Sunday, September 23, 2007

Serena's Twisted Chapel

It's Sunday morning again, and thank God for that. The alternative would mean it's no day, no time, nowhere. Nothing. Nada. Not acceptable -- no way, no how. Since Sunday morning has rolled around again, why not pull up your computer chair, turn up your speakers, put your brain on hold, and give a little listen to a few (slightly less than) comforting words from Rev. Bob and his pooches? Some day, I swear I'm going to change preachers. But ... not yet. I just love Bob.

Hallibalu-ya and Happy Sunday to you!


snowelf said...

Good old Bob.
His expressions are just hilarious!!


Serena Joy said...

Good Sunday morning to you, Miss Snow. Yep, old Bob's a hoot.:)

G-Man said...

There once was a bull dyke named..Oh wait, wrong day!!

Anyway, I did indeed have a marvelous night last night!!
Michigans great victory over a powerhouse like Penn State only adds to the bliss!!

I hope the stunningly beautiful Serena Joy has a great Sunday!!
She Rocks MY World!!!

Serena Joy said...

Wow, Galen, football (and being on the winning side) sure does put you in a good mood. May the wins keep on coming!:) I wish you a happy, happy Sunday, too.

Scary Monster said...

"I guess we're just about outta time here, eventually#

Even when he be winging it he cracks me up.

Serena Joy said...

He cracks me up, too, Scary, winging it or not.:-)

Trée said...

The man is a genius. I can only thank my primrosed one to be, for sharing such a find. :-D

Serena Joy said...

It almost sounds as though you're planning on dunking me in a vat of dye, Trée. LOL. The Rev. is a great find. I just adore him.:)

Charles said...

The Rev is funny, no doubt about it. My sides might start hurting if I watch too much at once.
Peace on ya. Halibaluya.

Serena Joy said...

Hallibaluya back atcha, Charles.:)

Trée said...

If necessary, yes. If not primrose, then some luteolous hue. Perhaps even edible, but I haven't made up my mind on that yet.

Serena Joy said...

I must say, I think I'd look better primrose than blue.:-)

Anonymous said...

sister serena!

that bob is good, eh? :)


MONA said...


Dogs tend to sit on your laps even if they are not lapdogs!! :S

Serena Joy said...

Hallibalu-ya, yeah, /t., that Bob's pretty good.:)

LOL, Mona.:-)