Saturday, March 31, 2007


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No, Tonya Harding hasn't whacked Nancy Kerrigan again. Not as far as I know, anyway.

The "Why" refers to the fact that I wonder about things. A lot. Maybe you wonder about some of the same things. Maybe we can help each other out.

Here's something for you to listen to while we ponder.

  • Why can you put the dog out for two hours and said dog comes in and immediately pees on the floor?
  • Why do bosses suddenly wake up ten minutes before it's time for you to go home and remember emergency projects that have to be done that day?
  • Why is it that you can buy the same garment in the same size from three different manufacturers and one is too small, one fits perfectly, and one is too big?
  • Why is stupidity so often rewarded?
  • Why is there so often no toilet paper in public restrooms?
  • Why do grocery stores stock items on shelves you have to be seven feet tall to reach?
  • Why do dogs have to circle a spot several times before finally lying down on it?
  • Why do electronics keep getting smaller and smaller? Mind you, I appreciate compact, streamlined TVs, CD players, toasters, yada-yada, but if my cell phone gets any smaller I'm going to have to use a magnifying glass and a stick to poke the microscopic little buttons.
  • Why do I dream something so intense that it jolts me awake -- and then I can't remember what it was?

There are plenty of other things I wonder about. I just can't think of them right now. Which leads me to ask, why is it that my brain always goes bad on me just when I need it?

What are some of your WHYs?

Today's Words Gone Wild greatly amused Twisted Linguistics.

My moter - The matriarchal power source of somebody's car.

you have peaked my curiosity - Sounds to me like somebody is visibly excited.

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4Dogfood Update

Nestle Purina PetCare Co. said it was recalling all sizes and varieties of its Alpo Prime Cuts in Gravy wet dog food with specific date codes. Purina said a limited amount of the food contained a contaminated wheat gluten from China.


tfg said...

I think I've discovered the secret of garment sizes. I've noticed that the size is a function of what country it's produced in.

MXI said...

7/10. but doesn't say which I got wrong. I think I got them all right!

I always wonder why I can go months without drinking beer, but if I buy some I have to sit down and drink it all at once.

And why the next time I don't remember how I felt in the morning, the last time. (or words to that effect)

Serena Joy said...

That makes sense, TFG. I guess what I need to figure out is which countries are making their clothes for munchkins and giants and avoid them.

The answer to your first question is simple, MXI: "Because it's there."

The answer to the second question is more complex. It has to do with the circuitry in the brain selectively weeding out unpleasant memories. Or, it could be simply that our brains get off on messing with us.:)

cathy said...

Cheaper garments tend to be on the small size as manufacturers skimp on the cloth to save money.

Good quality clothes are usually accurately sized and then some clever dickies figure a woman given the choice of wearing a size smaller will prefer generously cut items and they make their clothes bigger to woo us with lies.

Serena Joy said...

That's generally true, Cathy. BUT -- sometimes I'll try on size 4 Liz Claiborne, for example, pants and they'll be a bit snug so I get a 6. In Wal-Mart's 'George' label, though, size 4 is always too big.

Corn Dog said...

I wonder a lot about time - past, present and future. I wonder how I got to be 51 so fast and yet this afternoon is moving so slowly. I wonder if time really does stand still in a black hole. I wonder if time and gravity are related. I wonder if Einstein had to die because he was about to discover that relationship. I wonder if part of my dreams are real. I wonder if when I die, it is really ashes to ashes and dust to dust or there is an afterlife. I wonder about my brain a lot and why damaging the occipital region causes me to see brightly colored lights so brilliant I can understand now why people drop acid. I wonder if I could get a cheaper internet service but then I wonder if my cousin would still send email to my old email addy like she does now. I wonder...but it goes on all day. I think I use the computer to entertain my brain and stop the incessant wondering for a fraction of the day.

cathy said...

It looked so neat and logical and now you've spoiled it, sob.

Serena Joy said...

Sorry, Cathy.:)

Sheesh, Corn, that's some heavy stuff to think about. I wonder if the whole world is, in fact, a black hole and we just accidentally fell in? That would explain the time/space/gravity continuum thingie. Ashes to ashes, yeah, but that's just the shedded husk. I think that as soon as we're out of our bodies, the real "we" are already off somewhere else doing other things. Whew! That's a lot of stuff to think about.:)

I had Chinese for dinner and forgot to request no MSG. I'm so thirsty. I must have had half a gallon of water in the past hour.

littlebirdblue said...

*Why can you put the dog out for two hours and said dog comes in and immediately pees on the floor?
*Why do bosses suddenly wake up ten minutes before it's time for you to go home and remember emergency projects that have to be done that day?

No, no, no. What's really bad is when the boss wakes up ten minutes before it's time for you to go home and immediately pees on the floor. (Especailly an issue if you're on the custodial staff).

you have peaked my curiosity
--that's when you've dated for a while and the mystery is steadily waning (the peak of excitement rapidly becoming a thing of the past).

March Trivia

You scored 6 out of 10

yeah, well; I guessed on 8 out of 10, so I got a couple extras right.

littlebirdblue said...

some clever dickies figure a woman given the choice of wearing a size smaller will prefer generously cut items and they make their clothes bigger to woo us with lies.

And THAT's called vanity sizing, folks.

Corn Dog said...

Well, I'm not sure and not one is really but I don't think the whole world has fallen in a black hole only because my understanding of a black hole is that mass is so concentrated gravity is at its maximum, so to speak. Actually gravity is a moot point because of the maximum mass. This is what causes time to stand still and we definitely have time. Also, light cannot escape a black hole, hence the name black hole. Light escapes from us all the time. I wonder about wormholes too. Actually I worry more about them. I wish no one had ever thought them up, though they make sense but I just don't think we should be connecting black holes up like this. I think it is bad form. I wonder too if time really travels in concentric circles. Somehow that theory seems like rubish but at one time it was the accepted theory. There seems so little proof since we are always in the present. I can never contact past me or future me and if the concentric time theory were try, someone surely would have at some point in time contacted their past selves. I waste a lot of time on time.

Serena Joy said...

Thankfully, I don't have to worry about my boss, Littlebird. He's house trained. I'm pretty sure my dog's going to pee the floor tonight, though, because it's raining and she refuses to go out.

I absolutely agree that vanity sizing exists. I've heard that even some of the top designers are doing it.

Oh, now you've gone and done it, CD -- introduced worm holes into the equation. I'm afraid of both worm holes and concentric circles. I don't know why I'm afraid, and that scares me, too. I think I may be really afraid that I'll fall through the other end of one of those holes, get trapped in a circle, and run smack into one of my past selves when I finally find my way out. What would happen if past self actually met future self? Would there be a large explosion? I think it's much better not to think of these things. Shiny foil hats and meds in pretty colors are much safer.

Roxan said...

Kerrigan was such a big baby. She did do a pretty good Lucy Ricardo imitation though.

Corn Dog said...

Lol, agreed on the shiny foil hats and meds. I fear the wormholes and the time in concentric circles too. It means my chihuahua/dachshund is barking non-stop at the postman in concentric time circles for eternity.

Serena Joy said...

I'd probably be a baby, too, though if some trashy redneck wack job got her boyfriend to whack me in the knees with a big stick.:)

Serena Joy said...

Oh, God, CD, is that what my dog is barking at? Are there Circle Things outside trying to sneak in? Somebody call the Exorcist.:)

Lee said...

Why do you ask, Serena? ;)

I hate it when I'm having a really great dream and it's just getting to the good part and I wake up! Grrrr!

Serena Joy said...

Why, Lee? Why not? LOL.

I know what you mean. I hate good dream interruptus.:)

Southern Writer said...

I wonder about space being endless. I can't even fathom what that's like. Endless. Going on forever and ever and never having an edge or boundry. It boggles my mind.

I wonder why I once told someone they write well and now the idiot sends me samples every gawd damn day instead of creating a blog so I can read it if I want to. I've gotten to where I just delete the shit. How can you have a website but be too stupid to create a blog?

I wonder how I can confide in a friend that my life has gotten so bad that I can't even buy a fucking candybar, and yet said friend feels compelled to tell me about the $1500 toy they just bought / the vacation they're about to take / the agent who just signed them / or how they think I should take the time to sit back and relax. I wonder how people can be so unfeeling and / or stupid.

I wonder about the serendipidity of you choosing this topic just when I felt the need to rant about it. Thanks. I feel better now. I may ask you to delete this later.

Anonymous said...

A lot of people wondering about a lot of things. That's how our thought process works. I wonder why?

Serena Joy said...

I can't fathom "endless," either, Leisa. When something has no beginning and no end, I just can't think about it. It's too overwhelming.

People can be real dolts, huh? Sorry you've had a ration of shit from the self-involved, the clueless, and the unempathetic.

Steve, not only do I wonder how the thought process works, I wonder if I have one. I wonder how I can find out?:)

Southern Writer said...

Can you see from there that my face is red? I'm one of the unthinking dolts I ranted about. I know, of course, that CD and Scary are on vacation, and that Steve has a new toy. I just hope they all know I wasn't talking about them, because if I were, I wouldn't have written it here! I was talking about some people who don't read here, which is what made me feel safe in saying it, although now I feel just as dumb as I'm accusing them of being. Just ignore me, y'all. I'm not myself these days and beg your forgiveness if any of you thought I was including you in that tirade.

Serena Joy said...

Don't worry about. Stuff happens.

JL4 said...

Why is it that just when you think you've "got it", the thing you "got" escapes you?

Serena Joy said...

It's a law of nature; i.e., karma sometimes has a sick sense of humor and we are a captive audience.