back to A), and it became apparent what had happened.

It looked very much like B had cheated on A, and A was furious. A consequently proceeded to devise e-mails designed to thoroughly destroy any reputation that B had left and, at the same time (and this is diabolical), point the finger at other people as being the authors of the horrible e-mails. X and another person (whom we'll call Y) were named in one of them as putative hackers of A's and B's Web site. It's doubtful that A and B's site was hacked at it all. A may well have spread that rumor simply as a prelude to setting up the subsequent e-mail campaign. It was probably A's intention that people of low intelligence (and those are legion) reading the e-mails would jump to the conclusion that X and/or Y authored the e-mails as well. And A knew that X and Y would not confer on the matter because X and Y can't stand each other.

What A probably wasn't counting on was the fact that (a) nobody even remembered all the previous nonsense after all this time; (b) nobody gave a tinker's damn about it; (c) that X immediately traced it to the source and was ready, willing, and able to publicly out A; and (d) when all else fails and much is at stake, X and Y can reach a meeting of the minds. I'm sure that whatever happened mattered to A, but A made a huge mistake in not handling the matter herself, privately between her and B, and dragging other people into it in an attempt to shield her own involvement. It's hard to even predict what A might do next, but A (hi, A!) needs to rein it in before the process servers show up. Nobody has any more patience for this nonsense. In fact, it's passed the point of nonsense now and has become tortious. And if she doesn't know what that means, she can consult a dictionary (I recommend Black's Law Dictionary). If I were B, I'd for damn sure be consulting an attorney.

And that's all I have to say about the matter, other than if A, a total piece of trash, has any sense at all, she'll check herself into the nearest psycho ward for some much needed help. Bottom line, this jig is up. If there is a next time, look out, A. You'll be flying solo in the catbird seat and you might not like it.

Now let's all go wash our hands and rinse out our eyes and play with some Words Gone Wild that TWISTED LINGUISTICS rounded up.

perferrring - What a female cat does for the diamond solitaire.

Alot of countries are to pour to have good rading material - If such countries would improve their GNP, they could afford to pay an Army to read up on how to conduct their raids for them.

through it out there - Where Alice went after she messed with the looking glass.

perimiter - Hanging around watching guys cut fancy corners.

whitch edditing option - I'll bet I can guess which one.

I am an new author - Heh. I never would have guessed.

sudjestions - Obscene gestures, jailable offense in certain countries.

I wish you big sells - Perhaps, but there's something to be said for small as well.


They call you sticky fingers for a reason!


Kanrei said...

I think I need a ven diagram to follow this post. Girl A? Guy X? My head hurts...

Roxan said...

***Candy Cigarettes***

You're a total badass, but you don't taste very good.

I'm sorry, I failed Algebra and I happen to like candy cigarettes.

leelee said...

I'm taking a seat on the couch of confusion..

in the meanwhile:

Nutty and gooey - you always satisfy.

Serena Joy said...

Take a couple of Ibuprofens for the head, Kan, but all in all you're in pretty good shape. It would be someone who DOES understand this idiocy that I'd be seriously worried about.:)

Oh, phooey, Roxan. How come I don't get to be a badass? LOL. I flunked Algebra, too, but I kinda-sorta get the gist of the equation of the day.:-)

Leelee, don't drop any of that sticky, gooey Snickers bar on the couch, now.:-)

snowelf said...

That is one dilemma I am glad to not be in the middle of and I am truly sorry if you are.

I am going to take the candy quiz and I'll brb...

cause I just gotta know. ;)


snowelf said...

hahaha! I'm a tootsie roll pop--it takes three licks to get to my center!



Serena Joy said...

Not to worry, Snow -- this dilemma is over; i.e., this train wreck has run out of tracks.

Tootsie Pop, huh? Suh-weeeeeet!!

Charles said...

At first I didn't get Roxan's reference to Algebra, but then all the letter variables came to mind as soon as I though about A over BC.
This correlation is starting to scare me the way I keep getting the same test results as Roxan, too.

Candy Cigarettes
You're a total badass, but you don't taste very good.

So it brings to mind the Police.
♪♫♪Roxan, you don't have to put out the red light...♫♪♪

Charles said...

So there's a lot of drama going on lately, is it the economy, the alignment of the spheres, global warming, or the trickle down of insanity from the top of government? I don't know, that's for sure, I just want it to stop and for everyone to come to their senses (including myself.)

Charles said...

SnowElf, our chick-on-a-stick. I never could get a good puff from those candy cigarettes when I was little. We even tried lighting them.

Serena Joy said...

Yes, Charles, the crazies are out in force. Perhaps it has something to do with the close proximity of the full moon and Halloween?

Hmmmm -- maybe Kan isn't Roxan's only soul mate.:)

BTW, "A" has been logged 5 times this afternoon. Damn, how many times does it take to get the point? Are we witnessing poor reading comprehension?:-)

Camille Alexa said...

That reads like an alphabet soap opera.

Serena Joy said...

It'll be good practice if I ever decide to take up soap opera script writing, Camille.:-)

MONA said...

That sounds utterly chaotic. can happen only in life. I wish life could be sorted out as easily as problems of algebra...algebra...algeBRA...ALGE BRA....duh huh? have I arrived at Little Mermaid?

Sure enough... dirt sucks... There is so much in the blogland too at present...

Disadvantage of internet... what can I say. & yes Serendipity... I did a poem on that & hey presto it is out everywhere like a storm.

Can I have a candy cigarette too? please...

Serena Joy said...

Maybe it is serendipity, Mona. Or Algebra gone wild. Or Mermaids smoking candy cigarettes and unleashing chaos. Lots of dirtstorms out there right now. They all suck.

G-Man said...

You mean your masters thesis on lunacy?

Candy Bar..?
A Chunky....
Not a very long candy bar, but quite thick!
It is also a little fruity, and a little nutty! It lasts a very long time!...Hey, If Snow can do it, so can I!

I'll be your Puppet..
I'll be your toy..
Come pull MY string,
Serena Joy!!!!


Lee said...

I've been rolling around in the dirt today...literally. I've been transplanting ferns and various other plants from the garden into individual pots to put onto my I've been picking avocados off the trees. Time for a shower, I do believe.

Serena Joy said...

Only a Masters, Galen? I think I should have at least a PhD after sorting through all this crap.

Is a Chunky bar chocolate? If it is, it's all good.:) I'm not pulling any strings. You don't want to know what happened last time I did that.:-)

Good job, Lee. At least you did something constructive. I wish I could say the same.:)

Hale McKay said...

I too had Algebra pop into my mind as I was reading a "long story made short."

Let's see if i have this right: "an ellipse with an eccentricity of 0 (zero)is a circle."

Ergo, it's a vicious circle. Dare I ask, SJ, what algebraic letter are you?

Then I thought ... "This sounds like a script for Days of Our Lives."
----Like the water in a toilet, so are the days of our lives.

Anonymous said...

I'm still confused, can we use stick people figures and names?


They call you sticky fingers for a reason!