Saturday, October 21, 2006

When The Mind Is A Blank Canvas

When the mind is drained and clear, a blank canvas, creativity can happen. If all the signs and portents are in place and the planets are lined up just so. That does not describe me; not today. The huzzzz-bun's been out of town all day at a football game, so I spent the day doing "busy stuff" and "girl stuff." I'm disappointed to say that it didn't include a call from Richard Gere or a tryst with Johnny Depp or love notes from Patrick Dempsey. Of course, I had to stay occupied to escape the pain of that. Therefore, I've been so overwhelmingly busy that I'm just now getting around to thinking about blogging; i.e., something to blog about. And ... I got nothing.

What usually happens is that I'll have some stray thought which, after a little bit of gentle pontification, begins to take on the shape of an actual, bona fide topic. I have cruised the Net a few times today. I saw some true stuff, some new and newsworthy stuff, some funny stuff, some sickening stuff, and a little stuff that could have been enlightening if only someone knew how to say it in passably grammatical English. Grrrr.

Basically, however, I've still got ... nothing.

Between Roxan and me, we did manage to run to ground a few Words Gone Wild, always good for a chuckle or two.

wiplash -- They left out the "m" but what they're referring to is a whip designed for use on wimps.

rustleing -- What happens to your lei if you leave it out in the rain.

sceemed -- We believe this seemed to refer to the PA scheme.

vinatge -- A vintage of wine that is so bad, so vinegary, it can't be consumed.

poroblem -- Someone asking very emphatically, "What is your POROBlem?"

gentured -- When the landed upper crust; i.e., the gentry, is fitted for dentures.

newcommers -- We don't know this definition, and we think we're probably pretty glad we don't.

book fares -- The cost of putting PA books on planes bound for Siberia.

faced paced -- This is when you've been in a very ugly fight and somebody not only stepped on but walked on your face.

ludicrious-ness -- An extremely loud and baleful type of weeping heard on the shores of the Loch Ness.

no charge for the books to be print -- How someone with no comprehension of tenses in language says the book was printed free.

stastics -- Official statistics kept on spastic people.


RexZeitgiest said...

Nithing makes me angereer then Mispeeling and gramtical bad as too!

Serena Joy said...

Mea two! Hell, now we got to go to angereer managemunt and larn gramticals.:)

Anonymous said...

book fares is a winner

Serena Joy said...

LOL. The inventor of that one guaranteed that fate for his book by signing with the Printer Which Should Not Be Named.

Steve G said...

Rich, John, and Pat probably tried to comment on your blog, but you know how messed up it has been lately.