Saturday, October 21, 2006

"Blood-curdling..." -- Part 23

"Your promises mean naught," said Devorah. "Nor do I care whether you do or do not perform any service for me. In fact, I should fly like the wind from any service you might offer. Nonetheless, I said I would help you, and I am as good as my word. Go now and fetch your eggs back to me. Let us conclude this matter so that I may see the backside of you as quickly as possible."

Devorah the Sorceress, in order to conserve time, sent Haggis off with a cart and driver. Otherwise, it would have taken weeks for Haggis to slither and crawl her way home and make it back to the Black Wood.

Haggis One L'Mar returned in due course to the fortress of what she hoped would be her salvation, the nest containing her eggs in tow. Devorah the Sorceress immediately took charge of them, installing them in the warmest room in her stone keep and instructing the servants to keep a close eye on them.


Steve G said...

I would trade a dozen eggs to get some of my hair back. Store bought eggs that is.

Serena Joy said...

I think you'd be better off asking Devorah about the hair than messing with Haggis's eggs. LOL.