Saturday, September 22, 2007

SJ's Saturday Jam

For your viewing and listening pleasure today, how about a little matinee noir with Electric Light Orchestra? This is such pure fun that I'm not even charging admission. Unless ... I can talk you into writing me an electrifying limerick. I only wish I had some Albanian acrobats to add to the mix, but what the heck. Enjoy!


Charles said...

ELO was a Fave,
Though not a group you'd hear at a Rave.
The music was right,
The feelings bright.
If I'm electrocuted, play the music as I'm layed in the grave.

Best I can do related and electrifying, sorry.

I never realized the BeeGees had anything to do with ELO, but that sure looks like them in the band.

snowelf said...

It's okay, I am imagining the acrobats and it's just as good.


Serena Joy said...

Cool limerick, Charles. I like! I don't know if that's the Bee Gees, but you're right, it sure does look like them.

Acrobats kind of boggle the imagination, huh, Snow? LOL.

Trée said...

Telephone Line is still one of my all time faves.

/t. said...


there once was a man from nantucket
who wired his brain to a bucket
is it POS, NEG, or GROUND?
now, don't bring me down...
and he was promptly electrocuted


Charles said...

Yay /t! Thanks for not letting me be the only one putting (my stupid) work out there.

Palm Springs Savant said...

Oh I LOVED ELO. They were so much fun, especially when they worked with Olivia Newton John!

/t. said...


two stupid works
are always better than one :)


Serena Joy said...

Ooo, yeah, Trée, there's a blast from the past. Great song. Do you remember what year that was?

Niiiice work, Ted. And thanks for the allusion to another fine song.:)

Hi, Rick. Me, too. They had one of those unique sounds that just begs for a "reunion" gig.:)

Ted & Charles, trust me, neither work is stupid. Far from it.:)

Trée said...

1976 my future primrose one. :-)

Serena Joy said...

Ahhhh. '76 was a very good year. Psssst -- just be careful of primrose paths.:)

Scary Monster said...

Some fools a singer and amps,
In electrified 70's pants.
Were whipping out tunes,
that would not make you swoon.
Yet better than Gregorian chants.


Three be better than two, ya?

Little Lamb said...

I'm sure /t. can provide something.

Serena Joy said...

More is ALWAYS better, Scary One. Thanks for your literary contribution; it rocks. Gregorian chants are pretty hot, you know.:-)

Hi, Lamby. /t. writes a pretty wicked limerick.:)

G-Man said...

There once was a RedHead named Sherry
Whose temper was SHOCKING and scary..
If you twice crossed her path..
She'd release all her wrath..
And turn you from Manly to Fairy!!!

I saw ELO once, and Jeff Lynn was sooo drunk, he fell off of his Cello Stool!!

I do love them though!!
Have a great night..
xoxoxox...I know I will!!

Serena Joy said...

Galen, I am SHOCKED that you know me so well. Um, I don't think you've sprouted gossamer wings yet, though, have you? LOL. And why are you having such a great night? It wouldn't be that nice win today, would it?:)

Yup, ELO still rocks.

Lee said...

There once was a girl so electrifying
She was, in the extreme, terrifying
Her appearance was quite a shock
But when she donned a long frock
She did become exceedingly comical

Hale McKay said...

I always liked ELO's music.

I am too tired to try a lick
At making up a fitting limerick.
If I get the CD player to go,
I'll put on a disc of some ELO
Maybe I'll think of one real quick.

ThatGreenyFlower said...

A woman with fabulous spark
Was so bright that she glowed in the dark!
We'd drop by her blog,
Then emerge in a fog
From her clever and brilliant remarks.

Woo-hoo! Rock on, SJ!

MONA said...

If I ever die burning of an electrocution
Hope I'll not emanate smoke 'n add to pollution
Wrap me in a blanket
For putting fire out spank it
If it doesn't work, please find some other solution!

stupid addition #3

Thanks for the wonderful music video Serena!

Serena Joy said...

Lee, Mike, Greeny, Mona -- thanks for the delightful limericks. If you guys didn't play along, there would be no point to any of this. You're all electrifying!:)

Phils Phun said...

G'day Serena from the land down under
Having been reading your blog
Love it
Am also a regular on Verbicidal Tendencies that you co write with Hale[Mike]
Will be back often

Serena Joy said...

Thank you very much, Phil, and welcome. Come back any time.:)